Jun 28, 2011

The Right Thing To Do. Bringing Back the Wave.

I brought a tea towel and an oven mitt in with me to work today.  Not because of the cold or because I'd run out of other things to wear but because using them at work instead of metres of super thin and non absorbent paper towels in the work kitchen is the right thing to do.

Wouldn't you know it?  The tea towel does a far better job of drying my cutlery and the oven mitt absorbs heat much better than those metres of paper towel.  The oven mitt was a freebie with this month's AWW and the tea towel came with an issue of Donna Hay magazine a while back.

I bought loose fruit from the supermarket for the next few days too.  Instead of caving in and buying pre cut and packaged fruit salads.  Again, the right thing to do.

It's one thing knowing that we all need to do our bit for the environment but it's another to actually do so.  It may be the right thing to do but it is also a politically lethal cause to try and sell in Australia at the present time.  It's tough being the first to make the change when the risk of financial disadvantage and potential ruin are high but on the other hand, we only have one Earth.  It's clearly going to take the clever people in Canberra a while longer to try and sort it out.  Full points though to Julia Gillard and Penny Wong for their steely and diplomatic handling of the media at the moment, though. 

Once I got started doing the right thing, there was no stopping me today.  I resisted the urge to hit the speed dial of my local Thai takeaway for dinner tonight and made my own vegetable curry using this recipe from taste.com.au.  I was a bit liberal in the choice of vegetables because I had leftovers and scraggly bits in the fridge to use up.

The leftovers came from my overzealous preparation for making Donna Hay's Chickpea Minestrone With Crispy Bacon on Sunday.  I chopped way to much cabbage and sweet potato for the size of my pan.  The immediate solution was to store the left overs for another day.  The longer term plan is to get myself a bigger pot.  I am sorely tempted to get some red Le Creuset but I'm not sure if my wrists are strong enough for the task.  I think I'll just have to incorporate more upper body weights in my fitness regime, or do more hand stands.

May Ploy Red Curry Paste single handedly resuscitated some pretty sad looking vegetables in my fridge.

Tonight's curry was worth the effort of assembling said scraggly bits, frying them and letting them simmer for 45 minutes.  I will probably halve the amount of red curry paste next time.  It packs quite a punch at 2 tablespoons.  The even better news?  The fridge is looking much tidier.

Back to the soup recipe.

The soup recipe was from the April/May 2011 edition of Donna Hay magazine, from the recipes with a can of chickpeas section.

It was very easy to make and the colours were lovely to look at as I cooked.  The orange of the sweet potato, the red of the onions.

And the bacon - the smell, the taste and the sight of it.

I really liked this variation on minestrone because the chick peas gave it some crunch and a nutty flavour.  You have to have this with the bacon on top.  No ifs, ands or buts.

I've just noticed that nearly everything in my photos tonight is based on the colour orange.  Interesting.  It might just have to be my colour theme for tomorrow's work outfit as well.  Where is my orange Target cardi?

Andrew and Claire - the muesli.  Mr SSG gets all sorts of good stuff handed to him on his way to work.  No fair.  He's also down the road from the Central Baking Depot.  And close to Max Brenner.  And .....

Over the last week, I've been listening to Andrew and Claire on MIX106.5FM.  I usually surf through the FMs once I've listened to everything except the sport on the ABC's AM News station.  Out of all the commercial breakfast duos, I think Andrew and Claire are probably the most genuine and well meaning.  Opinions welcome.

Anyway.  Andrew and Claire have recently launched Bring Back the Wave.  And I think we should all get behind it and give it a go.

It's all about us Sydney drivers being nicer to each other.  We're in the peak hour(s) and hours together whether we like it or not.  So what's to lose by being nice to each other?  Waving when someone lets you in, winding down the window and waving in the air if it's dark (which is always is these days) just to make sure the message got across. It's the right thing to do.


  1. I'm a waver. I always wave and when others don't, I lose it. Sydney drivers are terrible, it would be nice if more Sydney siders made this their habit too and make it a must do. It should be law! :)

    mmmmmm bacon!!

  2. Ooh, I get terribly upset when people don't do "the wave", so good on Andrew and Claire for attempting to bring it back (although I swear more people in Sydney than they do in London).

  3. SSG Loving your blog! I spotted a post from you in the TripAdvisor Honolulu forum a couple of weeks back (we are going there in 80 sleeps!) and have been catching your yarns and photos since. Keep up the great story telling!

    Sean from Brisbane

  4. I would say that the environment has become a widely-supported cause here in the US, across both parties. Of course, we shall see once election season starts going full speed.

  5. miss E: good on you!

    Jade: that's not good if more people wave in Sydney than London. Not good at all....

    Sean: thank you and have an awesome trip! At least you'll know where to eat and shop....

    Lisa: it's tough. We all know we need to treat our planet with more respect but it's so hard to be that first country to do it. That's the major problem here in Australia. Everyone is afraid to lose the competitive edge of price when competing with the rest of the world in the commodities market. Plus, there are very influential people with vested interests and deep pockets speaking very loudly at the moment.

    SSG xxx

  6. I think that rules/etiquette for the road should get publicity so people know what is expected of them.
    Keep it simple!

    I so LOVE that you brought the tea towel and mitt to work!

  7. Oh I wish we had a work kitchen - we "just" have a restaurant which is closed over the summer, which means it's all packed lunches for me for the next 6 weeks. Well at least it's money saved. By the way I made your Chicken Stroganoff for dinner yesterday - with a few little tweaks - and it came out deliciously! I served it with cauliflower purèe and my husband ate too much and had an aching stomach for the rest of the afternoon;) I'll try your vegetable curry too - my sister and her BF are coming next week and they're vegetarians, so this will be great! Might try using soy sauce instead of fish sauce, though:) Have a great day!


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