Jun 20, 2011

Summer Is Still Here and There.

It's a real treat being able to catch the fleeting evening sun of a winter's day.

The setting sun silhouettes bare branched trees and the sky is streaked with soft blue.

The working day nearly over, people walk briskly home to get ready for dinner and family time.  There's a feeling of warmth despite the chill in the air,  the anticipation of returning home to the familiar and the loved.

I returned home from my evening walk with these.

A re-stock of the SSG Manor pantry's IndoMie Mi Goreng supplies.  Those packets of noodles just seem to vanish as quickly as they appear.  I'm setting boundaries.  No more than 2 nights of Mi Goreng in a row.  It's only Monday and I've reached the week's quota already.

Thank you all for your best wishes about my tooth and I.  We are doing fine.  I'm back eating all my usual foods and the pain has gone.

I'm remarkably less grizzly too.  I even Accessorized. I wore my Red Phoenix Emporium Limoncello necklace with my fail safe no brainer work outfit of a cardi, white tank and khakis.  The yellow of this necklace make me feel that summer is never too far away.

There was a little more summer in (and around) the SSG Manor fruit bowl.  Okay, I did have a couple of bite sized mini Oreos for dessert instead of an orange.


  1. All this talk of Mie Goreng inspired me to make it for dinner last night.... I don't know how I could get packet noodles wrong but I somehow managed to, not even the fresh Bok Chuy from our garden saved it. I blame the inferior brand that Coles in now stocking!

    Your khaki/limoncello outfit sounds lovely :)


  2. I saw Mi Goreng in a cup at the shops today! Great addition to my work food stash!

  3. I'd like to complement you on your photos, they're great. x

  4. I love Mi Goreng!!! So addicted! I can't have them in the house now that I'm calorie counting though :(

  5. L: I think those noodle imposters at Coles aren't as firm as the original so need to be cooked for a shorter time.

    Miss E: I die, Mi Goreng... in a cup?!?!?!

    Alison: thank you :-)

    Amanda: I try to convince myself they're healthy if I eat them with lots of greens...

    SSG xxx

  6. Hi sweety:)
    Long time no see...

    Great photos/writing...

    Have a great day:)


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