Jun 21, 2011

Top Marks from Terry. A Spendy Afternoon Snack. Makeup Tips.

Bag - Louis Vuitton, newspaper - found on the front lawn at the crack of dawn this morning.

I know, that red bag is a perfect burst of colour for winter.  Those brass studs make it a bit kick arse too.

Oh yes, that too.  Terry Durack gave a Sydney restaurant 18/20 in his weekly review for the Sydney Morning Herald's Good Living lift out.  The lucky restaurant was Bilson's at The Radisson Plaza in the city.  There are a variety of extravagant degustation menus to choose from with matching extravagant prices.  The food looks beautiful and things like gnocchi pods and Wagyu shank are featured.  Plus, a dessert featuring both chocolate and grape fruit sounds just right up my alley.

I pressed the point with Mr SSG this afternoon.  Nothing like a 15 course degustation for a mid week dinner to change things up a bit.

$10 afternoon tea in lieu of a $280 15 course degustation dinner.  I had no idea it was so easy to save :-P

My powers of persuasion are clearly not what they used to be.  I had to settle on a $3 banana and a Max Brenner dark chocolate mocha for afternoon tea instead.  Which still added up to a fair bit of coin but there we have it.

In other food news, will you look at the quality of my carbs for dinner tonight!!  I've broken the super processed instant noodle cycle and tonight I'm going to be baking some potatoes to go with a portion of A Farmer's Wife's Super Easy Beef Casserole.  And brussel sprouts too.  It's all about wholesome hearty food at SSG Manor tonight.

Winter is probably not the most logical time of year to be having highlighter issues but makeup dilemmas are never based in logic are they?  My dilemmas get triggered by all sorts of things.  Ad campaigns on the sides of buses, magazine editorials, something I saw on the television - or even just looking at my makeup shelf.

I have this issue with highlighters.  Endless magazine features are devoted to their miraculous properties and I've bought into the hype so many times - based on the strength of the miracles a sales assistant / make up artist works on my skin under the flattering lights of the beauty counter.  Without fail, I bring the new miracle product home and am unable to replicate the miracle with my own hand.

I thought I'd share this great video by TiffanyD that was very useful because it taught me how to use makeup I already own.  A white eyeliner, eye shadow and highlighters.

I hope you find it useful too.  We will all be set for the Southern Hemisphere summer with months to spare.

Before I go, I hope my Australian readers are settled in safely for the next day or two.  The ash cloud from Chile has caused a nationwide airport shut down and days of flights have been grounded.  If you were meant to be flying, I hope you're not stranded and have a place to sleep tonight.  And dinner.  Perhaps Bilsons if you're in Sydney and have a whole evening to while away?


  1. I love Tiffany!!! I get excited whenever she puts a new video up :)

  2. Hope the beef was yummy. It is on my menu list for tomorrow night!

  3. Amanda: I love Tiffany's videos too. She makes it all so easy!

    AFW: it went down a treat! I think I'm ready to try your chocolate cake recipes now.

    SSG xxx

  4. I am a bit slow at catching up on all the blogs recently - hope you are well and truly on the mend now!
    Max Brenner. Yum. Jealous!
    Thanks for that video - I am the most useless person re: knowing what to do with makeup, maybe now, it will no longer be an issue!

  5. I hopy my little bro and his wifey can get back from NYC on Sunday for my 30th!!! Fingers and eyes crossed!!!

    You make me want to highlight my face! I don't think I do it enough, off to watch the video now!!


  6. Tiffany is great. I've tried to figure out where she's based in the US exactly. I can tell she comes from my part of the country from her accent and then I try to narrow it down based upon what higher end stores she's visited lately. I know that's creepy but I'm curious.

    And Max Brenner is the best. I live 1 block from one, ah!

    My roomie's business flight was cancelled. Mother Earth is amazing with that ash cloud causing us so many problems!

  7. Highlights are tricky - thanks for the tip, I'll check it out:)

  8. M: crossing for you too that your fam get to Melbourne safely.

    Bug and Bird: I'm curious about Tiffany too. When you find out the low down, let me know!!

    SSG xxx

  9. Thanks for the highlighter instructions SSG - my makeup cupboard is overflowing with them & I have no idea how to get it right :)
    Bilsons could have been an option for S and I had we planned to fly out Tues rather Mon ... fortunately (or unfortunately to me), we made it back to work. x


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