Jun 25, 2011

We Met Just Outside Zara and Lunched At Ragu Pasta & Wine Bar, Westfield Sydney.

When Mr SSG suggested that our meeting point for lunch today was inside Zara, I took things at face value and didn't question the process.

I saw it with my own eyes.  The winding queues outside both entrances to the store have evaporated.  Instead, the side walk was alive with street performers and artists.

In somewhat disturbing news, I actually didn't stay inside Zara for too long and actually bumped into Mr SSG some distance from the store.  It wasn't so much that I was shopped out but more that the things that caught my eye weren't actually in my size or for my age group.  It wasn't all doom and gloom in the CBD though, I got my morning coffee at Vanto again and the wonderful accents and service are still very much there.

Like these Hello Kitty long sleeved tops which the toddler set are matching with velour track suits.

And this leather vest.

I just took a photo of the brown jacket because it's just like the one I was wearing the other day, I got mine at Zara KL a couple of years back now.  Just as well I did because this one's for toddler boys.

Denim minis are another favourite of mine, though these days I need to wear leggings under them to pull off the look.

You'd need a pretty sedate pre-schooler on your hands if you had any hope at all in getting that chain belt to stay where it's meant to be worn.

You got it, another find on the kids' floor.

Maybe my choice of outfit for the day unduly influenced what caught my eye on the racks today.

Let's talk about lunch.  Mr SSG and I decided it was time to explore the full glory of Food on Level 5 at Westfield Sydney.  All the tenants are fully operational and I've heard and seen great things about the range of food on offer.

There really was too much to choose from.  It was also pretty crowded so I only got a few snaps here and there.  I will need to return to investigate further, I think.

Sabbaba was offering a range of Middle Eastern breads, meats and salads.

As well as these delicious desserts.  Which I could eat by the tray full if I was left to my own devices on a particularly trying day.

The Snag Stand needs no further explanation!  So many tasty looking options on the basic theme of a sausage and a bun.

Mero Mero is famed for its delicious baked goods, especially their macarons.

Sassy Red by Chinta Ria was very busy so I didn't get a chance to try my favourites such as nasi lemak and roti.  I've set my mind on having lunch here the next time Mr SSG and I visit Level 5.

Quarter Twenty One is Justin North's ambitious venture that combines a restaurant, a cookery school a shop and a bakery. 

I only had a quick glance around before honing in on the bakery.  Suprise, surprise.


Where to begin?  What to choose?

I finally selected a vienna loaf and a filled brioche.

The brioche custard puff was fabulous.  The dusting of almonds and icing sugar were the perfect finishing touch.  We had the bread for dinner and it has a lovely firm texture.

My baked goods purchase was packed up in this rather glamorous shopping bag.

Becasse Bakery on Urbanspoon

There was still more to see, though.

Being the sweet tooth that I am, the desserts get priority in my photographs.

9 Mary's is a very successful Indian restaurant chain that originated in Perth.  They now have a store front at Westfield - laden with curries and desserts.

Loving the generous serves of mango pudding.  Hope they add a layer of condensed milk just before serving.

Din Tai Fung, the famed Shanghai dumpling chain have opened their second Sydney outlet here as well.  

We finally settled on where to lunch.  Ragu Pasta and Wine Bar.

There is an impressive selection of pasta, salads, panini and anitpasti that can be ordered as takeaway or to cook at home.

There's also the wine bar section with table service.

Table service was just what I needed.

A tree of lightbulbs that branched upward through several stories of the complex.

So I could sit down for a bit and get a proper look at my surroundings.  With so much going on around me, I was finding it hard to take everything in.

Comfy bar stools are always a good sign.  As are bag hooks which may not be too easy to see in my photo.

To celebrate surviving a couple of busy weeks, I had a glass of prosecco before lunch.

And gazed contentedly at the ceiling and its light fixtures.

I am convinced that these earthenware water pitchers made the water taste more refreshing.  Or perhaps it was the lemon slice.  It was good tap water regardless.

Mr SSG had the pasta of the day which was great value and arrived quickly.  There were quite a few fresh prawns in it and the pasta was al dente.

I had a panini with roasted capsicum and salami.

I was pleasantly surprised how light and non greasy it was.

Cannoli (remember mine from last weekend?), biscotti and tiramisu were on the dessert menu but I had no room.

Mr SSG did however manage to get a large takeaway serve of freshly grated parmesan.  The chef on duty was very kind and freshly grated it for him.  I had just assumed that the cheese was for sale along with the pasta and antipasti so it was really nice of the staff to accommodate my request.  I'll tell you what I needed the cheese for in tomorrow's post.

Ragu Pasta & Wine Bar on Urbanspoon


  1. Every time I visit the blog I get the urge to visit Sydney again! Those are some kids clothing collections! What age are those for??

  2. L: thank you!

    V: the hello kitty was for toddlers and I think, to be honest, the leather was for pre-schoolers. Hipster pre-schoolers.

    SSG xxx

  3. Oh must check it out. Might leave my children with Grandpa & hop on the train for the short ride in from Summer Hill. Taking the children would only end in each of them lunching from all the different outlets & me taste testing way too much food at once, then picking out too many children's ensembles from Zara. Thanks for the tour, love Posie

  4. I'm not sure which I liked better, the food or the cute clothes!

  5. Wow! I'll have to head to Level 5 with Bird sometime. I thought the Food Hall under David Jones was nice~ but now there's more to try

    I LOVE when restaurants have purse hooks. So simple and so thoughtful.

  6. Fargirl would have been in heaven with the Hello Kitty gear. She loves anything with a "pussy cat" on it. You looked very stylish for a days shopping/lunching.

  7. We are going to Ragu for a friends birthday in a couple of weeks! so excited, it looks so delicious!

  8. Some of those clothes scare me. Leather for toddlers? I am not hip enough for that! Hello Kitty I am all over though!

    Your lunch looks great. I am ashamed to admit I have only eaten once at the food court there. I really could go a burger from Charlie & Co though... Their parmesan fries come highly recommended!

  9. love love love the kids zara stuff, too cute!



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