Jun 1, 2011

Yellow Lemons, Lulu Lemon.

Hello winter but summer, I wish you could stay.

There is so much grimness in the news at the moment.  The fate of live Australian cattle in Indonesia, the hope that justice may come at last for those who were massacred in Bosnia and the growing complexity of Afghanistan to people like me as more and more details of what the peace keepers are trying to do and what they are up against is coming to light in the popular press.  At the risk of sounding like a grey cloud with a voice, it's difficult to not at least acknowledge these events.  If only to reflect on your own place in the world and what you can do to make a difference, even if it is something as small as keeping your own personal 'dramas' in context.

Fortunately, blog land can be an escape to a lighter and brighter place.  Where the title of a post doesn't have to mean anything at all.  Where a blogger can relive her summer of fun.  By metaphorically trying to extend her holiday tan for as long as she can, without the use of a fake tanning product.  The answer, she thinks, is to embrace all things yellow.

I'm the proud mother of these lemons.  These are from the Meyer lemon tree in our backyard.  Neglected for way too long, it's been my project over the last year or so to keep its roots fed with citrus food its leaves glossed with white oil.  Each time I cut open one of these incredibly juicy bursts of citrus, I give myself a pat on the back for being brave enough to individually remove those large bugs that were eating away at the tree.  I had to use an old pair of barbecue tongs and then I was meant to dunk the bugs in kerosene.  I can still feel the crunch of those bugs under the tongs....  Ick.

Did you know the fire trucks are yellow in Hawaii?

The lustre of the yellow and the sheer size of the truck put a smile on my face as I went for my run that morning.  Then I went beach side and needed nothing else to keep my smile on my face.  Fellow runners would smile and say hello and I felt like I was practically a local.  Does this happen anywhere else in the world just minutes from the tourist area of a city?

On thoss morning runs, I'd make a pit stop at the Honolulu Coffee Company cafe at the Moana Surfrider Hotel.

An oat cake and the acai fruit bowl, Honolulu Coffee Company.

With the gentle early morning sun on my skin, I'd have one of their excellent coffees and a bit of breakfast.  The acai and granola fruit bowl is a must!

In Hawaii, Fridays aren't just Friday, they're Aloha Friday!

Prunes are superior to bananas.

Even the prunes get the yellow treatment.

Yellow lemons, Lulu Lemon!  I loved the title so much, I just typed it again.

I'm giving my ancient Coles enviro bags the heave ho and using my Lulu Lemon ones this week.

Lulu Lemon make the best yoga gear (and enviro bags).

At a pinch, mere mortals can have the lean legs of Christy Turlington when wearing the 3/4 length Lulu Lemon leggings, the fabrics wash are thick and wash well but most importantly, I am convinced the cut of their racer back top propelled me to greater awareness and hence symmetry when I did my shoulder stand on Monday night.

I also have a new yoga mat from the brand and it has amazing grip on its underside and is not slippery at all on its upper surface.

Lulu Lemon stores are so quirky, the sales staff so centred and unhurried.  I was going to avoid all shops in Sydney for a while but I think I will have to make an exception for Lulu Lemon.

Yoga is an industry these days.  As an unashamed avid consumer, I don't have too much of a problem with this.  I see it as a positive way of spreading the word about yoga and engaging with as large an audience as possible.  Hopefully to inspire as many as possible to persist with their practice to reap the internal benefits as well as the casual chic outfits.

However, I sometimes wonder what the senior teachers and powers that be make of our culture's zeal in making yoga a colour co-ordinated, app loaded lifestyle brand?

Image courtesy of http://www.spreadshirt.com/

Do they rise above it and leave each to their own, do a controlled downward dog inward groan or just wear their opinions on their chests?


  1. Thank you for such a cheery, yellowy, summery post on a cold winter's night.

    Love to you and Mr SSG from us here on The Farm.

  2. You make me want to do Yoga at the Dole Pinapple right now!! I love sunshiney yellow, yes please!!
    Thanks for the recognition of the soldiers in Afghanistan, as the wife of one about to go back, again, it's nice to know people care. It has been a particularly horrible week, it will be very difficult to let my handsome soldier return to such an awful war. I use blogland as my happy place & lots of yellow love. Love Posie

  3. I like what you say about reflecting on ones own place in the world and keeping Proper Perspective on personal dramas. Wise words.

    Like you I do have to wonder a bit at the yoga industry - some of the ads in Yoga Journal are unbelievable, nestled alongside the non-grasping copy LOL! - just keep that Perspective! Nothing wrong with a new top now and again!

  4. I contemplated a couple of Lulu Lemon pants at one point. I spin (sometimes) and bought this pair of sweats from J. Crew but the inseam is too damn short. Spinning geek in highwaters.

    Not pretty.

  5. I agree that we all need a bit of yellow at the moment so thank you for being a little bit of sunshine amongst all of the grim news right now :)

    PS: I'm right there with you about the Honolulu Coffee Company Cafe. As we we stay at the Moana, we love eating our breakfast on the front deck of the hotel and watch all of the brides wander past!

  6. Your Meyer Lemon tree seems to be doing very well! Ours died - possibly from neglect, but I also thought it was in the entirely wrong spot. Mr K seems to prefer tending to his orange trees but I have high hopes for a mature lemon in our new garden.

  7. Oh you have a Meyer lemon tree?! How fabulous! I've always wanted one but with a black thumb... :P

  8. I love meyer lemons too! I get them from my mum's tree, but one day I'll plant my own. I adore them.


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