Jul 11, 2011

Carly Findlay's In New Idea. Hello, Harper Seven Beckham.

It's the morning after Julia Gillard's announcement that carbon in Australia will cost $23 per tonne from July 1 2012 but other things have grabbed my attention today.

The biggest news was that my friend and fellow blogger Carly Findlay is the subject of a two page feature article in this week's New Idea.  The article was a tribute to Carly's many achievements and awards as well as her more personal mission to breakdown stereotypes about disability and chronic illness. 

Carly and I were texting each other really early this morning and the joke is that I made it to the newagent to get my copy before she had a chance to.  Carly's promised me an autographed copy and I am holding her to her word.

On a more serious note...


You are a great friend and inspiration to so many of us.  Not only in the blogging world but also in real life. 

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk
These are crazy times we're living in.  First I became a Born Again Royal Watcher and now I'm a diehard Celebrity Baby Bump Obsessive.  Baby Girl Beckham was born over the weekend.  Both mother and baby are doing fine according to news reports.  But there's the small issue of baby's name.  Apparently it really is Harper Seven.....

Oh Harper, you had no say at all with regard to your name but I hope you grow up to be a well balanced woman with a good head on your shoulders.  In the mean time, I will be watching your wardrobe with interest.  I have a feeling you will be giving young Suri Cruise a run for her money.


  1. I don't get this thing about celebrity baby names - as if they won't get enough (unwanted) attention as it is?

  2. I am kind of embarassed to admit that I quite like Harper as a name!! I think it could have been so much worse....

  3. I'm fine with Harper - just not with Seven. It sounds like a new brand of diet wine cooler, or a new women's perfume.

  4. And you included me in the same post as Posh. She will raid my wardrobe.
    Thanks for this post - you are lovely xx

  5. Huge congratulations to Carly. And sorry but what kind of a name is Harper? (Valley PTA, and Harpee etc. etc. ) Oh well... each (celebrity) to their own, but really??!! XXX

  6. Congrats Carly! I'm not normally a big New Idea reader but will run off to the newsagent tomorrow.

    I like Harper but not Seven. from memory that's what George Costanza wanted to call his future baby. Scary.

    K xx

  7. I think Harper as in Harper Lee who wrote To Kill A Mockingbird which is fine. The seven bit is just weird.

  8. I quite like the name Harper, not so sure about the seven, it makes her sound like a space ship!
    We named our daughter Alaia (long story) but gave her the middle name of Louise, just in case she wanted a regular name. x

  9. Cole K: You're not alone. I quite like Harper too. It's just the Seven that is a bit strange to me.

    Alison: Alaia is a beutiful name.

    SSG xx

  10. Congrats to Carly! I met her at a Melbourne meet earlier this year and she was lovely. I don't mind Harper, although it seems to be getting quite popular now!

  11. Well done Carly! As soon as I read Seven I thought of George Costanza which is not a good thing necessarily. But slightly OT I saw David Beckham on Ellen today and he was hilarious!

  12. Harper? It's so close to Harpy! And with 3 older brothers! What were they thinking? But just imagine the value of the vintage wardrobe that girl is going to inherit!

  13. Oh I like the name Harper, it's the Seven that has me stumped!

    I love the New Idea article on Carly and you put it perfectly, that woman is indeed inspiring, I better get in line for her to autograph my copy too!


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