Jul 20, 2011

Christmas in July.

This is a general announcement to the Santas doing Christmas in July for the southern hemisphere this year.  There's no need for you to enter SSG Manor into your sat nav.  We don't have a chimney or carrots for the reindeer.  It's also raining so hard here an ark would probably be a safer option than a sleigh.

We're also pretty well stocked in the gift wrapped goods department.  There's nothing like finding a little something from Neiman's in the spare room on a rainy day.

Rosa Arctica - that just says winter face cream, don't you think?

Here's a jar of Kiehl's you won't see every day in Australia.  Apparently, it's a Neiman Marcus exclusive. 
Hand harvested at full bloom though not by my hand.
The tricksy thing about the Regeneration Flower is that it is able to 'survive 31 months of extreme dehydration'.  Does this mean that I only have to use the cream once every 31 months?  If so, this was a very economical purchase indeed.  I quite like it though, it's heavy enough for my dry skin and gets absrobed pretty quickly - so it's great as a day cream.  So Kiehl's, I won't be putting Rosa Arctica to the once every 31 months test.  I'll be using it daily from now on.

Continuing with the Christmas in July theme, we now move on to chestnuts.  Not the roasting kind (though I've got potatoes roasting for dinner tonight and they smell like heaven) but the Laura Mercier Caviar Eyeliner in the shade 'Chestnut'.  It's a great shade, a taupey dark brown that is a great shade for day.

Wouldn't you know it, there's a Chestnut-esque colour spectrum going on for dinner tonight.  I don't know what to be more excited about - the fact that cooking salmon fillets have provided the answers as to what shades of eyeshadow work with my eyeliner or that I've managed to pan fry salmon without having it fall apart.

But there's more!  The glaze worked as well.

Those restaurant plate artistic splotches and dots got lost in the execution.

It's not high art but at least the glaze looks glossy!

I was pretty dark about the mainstream media in yesterday's post.  I've put my money where my mouth is today and avoided it like the plague.  I had news radio on in the background while I was catching up on paperwork.  It proved to be an education and very low irritant soundtrack to my day.

I heard Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd deliver his statement about his upcoming heart surgery.  Despite it being penned by a mostly Liberal voter, Mr Rudd will always have special place on this blog.  Anyway.  There were the usual Rudd theatrics and diplomacy bits in the announcement but full points Kevin for not making the whole statement about you and how this surgery will impact on your political future (it was negligible for the record).  He used the final minutes (!!) to highlight two issues we need to address for the health of Australia - higher levels of organ donation and the shocking rates of infectious disesease in Indigenous Australians that are all but erradicated in the rest of the Australian population.

Gotta go.  One word.  Offspring.


  1. Just watched Offspring. GREAT episode.

  2. I love Kiehl's products! Dinner looks like it was quite good. :)

  3. I have a soft spot for Kev too. I remember buying the Kevin 07 tank top (sadly I took it OS and they lost my suitcase....bye bye tank top). I was in Hawaii when he won the election (celebrated with a pina colada of course).

  4. That salmon looks delicious! Is it wild salmon? I remember when I was a child, fresh salmon was always such a treat. It was wild, of course, the fish farming craze hadn't begun yet. Nowadays, all I can get is farmed salmon, and it's far too fat for my taste, sadly. So I hardly eat salmon anymore.


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