Jul 4, 2011

Covetting on the Fourth of July.

Happy Fourth of July, American Readers!  I hope you're having a fantastic holiday filled with family and friends, good food, fireworks and sunshine. 

The Australia American Alliance on display on the streets of New York in 2009.

I have a confession to make.  I'm a bit dubious about the celebrity vanity fragrances.  I think too hard about the process, I'm afraid.  How much involvement did celebrity X really have in the creation of the scent and the bottle?  Why does celebrity X look so air brushed in the ad campaign?  Why are the fragrances themselves just as synthetic?  Who thinks up the names?  Are we meant to buy the scent because we like it or we want celebrity X's life (or lover, or both)?

These were just some of the tough questions facing me this morning when I opened my bottle of Sarah Jessica Parker's Covet Pure Bloom.  It was a surprise Christmas gift from a really lovely and fun colleague of mine from my old work place and I get wistful about the easy working friendship we had whenever I glimpsed the sealed box in my wardrobe. 

Today was the day.  I'd finished my bottle of Flora by Gucci and there was space  on the perfume roster for a new scent.  SJP, I take back every snide question I asked in my opening paragraph tonight.  Covet Pure Bloom is actually a very pleasant surprise.  I definitely smelled jasmine but I found this more complete description of its notes.  It's a fresh floral that isn't cloying or sickly sweet.  It's quite lively too and a perfect way to remember my friend.

Suit - Veronika Maine, shirt - Ralph Lauren, flower - bargain from Equip.

I was so taken by my new perfume, I Carrie Bradshaw-ed my suit this morning.

Then I swept out the door in a cloud of New York City in the summer into Sydney in the winter.

I caught a Silver Service Taxi as opposed to a yellow cab.

The traffic was as chaotic and the buildings as tall as NYC.

The skyline had that universal big city blend of old and new as well as arching, tall trees lining the streets.

Random takeaway coffee photo from Singapore 2009.  Mr Rudd, you've been awfully subdued of late but you're never far from my mind or my blog.

People were as desperate for their morning takeaway coffees as they are in the Big Apple.  And they walked just as fast.

I finally got to Parliament House for my breakfast meeting.  With plenty of time to spare.  I had the dubious honour of setting off the metal detector at the front entrance.  It's just like at the airport but without the duty free or the planes or the holiday anticipation.  Now that I think about it, they're not that much alike  after all.

The central water feature at Parliament House.

Suitably embossed china at breakfast.
The meeting was a great success and we were privileged to have had such a distinguished speaker amongst us.  She was inspiring and her presentation was pitch perfect.

It was well worth the effort of getting in to the city early and the rush to get out to work afterwards.

All's well that ends well.  Nothing like a soothing cup of tea to end a frantic day.  I am loving T2's Brisbane Breakfast tea - in the afternoon.  It's so up beat and fruity.  I think it's going to be my Monday tea.


  1. this past weekend walking from the QVB to David Jones past the State Theater I had a little NYC moment as the taxis and luxury cars went barreling past

  2. I've never been to New York or Sydney. Manchester isn't too bad I guess, we do have a cool tram system and black cabs (like London). And we do have a variety of celebs floating around. I've yet to bump into SJP though. x


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