Jul 15, 2011

French Chic and Fucshia. Offspring, I Have No Words.


I finally caught up with Offspring last night and a very single Dr Chris is back in Nina's life and I do not mean this in a studiously casual (and sort of gloating but not really) 'look there goes my ex way and here I am totally seriously with my current man '.  He's back and next week is the season finale.  I suspect even Mr SSG will be watching with me next week.  I will not be available next Wednesday night, in case you were after me. 

So I was understandably a bit flustered this morning (but you can't tell Mr SSG why).

I wore a tribute to Bastille Day a day after the actual event.  Points for trying I guess.

Cardigan - Target, Jeans - Seven For All Mankind, necklace - Red Phoenix Emporium.

I was feeling French chic and Fuchsia - so we have here my Chanel by way of Target cardigan and a RPE Faux Fuchsia Leo Necklace. 

Plus, I had a Donna Martin moment this morning.  That's right, Donna Martin (Tori Spelling's character from the original and the best 90210).  That's right, not Donna Hay, who as you may have already gathered, is a long term source of inspiration for this blog - both in food and fashion.

It's Friday and it's been way too long since I've had a 90s flashback on the blog. The 90s was my teen years decade and I've got an attack of teenaged girl's giggling giddiness.  See my opening paragraph regarding Offspring for the reason why.

Image courtesy of tumblr.com
Did Beverly Hills 90210 really debut in 1990?  Seems so long ago.  So much has changed.  Tori's all grown up with a family and a string of genuinely funny books behind her.  With the luxury of hindsight, I think we can all agree that double floral is wrong and that billowy floral dresses flatter very few women.

Anyway.  I was thinking of Donna Martin after I had my shower and found myself staggering around over the sink before finally bending over and patting down the bathroom mat.  No, I wasn't hung over and I'm not for a moment insinuating that Donna (paragon of virtue that she was) may have been either.  The truth was even less glamorous.  I'd managed to put both my contact lenses on the same eye. 

I don't know how I managed to find the spare time to day dream like this, but this then reminded me of a scene from 90210 where Donna had realized she had done this.  She had arrived at school in tears and met Brenda at their lockers.  When Brenda asked her what had happened, Donna tried to explain.  I recall Brenda giving her a bushy eye browed imperious look, much like in the photo below.

Image courtesy of timeinc.net
If I'm not mistaken, the 16 year old SSG's wardrobe featured a dress eerily similar to Brenda's....

But I digress.  I made another interesting discovery in the bathroom this morning whilst trying to manage the contact lens situation.

The large pump pack of Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser appears to be the proud new mother of a baby called Coles Sorbolene Lotion For All Skin Types.

On further investigation, the Aesop scalp cleansing shampoo brought home a new friend to stay.

However, the Kiehl's cleanser remained alone.

Readers, we (well me literally but you'll just have to go figurative) need look no further than Mr SSG for the answers.  It turns out that my stealth fragrancing of the sorbolene with a bit of Chanel's Coco 'nearly killed' Mr SSG and the Aesop shampoo 'doesn't work and smells'.  This blog understands that the Kiehl's cleanser is 'fine' and 'just gets used because it's there'.

Have you had any dramatic developments like this amongst your bathroom products?

Have a lovely evening and a great weekend.


  1. Oh - mega flashback with Brenda's prom dress. Mega flashback.

  2. love love love original 90210 - I recommend getting the dvds its a great 90's flashback and it really holds up

  3. I too will not be contactable next Wednesday night - except in the ad breaks on Twitter. I'm Team Patrick all the way! And 90210? I was in my early 20s and equally obsessed!

  4. haahhaaa great post, you've put a smile on my face.

    God I miss the real 90210, every now and then I get sucked into the new one but it's just not the same.


  5. How funny, wish my products would duplicate overnight, lol.

    Donna Martin (aka Tori) made a reappearance in last night's new 90210 after being a successful fashion designer in Japan. Love her books, hilarious!

    Great photography by the way.


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