Jul 10, 2011

Good Food Sunday. Dark Chocolate Speckles.

It's just been one of those Sundays for me.  The kind where my stomach called the shots and the priority of the day was the pursuit of good food.  On Sundays, 'good food' refers to food that tastes good and nutritional value is strictly optional.

Pondering the price of carbon over Bircher muesli and a cup of herbal tea.
I started the day with my take on Neil Perry's Bircher Muesli

I like that it's a really easy and only requires a few ingredients.  Instead of rolled oats, I used some muesli and soaked this in the water and lemon juice over night.

All I had to do this morning was peel a granny smith apple and grate it over the muesli.  Then I added my yoghurt and honey.  This version of Bircher isn't as creamy as others I've tasted but I like how simple it is to make.  I'm tempted to give it a go during the week.

Then it was off to coffee with (Canberra)  City Girl who was in Sydney for a bit.  We met at Vanto in the QVB and had a lovely chat over coffee and pastry.  No dawdling though - we had to get to Zara.  As luck would have it, Zara was both having a sale and relatively quiet.  (C)CG, I hope you got some great buys before the trip back to Canberra.

Sweater - Country Road, scarf - Hermes, collar - Mai Tai Colletion, scarf ring - Mai Tai Collection.

It was so windy in Sydney this morning, I had no choice but to wear a fur collar with my scarf.  Just to be sure nothing flew away, I anchored down the scarf with one of Mai Tai's scarf rings.  Well, not one of her own personal scarf rings but one I bought from her.  I am eyeing  off her collection of horn bangles too but am trying to wait until summer to buy one.

The collar definitely kept the wind of my neck and the scarf was a nice touch of colour.

As far as Mondays are concerned, they're a lot easier to deal with when you're well prepared for them.  It was my turn to bring in supplies for the work chocolate bank so where better to go than Haigh's?

I walked out of the store with $74 worth of chocolate but no free sample!?!  Not that I actually needed any chocolate after coffee but I was hoping for a speckle or two (Haigh's call their freckles speckles).  Not all of the haul was for work.  Mr SSG didn't waste any time in opening the SSG Manor stash the moment I got home. I did manage to get a few snaps before he started though.

The chocolate eating was taking place in the lounge room, hence the back drop of Faux Arctic Fox.

Did you know that there are now Dark Chocolate Speckles?  Dark chocolate makes these childhood favourites seem so much more sophisticated.  They even have Tiffany blue hundreds and thousands on them.  I think I love these even more than the Dark Chocolate Peppermint Frogs. Tough call though.

I also got some Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pastilles.  They're not as glossy as the frogs but their bite size convenience comes  in very handy.

Then I had a cooking disaster.  I was supposed to be making golden syrup dumplings.  Maggie Beer's recipe from the AWW.  I was drawn by the simplicity of the recipe and the idea of golden syrup.  There's something unique about its smell and colour.  It reminds me of the books I used to read in primary school.

I made the dumplings okay.

I made the syrup too.

But unfortunately, I burned the dumplings and the syrup.  I think it was a sign that I was only one meal away from a diabetic coma today.


  1. Dark chocolate speckles. Must have. First stop on next Sydney trip.

  2. I luuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrve those Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pastilles!

  3. Oooh Zara is having a sale? I must resist...hmm maybe not! :P And we were just chatting about chocolate speckles the other day-ahh childhood memories :)

  4. Love chocolate freckles. Just love them. Pretty and yummy.

    What's not to love?

  5. I love the chocolate peppermint frogs but I always find myself dissecting them before eating. Pastilles are clearly the answer.

    I bought a bag of the milk freckles last week and they are sensational but I eat far too many of them. I think dark ones might be the answer there too.

    Boo to your burnt dumplings!! Mine were so good and light. You must try the recipe. Don't be deterred.

    K xx

  6. What a lovely Sunday! Congrats to you for finding Zara empty! I've been there the last two weeks and the amount of people and unorganized chaos has caused me to turn around and head to the quiet and neglected Gap to find solid colored tops.


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