Jul 7, 2011

I Dabble in Artsy. Donna Hay Does Good Tactile Recipes.

Is the wind playing havoc with your hair too?  Or are you loving the root lift and general volume you get from just simply walking across the car park?  I'm in the latter camp today.  Just learning to love the messy bouffant my collar length hair has suddenly decided to style itself into.

Image courtesy of instyle.co.uk
Sarah Jessica Parker is officially my style influence of the week.  On Monday it was just her perfume, Covet Pure Bloom and by Thursday,  it's her hair and her outfit colour.  What will I do for Friday, I wonder?  Recreate an outfit from SATC?  Persuade Mr SSG to channel Mr Big?  Have a Cosmopolitan in the morning instead of coffee?  The possibilities are endless.

Hair - styled by the wind howling through the car park this morning, skivvy - Target, cardi - Target, necklaces - Red Phoenix Emporium (Jade City and Fuchsia City).
So, I'm not quite SJP and this is not quite a SJP worthy outfit.  To borrow a word from the wise and funny Lisa at Privilege, I was artsy today.  I made brave use of colour (relatively speaking for me), I wore a black skivvy (the essence of arty) and I accessorized with hand made, natural materials.  If I were to further classify myself, I would call it artsy professional for a work environment where machine wash and the need to be able to fit your entire outfit under bright yellow disposable gowns and gloves are key.

Followers of AFL might give me bonus points for incorporating a team's colours into my outfit.  Not just any team, but Mr SSG's beloved Fremantle Dockers.

Image courtesy of seeklogo.com

This will be first and final time the Dockers logo graces this blog so savour the moment, Mr SSG.

There are so many things I love about Donna Hay recipes.  Their simplicity, their taste, their presentation, how they punch well above their weight in the taste to complexity of preparation ratio.  Over the weekend, I found another reason to love them.  They are so tactile.

Take Donna's use of stale sourdough.

I  had some day old Sonoma bread handy on Sunday.  It was too good to waste and I think it would have been sacrilege to freeze artisan bread....

So I decided to make the fetta, ricotta and silverbeet frittata from the current issue of Donna Hay magazine.

It was so much fun.  There was lots of tearing (of the sour dough and the silverbeet), whisking (of the eggs and milk) and layering.  I love it when a fashion word like layering also applies to cooking.

The frittata after much tearing, whisking and layering.

It was also a winning recipe because most of the cooking took place in the oven.

It was delicious! 

Well, the week is nearly done.  I'm off to catch up on the week's television.  I'm starting with French Food Safari and falling in love with butter all over again.  Not to mention congratulating myself on my wise investment in some Le Creuset this past week.

Have a lovely evening.


  1. I got some Le Creuset when I got married. Seriously some of the best gear in my kitchen.

    You will love it.

  2. I love your artsy, RPE-y look today! I laughed hard at the SATC options - I hope you were talking breathlessly out loud at your laptop while typing your blog post. Now go buy some shoes :)


  3. Me with the Mulberry, you with the Le Creuset, I shudder to think what I could buy in the developing world! Was it blue?!

  4. What colour Le Creuset did you get? There is a good range available now!

  5. i love following your cooking~ my husband, bird, and i were gifted with the most amazing kitchen pans, bake ware, and accessories for our wedding in december but then we packed and stored it all up and moved to sydney instead. we're currently using whatever our sharemates purchased before we moved here and don't have anything proper to cook with!

  6. You did Artsy proud! Love volume at the roots:). And thank you xox.

  7. AFW: indeed I will, my lidded casserole debuts tomorrow night.

    L: forgot the breathless voice over. Will go find some shoes since you insist!

    (C)CG and Cole K: it's red.

    Bug: such a shame all your nice things are packed away :-( Good excuse to eat out more, perhaps?

    Lisa: :-)

    SSG xxx


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