Jul 12, 2011

The Land of the Buses.

The streets of the CBD belong to the buses on weekday mornings.  There are so many of them and they are so loud, they are impossible to ignore.  They line George St head to tail for as far as the eye can see.  My humble iPhone camera wasn't up to the task of taking a photo that captured the true extent of their domination.

I don't know how the bus drivers and regular commuters into the city cope.  I honestly don't.  It must make your blood boil every day waiting 10 minutes to cross one set of lights and to have to repeat this for consecutive lights from the moment you hit the main grid.  Our bus driver this morning had his own solution.  He stood up in the bus and asked us all if we were okay with him taking an alternate route onto George St.  There was a loud, unanimous and very grateful yes from his captive audience.  We made sluggish progress on the alternate route but at least we were moving!

It's not just the streets that feel different on work day mornings, the arcades have a different pulse.  Walkways and thoroughfares that are quiet and empty on the weekends are bustling now with endless streams of black clad office workers all walking at speed and with purpose.  Their security badges jangling in time to the beat of their feet

There's no time to sit though, it's order your coffee and network whilst you stand and wait for it.  Then it's time to sweep onwards, back to work in your office an elevator ride upwards from the chaos of the street.

I left the land of the buses by bus, actually.  I didn't feel quite as overwhelmed by the buses on the way home because the view out of my window seat was this sparkling and tranquil river.

As I then drove to work, I promised myself not to get so wound up by the peak hour traffic on my daily commute.  The people in the land of the buses have it much worse.


  1. Buses in Sydney CBD stress me out! I always feel like they are going to swipe my car.

  2. God those traffic lights on George St are a nightmare aren't they!!! I hope I never have to endure that..... xx

  3. Sydney bus drivers must be a special breed of human beings.

    You have reminded me what makes Sydney so hard at times, although so beautiful in other ways.


  4. Imagine driving a bus every day! The drivers must have the best patience in the world. I totally agree with the different 'vibe' on weekdays -- coffee makes the world go round!

  5. love this post. my husband works in the cbd and we live within walking distance and it is the 'land of the buses'


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