Jul 13, 2011

My Good Winter Coat. Monsters and Muggles.

I'm so glad I wore my good winter coat to work today.  It kept me very warm all day (indoors) at work.  Today was the coldest day in Sydney for 12 years.  A fact I only realized whilst on the drive home from work when I heard it on the news. It was probably best for me to find this out at the end of the working day because I don't deal too well with the cold when I'm aware of the actual recorded temperature.  Ignorance of celsius is bliss as far as I'm concerned.

Probably more accurate to say this outfit was inspired by Michelle Obama or Jackie K-O than the Duchess of Cambridge.  I won't even go new Carla Bruni- Sarkozy....  Coat - Satch, sweater - Alannah Hill, necklace - white Coco by Red Phoenix Emporium.
There's something about good winter coats and posture.  Do you get all princess-y or First Lady-like when you button up your coat as well?  I was the model of poise and decorum in my coat today, not once did I lose it when it was entirely apropriate to do so.  I think I was even smiling serenely too.  Can you be Stepford in Sydney, I wonder?

My downtime look this evening was all about insulation and animal layers (real or otherwise).  Let's call it Cocoon Chic.  With my Faux Arctic Fox throw from Coles on my lap and my candy pink uggs on my feet I can't help but feel a little worried for the 'Monsters' at Town Hall waiting for Lady Gaga's concert and the 'Muggles' at the cinemas catching the first screenings of the final Harry Potter film, Deathly Hallows.  I hope they're rugged up and had a hearty dinner before they left home.  I can't help it, that's my age and inner nonna giving me away again.

Mr SSG has been doing his bit to prepare SSG Manor for the elements.  He came home armed with Red Rock Deli potato chips in my favourite flavour Honey Soy Chicken and restocked the fridge with Coke Zeros.  I was the party pooper who got the broccoli out for dinner tonight.

Take care and stay warm, Australia!


  1. I wish I could do my coat up. It would keep me an awful lot warmer. The scarf over the gap is an okay substitute though, but it does make one feel an awful lot less princessy...

    I'm happily ensconced in a pair of pink uggs too. It's just the weather for it. Unavoidable. I couldn't believe how COLD it was here today!!

    Nice dinner options. I made bolognese with gnocchi. The bol was a marathon - 5 hours from fridge to plate. I'm now shattered.

    K xx

  2. The coat looks beautiful. Keep warm (with plenty of alcoholic hot drinks)
    It's a mild and lovely 18* in Manchester today. x

  3. What a lovely, lovely coat - you look a picture in it. I've never thought of wearing a necklace outside my coat - why on earth not? C'est genial! Roll on autumn. xxx

  4. what a great post title~ i feel more feminine and ladylike when wearing my winter coat, scarf, and boots. news to me that it was sydney's coldest day in 12 years! i had a fever all day yesterday and was bundled up in bed anyways, my apartment having no heat.

    so excited gaga is in town, 2nd time she's come to where i'm living and i'm not seeing her. i'm going to go to cheap ticket tuesday to see harry potter for sure~

  5. Fab coat! I love the faux far throw too. Coles! Who would have guessed? If there is one thing I like about winter weather it is getting to wear coats - they do make you feel very dressed up!

  6. Hahahaaa I LOVE broccoli!!!

    Coke Zero is such a vice for me, everyday... e v e r y d a y.

    Love, love, love your pink uggs, I was online shopping on NAP for summer stuff last night! I know!!! Can't believe I was doing it!!!


  7. Very chic way of staying warm SSG! Love the style :) xxx

  8. You were the Duchess of Cambridge all the way! I LOVE that coat- chic and classic.

    Funny to read that you're cold while we're finally enjoying summer. I'm glad I have blog friends so far away!

  9. That coat is beautiful!!!


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