Jul 6, 2011

Perth Has No Soul?!? Goodbye, Non-Uggs With No Sole.

It's been a day of mixed emotions at SSG Manor.  I'm holding back a few tears and wearing black with only a modest show of colour.  If there were flags on the Manor's front lawn, they would be at half mast.

Necklace - Faux Fuchsia Orange by Red Phoenix Emporium

I am well aware that there is high drama and history being made in the world beyond the four walls of SSG Manor:
  • There's the count down to Sunday's much anticipated price on carbon reveal.  Have you planned your own price on carbon party yet?  I'm still stumped on the nibblies, let alone what I'll be wearing for the post announcement analysis.
  • Baby girl Beckham's much anticipated birth is still being much anticipated (at the time of typing, at least).
  • The Tour de France continues with Australian Cadal Evans amongst the top three.
  • My beloved home town Perth has been bagged, again, by the latest edition of the Lonely Planet.  Unfortunately, much of what has been said is very close to the bone.  Perth is a lovely city to live in but perhaps not to visit. It's an idyllic city blessed with many natural assets which it takes for granted.  Its geographical isolation leads to cultural isolation and makes change and progress very difficult.  I think you have to move away from Perth for a time to both appreciate it and understand why other people think of it the way they do.
Aside from this, I've started reading Something Blue (the sequel to Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin, the subject of last night's book club review).  Darcy Rhone is annoying me no end and I'm only a few pages into the second chapter.  If Rachel and Dex don't make an appearance soon, I may have to stop reading in disgust.  I am not feeling any empathy whatsover with Darcy.
    But only one event had my full attention today.  The final farewell of my black Cotton On 100% synthetic non Australian, non wool ugg boots.  So many negatives, I don't think I can legally call them uggs.

    The late black non-Uggs as they once were.

    Those black beauties have been a part of my life since the day I met Mr SSG. They've travelled from Perth to Sydney and survived many a winter.

    Black non-Uggs doing winter in Sydney.
    They've witnessed the birth of this blog and come back from the dead.

    Left footed non-Ugg resting under weight as its sole gets restuck.
    They were looking so well and warm only a few weeks ago.

    But sadly, they had sole problems again.  Such major problems that even super glue and a brick couldn't help.  It's such a shame because their synthetic uppers are still going strong with not even the earliest signs of wear to be seen.  We were on borrowed time for quite a while though.  So I guess I should have been prepared for the end.

    I've popped them in the bin and sent them off with a few thoughts and words.  Thanks for the memories and the warmth, black Cotton On non-uggs. 

    Even Mr SSG was a bit wistful at seeing them go.

    There is always birth after loss though.  It is true of life and also of ugg boots.

    And here we have them, my new candy pink tall uggs - an emergency order with super fast shipping from Ugg Boots Made in Australia.  I'm sure we will have many happy winters together.  In the words of Mr SSG, I'm now both highly visible and noisy around the house.


    1. I have blue real Uggs. They are worth the investment. Very uggly though.

    2. I know exactly how you feel, I got my cream uggs for my 17th b'day.... errr ummm 13 years ago!! I can't believe they are still going, although they are rock hard flattened wool on the inside and this morning the wool started coming off in chunks.... so sad! Must buy a new pair online stat!

    3. Laughing at the brick! Happy to see a reincarnation though. Long live the Ugg.

    4. I've never had Ugg's but my lovely DIL has some and she swears by them in our cold Canadian winter.
      I had a pair of lambswool slippers that I wore out and have never replaced...I wear cashmere socks now instead.

      Keep cozy!

    5. I would love to go to Perth, just because it is isolated! I am ready for a new pair of Uggs but it will have to wait for Fall. Right now I'm buying Summer clothes as the sun finally decided to come out in Los Angeles!

    6. Are Uggs as expensive in Aus as they are in England. The cheapest you can get them for here is around £90 (not sure what that converts to).
      I bought a pair of Roxy boots in an 'Ugg' style last year for £35, bargain!

    7. you need to come to Brisbane and help me and the twins design new accessories- we brainstormed the other day and were talking about how well you wear all your RPE stuff. Plus you could meet the baby and go to Jean Brown. I have pink uggs xxxx

    8. Don't worry SSG, sad as it may be to give up your non-Uggs, you'll love your new Uggs more then life itself. They are the best, especially in pink!!

    9. very sweet uggs, goodbye black ones. our very good friend has wrapped masking tape again again around his to eep them going.

    10. Thank you all for the ugg love!

      FF, I am so upset I missed the skype session re next season. S-A-D.

      SSG xxx

    11. all good things must come to an end, but it opens the next chapter entitled 'pink uggs'

    12. Living in Perth could be good for the soul. It has its own quirks and perks and even if it is termed as a sleepy part of Australia, you will eventually get the hang of it and enjoy the depth and breadth of living in it. Perth will always have its character very distinct in its own and will always be for everyone else, yet everyone will have a common ground to talk about. Perth will always have soul.


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