Jul 29, 2011

Splendour in the Sun.

For the youngsters amongst us, this weekend is Splendour in the Grass, on the Sunshine Coast.  Older music lovers like myself (who will be working through the weekend and who also have rough living conditions aversion disorder) will be listening to the highlights on Triple J from the warmth of either car or home.

I managed to get away from work a little early yesterday for a little Splendour in the Sun before a long weekend of work.

I was rewarded with this burst of winter afternoon sun.

And blue sky.  Looking up at the infinite expanse of sky always lifts my spirits and makes me remember again that the world is inherently a good place and that that humanity has so much to be thankful for.  It is very easy these days to get caught up in the negative news of the world but at least in this little patch of the planet, we have blue skies and peace.

I never thought that dry bitumen would bring such a big grin to my face.  The privilege of crunching over the bitumen as opposed to squelching across the mud and puddles of the last week or so.

Wouldn't you know it?  There's more sun today.  It's streaming in through the office window and there's more of that blue sky too. 

The weather is too glorious for a long post just this minute.  I'm off to make myself a cup of tea and sip it to a soundtrack of ABC Classic FM.  Triple J, I will get to you this weekend.

Have a lovely day and catch up with you later. 


  1. I love that pic of the clear, blue sky! Definitely mood lifting!

  2. I am tuned to the Js and ready to re-live my youth! I dream of taking my children to something like Splendour one day. Maybe a 'mini' version of it? x

  3. Oooh look at your lovely new blog and the sun shone here today too in Melbourne. What a difference. Sorry you are working all weekend... know what that is like aswell... XX

  4. What beautiful blue sky! It matches your blog "blue" very well!
    Enjoy your weekend, if the weather on the Sunshine Coast is the same as Brisbane, Splendour fans are in for some gorgeous weather!

  5. SSG - Your reference to 'rough living conditions aversion disorder' made me laugh out loud, hilarious. I too suffer with the same malady - Fifi


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