Jul 23, 2011

Technology Finally Went My Way Today. Twitter.

Hello everyone, yes I'm still here. 

Here as in not carried away on the 160mm of rain that fell on Sydney yesterday and here as in still clattering away on my lap top.  I feel like a middle aged geek girl.  To keep my energy levels up during the marathon blog makeover and reinvention today, I had some Doritos and a swig of Diet Coke but lunched on sushi and green tea (the latter being my concession to old age).  Oh, and I went to yoga instead of doing some Wii Fit.

Still not convinced I left the house?  I don't blame you.  Here's the photographic evidence.

Not a terribly exciting photo, I know.  But I thought you might like to feast your eyes on photographic evidence that it did stop raining in Sydney enough for the roads to dry and for someone to wheel a trolley down the hill from Coles.  It is parked at an angle that suggests that the driver may have had it loaded with a few slabs of beer before deciding that carrying it home rather than wheeling it home would be the quicker option.

Then I did my best impersonation of a sun starved, water logged Londoner (people who ought to know in Sydney have been comparing our recent weather to typical London conditions) by trampling on our partially dry front lawn during a fine break this afternoon.

My moment in the cloud obscured sun.

Except that perhaps in London the footwear of choice would have been Hunters rather than Uggs.  Of all the shoes I should have bought this year, I'm kicking myself for not getting some Hunters from Jigsaw when I had a chance.

It's just sinking in just how much change has gone down on the blog today.  It has been much more than a stunning cosmetic makeover.  The change in the way the blog looks inspired me to think of ways that I could make the blog more interactive.  At first I tried changing the comments system but that didn't feel quite right.  Sorry if your comments got eaten up with that brief flirtation with Disqus.  Then I decluttered my side bar and found space for more additions to my blog roll as well as room for a list of your latest comments.

And then, I decided to take it to Twitter.  I know, welcome to 2006, SSG.  I think it's the logical next step for the blog.  I know that for many of us, Facebook accounts hold a great deal of personal information that is closely intertwined with 'real life' and hence there may need to be a distinctio between it and the rest of your online activity.  Twitter, on the other hand is a series of 140 character posts that enable social interaction without the risk of feeling too 'exposed' with relative strangers who you think you might get along with.

I do hope you'll join in the fun with me on Twitter.  May I have more clarity in my tweets than I often do in my blog posts.

Thanks again for all your patience today.  I think Melissa and I are done with the final tweaking and I hope that everyone, regardless of operating system can read the blog clearly.

Take care and I hope to see you on Twitter.


  1. SSG, I don't look at my blog roll for one day and everything changes! It's gorgeous! Love the combination of the striking blue, the red and the black and white. It feels a bit like a chic apartment or something. Hope you're not being washed away in the rain (and for once dry Canberra is being Dry Canberra!) xx

  2. (C)CG: thank you! The revamp has been very inspirational. Hope to see you on Twitter!

    SSG xxx

  3. Raining in London too and I am so over it as well. Hunters are great, I got a cheap pair on the internet, there are always great deals going on. Your Uggs look great, think I will need to invest in some when we get back to Australia. Love your new blog look as well. Fifi

  4. Hurrah for Twitter :) I am happy you are on it.

  5. i'm very jealous of you getting this professional design plus twitter... my blog had some error go wrong with it weeks ago and it isn't updating in anyone's feeds, it's awful and i had no idea what to do!

    it was sunny yesterday morning, and today no rain in ultimo but some cloudy winter weather

  6. Bug: what a shame about the feed :-( Hope my blog content is up to the standard of the recent upgrades.

    SSG xxx


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