Jul 2, 2011

To Market This Morning.

Today's weather was absolutely magic in Sydney.

The rain of the working week left the weekend skies a clear blue.  There was soft sun everywhere the eye could see and we could actually feel its warmth on our skin.

There was a steady crowd trundling to and from Star City's carpark to the market.
The Pyrmont Grower's Market is sponsored by The Sydney Morning Herald.  It's held on the first Saturday of the month from 7am until 11am at Pyrmont Bay Park, just across the road from Star City Casino.  The one place where parking is guaranteed is in the casino.  Parking tickets validated at the SMH stand in the market entitle visitors to half price parking, which works out to be $10 for a 6 hour block.

Our first stop was for breakfast.  Mr SSG got himself a spot in the growing line for egg and bacon rolls whilst I went in search of coffee.  There was already quite a crowd at 9am and all the stalls offering either form of sustenence were doing a brisk trade.

I got our coffees from the stall run by Toby's Estate.

This market has such a lovely atmosphere.  The stall holders are all so friendly and full of good humour and there's a lively mix of people and dogs milling around the stalls.  You might remember the first time I visited this market was back in April for my Paddock to Plate adventure.  I vowed to return with Mr SSG so that we could stroll around at leisure and snack along the way.  I also had to come back for new supplies of Rowan Farm jam and Fleur de Lys banana bread.

We got our egg and bacon rolls from the stall overlooking the bay.  There's a queue to pay for your order where you are issued with paper bags with your order written on the front.

The grill in action.  The jars at the front of the photo are full of the house relish.
Then you join the line to collect your freshly cooked and assembled Saturday brunch treat.   The sounds and the smell just say leisurely Saturday morning and were a key reason why the line was so well behaved and jovial.

Armed with our personalized cups of coffee and the rolls, Mr SSG and I sat in the park and let the world happen around us as we had our breakfast.

The meat loving carnivore option featuring a sausage in addition to egg and bacon.

The deluxe featuring a generous dollop of relish.
They rolls were the perfect size to be eaten relatively gracefully and while filling, left enough room behind for a sweet pastry a little later on.  I had the deluxe roll and there's not much to say except that it was very satisfying.  Which is all you need to feel I guess when it comes to egg and bacon rolls.

Fed and watered, we took a little walk around the stalls.

I bought a loaf of sourdough bread from Sonoma.  I'm going to be using the day old leftovers tomorrow for one of Donna Hay's recipes.

There were also pulled pork rolls!  I had no room.

Baked goods!

Lots of baked goods.  I'll show you what we bought later.  The decision was so difficult, you can probably understand from my photos.  But we definitely made great choices.

The produce and flowers were so fresh and bursting with health.

Worlds away from their fatigued city supermarket cousins.

Our second course was a berry cheesecake and a cherry danish.  It is so important to restore your energy levels after early morning runs.  Critical in fact.  I'm sure there's a personal trainer or exercise physiologist out there who will have the evidence to support the use of cheesecake and danishes as post training body fuel.  I just have to find them.

I stopped off for a bag of Fuji apples.

And found these spuds getting some sun by the water.

Then Mr SSG and I made our way home with full stomachs and a heaving back pack.

Even the traffic was kind to us today.  Such is the power of clear skies and sunshine on a Saturday morning.


  1. Is the market on once a month? Need.to.go! Canberra does Markets very well, but not quite as well as Sydney :(

  2. Looks like a fab market!!
    The bacon and egg roll and second course(s) look amazing...

  3. (C)CG: once a month, I'm afraid but there are others around Sydney that you may be able to make when you're in town.

    SSG xxx

  4. Those flowers are just stunning. The egg and bacon roll looked amazing.

    Very jealous. The sausage sizzle outside our local IFA just isn't going to measure up.

  5. Dear Ms SSG, It is just Saturday morning here and if I were in Canberra I would be heading off to our Farmers' Markets. Your post makes me feel homesick. I love best the happy unrushed leisure of it all. I hope you and Mr SSG simply sat down with the papers when you got home. Lindaxxx

  6. I haven't been in years and years - must head back! The sun cheered me up today too x

  7. Oh my goodness what a perfect morning.... those e and b rolls looked delicious too! xx

  8. I love it! We're experiencing the same gorgeousness here in Portland for the holiday weekend. Unfortunately, I did not get to go to farmer's market w/ husband because I had to clean but when i do there is a crepe stand there that makes the most amazing egg, spinach, ham, tomato breakfast crepe- all ingredients from the market. Now I'm hungry...

  9. That cherry danish looks divine. I don't seem to get enough of danishes these days.

  10. Yummo!
    By the time i remembered the markets was on it was 12.30pm already.
    Did you see the Truffle stand there?
    It's truffle festival in Canberra and they were meant to have a stand that the markets on Sat

  11. I love the Pyrmont Grower's markets! Shame that they are only on once a month, but I did the same thing last time - I had a sausage and egg roll from that stall and then walked past the pulled pork :(


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