Jul 19, 2011

Tuesday Night Thoughts and TLC.

You know I'm not a winter person, don't you?  I just seem to need that much more Tuesday night TLC when I come home from work and it's cold, dark and wet outside.

The moment I get in the front door, a scented candle gets lit.

Cardi - Target, belt and scarf - Hermes, scarf ring - Mai Tai's grande sized.

Then I take a photo of what I wore to work to give myself a pat on the back for making an effort to get dressed for work before going in search of my uggs and flannel pyjamas.  I am getting the knack of Mai Tai's snow ball knot, I know I am.

That's right Melbourne Breakfast Tea for preparing a Sydney Bok Choy Tea.

It goes without saying that a hot cup of tea is needed before facing the evening domestics.  Dinner preparation, the dishwasher and the laundry that's been trying to dry on every available chair in the loungeroom where the sun gets in.

The good news is, my little routine hardly ever fails to cheer me up.  All the better for thinking up tonight's blog entry, readers. I'm now so content I just know tonight's post is going to be a thinking one.  By which I mean I put a lot of thought into it though it would be good if my posts could think for me sometimes.

The News of the World scandal really is the news of the world at the moment.  Call me cynical but each shocking revealation seems to be occurring at convenient intervals of a day or two, seemingly to allow the world's press to fully exploit the news value of the event that preceded it.  Resignations, suspicious deaths, links to the government and the police and the criminal world as well as the possibility that figures in the US may also have been targetted.  Could a publicist have dreamed up anything more perfectly suited to the modern media?

People much wiser than I have been pondering what drove the editor and owner of a newspaper to such cruel and morally bankrupt lengths to get 'good' stories and sensational scoops.  I suspect the newspaper people would answer 'the readers'.  I think the readers would answer with 'technology and the media'.  Who is to blame?

I've been having a think about my relationship with 'the media' and whether or not it is a healthy one.  It is mostly but I am learning to cut down on time wasting clicks as I read newspapers online and to resist the urge to Foxtel IQ the Kardashians, the gypsy weddings or any of the Real Housewives franchises.  In doing so, I've come up with some of life's big questions:
  • Why do David Jones' spokes models feel compelled to speak more about their lives than the store they represent?  I wish they wouldn't.
  • Why did the Dalai Lama appear on Masterchef?  The SMH recap is a very efficient and way more entertaining alternative to watching the actual programme.
  • What is the point of Can of Worms except to inflame?
Yep, I clearly need a break from Fairfax media.  I'm beginning to think I might need an indefinite hiatus....

Instead, I've been leading a life with my wireless.  The soundtrack to my evenings is now news radio (the BBC at the moment) and Triple J.

Speaking of Triple J, I heard a familiar voice through my car speakers this evening on the Hack programme.  It was Carly Findlay!  Being interviewed for the programme's Love Week.  Good on you Carly for 'putting it out there on national radio'.  I also enjoyed listening to the other guests and their perspectives on finding love with a disability.

Carly was also true to her word, an autographed copy of what I shall now call The Carly New Idea arrived in the post today.  The issue also features a bread and butter pudding recipe which I think has my name all over it for this weekend. 

Take care everyone and I know I said I was boycotting mindless media this week but I was thinking of staying up past 10.30pm tonight to see what Rupert and Rebekah have to say for themselves at Westminster.  We're a betting nation but there's nothing Rupert related on Centrebet tonight.  Instead, I have found these bingo cards that might be of interest.

These thinking posts are draining, aren't they?  I reckon I'll be back to my usual form tomorrow.


  1. What about this rain in Sydney? I came home to a leaky roof :(

  2. miss E: oh no! Poor you. I think the rain is here to stay for a bit. Hope you get the roof sorted out.

    SSG xxx

  3. SSG - the only thing good about Fairfax atm is those Masterchef recaps! Hilarious! xx

  4. this weather is terrible, it's one thing for it to be cold and sunny, but cold cloudy and rainy is just awful!

    the dalai lama on masterchef is one of the few episodes i missed, sad i missed it because i like the man

    and i think can of worms is one of the most wasteful shows ever created. i don't care what those strangers think, it's why they're called 'personal opinions'

    love that routines everywhere are the same when it comes to the joys of scented candles and ugg boots

  5. Loving the evening ritual. I only aspire to dress as smartly as you.

    The impression of media on our lives is really telling isn't it?

    have a lovely week and keep warm.

  6. This NoTW scandal is driving me bonkers as it has dominated media in London for a while now, but I can tell you, I am very interested to hear what Rebekah, Rupert, et al, have to say for themselves.

  7. The power of the media is what scares me sometimes - although at the same time it is what contributes to an accountable society.

    Best go - too early for deep thought and have far too much stuff and far too few packing boxes to look at my laptop!

    Take care.


  8. I would love to know why the Dalai Lama thought it would be a good idea to appear on Masterchef. Good heavens!

  9. SSG I feel certainly like boycotting shows like Masterchef and Can of Worms seriously! I used to love Masterchef but it has deteriorated into a bias and bland and boring competition. Do the judges think the viewers are stupid? Danni you’re the 'potential' best cook in the country when you burn chicken, burn chocolate and a restaurant critic scores you’re messed up dessert a 9/10.
    Can Worms cringeable! A relative of mine once dated mr Elliott him. Can anyone say Neanderthal?
    Kate Bx

  10. LOVE your evening ritual! I do something similar after dinner, once the dishes are done and the kitchen is clean - a pot of T2 herbal tea and a Glasshouse scented candle xx


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