Aug 2, 2011

All Is Well In My World.

With the benefit of  a good night's sleep and the sun streaming in through my office window, the world in front of me is a cheery, happy place to be right now.

It's a crazy world elsewhere though.  The US debt ceiling has been raised (just in time) by several trillion (I just cannot make myself understand just how big the numbers are and what the human cost of the budget cuts will be).  We have found our first group of asylum seekers to be flown to Malaysia (and they will be filmed en route to 'send a strong message').

Sigh.  Probably best to concentrate on the here and now.

My pot plants were enjoying the sun as much as I was.  They arched their leaves toward the sun side of the office.  Can you tell from this photo how much I like my knick knacks?  There is a lot to be said for home comforts in the work place.  Let's see, what do we have in this photo?  There's my winter tree drink coaster from Ikea, my summer in Hawaii tin of mints and a yoghurt pot full of lipsticks and lipglosses that I have used maybe three times this year?  Then there's those boring pale yellow post it notes.  I always seem to lose my vividly coloured pad of post its.  I use the yellow pad for messages of the truly mundane.  The bright post its are for matters of critical importance - my work diary, reminders that I stick on my computer, labelling my cans of coke zero in the work fridge.  Is your workspace decked out like a home away from home?

For some reason, it's feeling like Friday night here at SSG Manor.

And not only because that Katy Perry song is on MAX at the moment.  I like this song in spite of myself.  The music programmers for pay television must know I had ironing to do and dinner to cook.  Thanks to a mix of Coldplay, Beyonce and Adele, I'm pretty much on top of things.

Dinner was all about drumsticks.  Many of my favourite childhood dinners were based on drumsticks baked in a marinade of whatever mum had handy.  Tonight, I decided to make mine using this recipe for Honey Soy Chicken.

I even got to use my new 90s colour themed mini whisk to combine the marinade.  I was making dinner in between twitter breaks with a montage of Roxette clips now playing on MAX.

Our old friend IndoMie Mi Goreng is definitely the carb of choice when baked honey and soy drumsticks are to be served.  We used to have Kraft Macaroni Cheese with white pepper and soy drumsticks back in Perth.  Mr SSG tells me that ours was probably the only household in Australia where this was done on a regular basis.  I suspect he speaks the truth.

Oh sticky drumsticks and instant noodles.  When I have you for dinner with Roxette in the background, I know that all is well with the world.

Have a lovely evening.


  1. Sticky drumsticks and noodles is one of my kids all time favourites. Super easy too. Love the macaroni cheese story!!

  2. That US debt is out of control !
    I do love Adele's voice..she has a great sound.

    You are wise to focus on what you can have an effect on...the here and now.
    Have a happy week.

    I like the new header too.

  3. Mee Goreng and honey and soy chicken drumsticks? Are you from Penang or Malaysia?
    Read about that you tube asylum seekers video - are they serious?

  4. Sticky drumsticks and instant noodles with Roxette in the background - Sounds great and takes me back! I am going to try this one for sure!

  5. Yummy- I'm so going to try that chicken recipe. Thanks for posting!

  6. Veshoevius: my family are from Singapore and Malaysia.

    I have leftovers from last night's drumsticks. We will be having them for dinner tonight. I only hope that tonight's MAX playlist is as good as last night's.

    SSG xxx

  7. I was at an Asian grocery store and saw these very noodles the other day. Perhaps I should have picked some up along with some drumsticks? ;)

  8. Oh Kraft macaroni cheese - all bright orange yumminess, I'm going to be obsessed with that all day now, I used to mix it up and eat two big bowls of it, oh the comfort of carbs.

  9. Good to see you in such a happy, cheery place!

    TDM xx


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