Aug 27, 2011

Custom Brunch. Kaftans. The World's Best Spag Bol.

You win some and you lose some as a pot plant in The SSG She Shed.

If you're a Calypso, you're positively blooming at the moment.

If you happen to be a peace lily, you are undergoing a period of intense internal conflict and possibly have some self esteem issues.  Which is why you've been pruned ruthlessly.  A new do is symbolic of a fresh start whether you're a pot plant or post major relationship break up.

Fortunately, the humans of SSG Manor are having no such issues.  Mr SSG had the urge to cook spaghetti bolognese and after a bit of googling, we found Dan Warne's easy but amazing World's Best Spaghetti Bolongese Recipe.  I'm linking and the title's not lying.

My contribution to dinner was to assemble the ingredients.  Plus a loaf of Italian bread from Cavalicious. Oh, and some reading material for when I put my feet up to watch dinner being cooked.  I don't think you can get balanced and comprehensive coverage of Kim Kardashian's wedding with anything less than 3 publications, don't you agree?  Besides, that NW byline about Posh & Harper could not be left on the rack at Coles today.

The strength of Dan Warne's recipe is that all the ingredients are easy to get your hands on and also result in much of the finicky chopping up being already done by people like Coles Market Place (mushies)  and Gourmet Garden (tubes of garlic and chilli).

I remembered my mum's tip for spag bol and bought a 50/50 mix of beef and pork mince.

If your budget allows, go for the organic mince.

I went a bit (just a little) spendy on the cheese.  Yes, that wedge of Paremesan Reggiano was $15.75 but a little goes a long way and if you grate it all at once and freeze it, none of it will go to waste.  And you get to tone your upper arms in anticipation of a calorifically delicious dinner.

I had to leave Mr SSG to it because I had a work conference to attend in the city.

Wrap top - Cotton On, skivvy - Country Road, scarf  - Hermes Zabavushjka, scarf ring- Hermes, cuff - Hermes, belt - Hermes, jeans - Hermes.. heh heh, gotcha - J Brand.

Been so slack about this - but here we finally have an outfit shot!  Embrace the intention if not the startling originality of the outfit.  I am trying to regain some form.

George Street was celebration Sydney's annual Fashion Festival.  Colour blocking seems to be a big trend this season.  I took inspiration from the bold yellow and read of the banners and .......

That sticker on my Big Mac carton made me feel special.  There is nothing like a serve of french fries to settle a squeamish stomach.  
Went to Maccas of the golden arches on a red background for a special order Big Mac brunch.

They were true to their word on my very detailed receipt.  A freshly made Big Mac 'W/O Lettuce Shredde'.  The upstairs bit of Maccas Pitt & Park is actually pretty hipster glam in a low lit, deep brown sofa kind of way.  Which is why I felt compelled to whip out my bottle of sparkling water for lunch.

It wouldn't do to leave my homage to Fashion Festival with a meal at Maccas.  I went to the source over at David Jones.  Where I made several interesting discoveries.  Firstly, the annual flower show start this Thursday September 1, 2011.  The store is already being set up in preparation.

Sneak peak of some of the props for the flower show.
And secondly, it is incorrect grammatically to begin a sentence with 'and'.  No, I don't think that the other thing I discovered at David Jones.  Ah, yes.  I do not think colour blocking will work for me at the winery wedding in November.  After a stroll around Ladies Designer Fashion which is all spring / summer in my very winter black knee high boots, I have decided that the only thing to wear to this wedding will be a Camilla kaftan.  We shall not question the logic, we will merely accept it and take steps to make it happen.

Image courtesy of
The designer on the runway with some of her work.
I've never really appreciated the power of a Camilla kaftan before but I think the time has come.  There were some beautifully embellished ones at DJs and I think the Yarra is more than ready for a wedding guest to arrive there in one.  I notice that wedges are the shoe of choice on the catwalk but I'm thinking flat sandals.  I never do well with heels at wineries.  If it's not heels sinking in the lawn it's heel tripping me up after the champagne starts.  You can't win.  The genius of a kaftan is that they are really very forgiving and are so long and drapy no one really looks at your shoes so you can go for comfort.  Plus, mussed up hair is the only hair to wear with kaftans and mussed up will be the best I can hope for on a weekend away in wine country.  So many other things to do than blow dry one's hair.

Coming home from the seminar was memorable.  I could smell Mr SSG's bolognese sauce way up the road from home.  It was such a welcoming scent and sight to return home to after a busy day.  Mr SSG did something a little different with the carrot and zucchini.  He cooked them separately by roasting them in the oven with a little oil before we added them to the sauce and pasta on serving.  The vegies caramelize this way.

It's  bit different but it worked.  Thank you, Mr SSG!  You can cook again, any time you want.

That's about it from me.  I'm going to hit the sofa with my magazines.  Will report back with anything exciting.

Take care!


  1. I LOVE Camilla Kaftans, LOVE them.

    Going to look at this spag bol recipe, yum, yum, yummmmmmmmmmmm


  2. Talking about Camilla kaftan... they are the best thing in the world, I have been a Camilla junkie for years and I'm telling you, yarra valley and Camilla makes sense xxx

  3. Am admiring the Hermes belt!
    Kaftans are lovely but I cannot wear them...I am too short and plump and I look like a walking tent in them !
    Everyone is making spag bol these days it's like a bloggers cook off.

  4. Is that the price of parmesan in Australia?? So glad that Italy is close by! I've a peace lily in the same state of crisis for four years and despite grazing it to stumps so it came back again it has never ever flowered!

  5. SSG- we were so on the same page with William and Kate I'm embarrassed to admit that I missed the boat completely with Kim. Has it even been on TV?

    I love your take on mags! I now have ALL the key fashion mags Sept issue lined up and ready to go. I didn't spend this much on my college textbooks!

  6. Our peace lilies could be twins right about now - mine is looking pretty conflicted at the moment also.x

  7. I love kaftans and just adore the ones by Airllywood. You should check their collection


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