Aug 3, 2011

A Face Like Billie Proudman and Jeans Like Kate's. I Hear You, Mr Swan.

It's official.   Our Treasurer Mr Swan wants us, the Australian consumer to find comfort in the fact that the fundamentals of our economy are strong and that we should spend more and save less.  The US debt crisis may be on the road to resolution but it turns out that the news that affected Australian figures even more than this was the release of figures stating that retail turnover has fallen another 0.1% (is that 10 basis points in financial person speak?).

Don't worry, Mr Swan, you need only ask once.

Even before I heard your call, I was down at my local Woolworths buying this pot plant.  It's a bacopa calypso but I choose to call him just plain calypso.  One of my plants at home went to over watered plant heaven and young calypso will take its place in this earthly world.

As further evidence of my commitment to shopping for Australia (but not necessarily in Australia), I wore an outfit assembled from a few things I bought earlier.

Sweater - Saba, scarf - Hermes (procured in Hawaii at the Ala Moana Center), scarf ring - Hermes, spartan backdrop - the back of a bedroom door, SSG Manor.  That's 75% local spending, Wayne.

What no fancy scarf tie?  It was one of those mornings where a perfectly tied snowball knot would have come at the cost of an emergency application of life giving makeup.  Opportunity cost sucks just as bad in the world beyond economics.  Why can't we just have it all every once in a while?

Image courtesy of

I'm missing Offspring terribly, if truth be told.  There's nothing else on television these days that's that particular blend of humour and relatability.  Cherie and Billie are my two favourite characters.  Cherie is just an all round lovely lady and Billie reacts to things in a manner not to remote from my own.

I had a Billie Proudman face of determination and sheer will on for most of the day.  It actually made me laugh out loud when I realized this.  I was pounding the pavement during my lunch break running a few errands so determined to get it all done it showed on my face.

What exactly was it that I had to get done with such urgency?

Well..... I had to buy some potatoes for dinner and pick up those jeans that were hemmed the other week.  It's Jeans for Genes Day this Friday and I'm calling in all options.

And the reason it had to get done at lunch was because I wanted to be on the road home before the peak hour really set in so that I could get home and re pot my calyspo plant and open the package from Revolve that contained these other jeans.  

I bought these jeans for several reasons.

Image from

Chief of which was that the Duchess of Cambridge wears them continually.  I do like that last outfit in the photo set.  Would work well for Friday, I think.

The other reason I bought them highlights my comfort first approach to fashion.  These J Brand skinnies are in fact Slouchy Skinnies.  I think that's fashion speak for comfort waist skinny jeans.  I love J Brand for having the nous to cater to the older skinny jeans wearing woman.  It helps us all keep up with Kate.

Good night, everyone.  I'm checking in to bed early in anticipation of a long 24 hours ahead.


  1. Such a gorgeous post SSG, Couldn't stop laughing thinking about your Billie Proudman face! Haha I think I might be sporting that face today. The face of determination and sheer will. Love it.

  2. Love the jeans. Can't wait til I can wear them again!

    And love Billie Proudman - she's the best thing about Offstring in my opinion. She's bloody fabulous! Determined is good - an admirable quality.

    K xx

  3. I miss Offspring too!

    Love the new jeans, I'm currently working out what my Jeans for Genes day outfit will be, such an important cause and a great reason to wear jeans to work.

  4. Good to see your pot plant buying boosting our economy. I find when I go out with the intention of spending some moola I can never find anything I want - it's only when I'm penniless that all my 'must-haves' jump out at me. And overwatered heaven? Is that the same place as underwatered heaven? I am the worst gardener ever.

  5. Hehe I always think that I must be helping the economy in some way when I spend money too! :P

  6. The skinnies look fabulous. I bet you'll look amazing in them.

  7. Slouchy skinnies? Interesting - I'm scared of regular skinny jeans, but perhaps I should try a pair of these on! Your plant is very sweet, and Mr Swan and the worlds economists thank you for your efforts! xxx


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