Aug 28, 2011

Girlfriends. Some Kelly Magic.

Sunday mornings start slowly in the city.  After a bit of a sleep in, it slowly stretches and opens its eyes to the hazy morning light.

For a brief moment, the footpath holds clues as to where people were last night and what they were up to.  Then the cleaning crews come through and flushes the evidence away in a gush of water.

The business district is deserted except for the hotels and a few tourist friendly cafes.  Intrepid joggers hit the promenade by the ferries as they stride toward the Opera House.

I find the hotel where my conference is being held and have some time to just sit back and relax in the reception area.  I feel like I'm on holiday just being inside this plush hotel.  Without the drama of having to worry about checking out and rushing to catch a taxi for the flight home which are the big draw backs of conferencing outside of your home city.

The conference was fantastic.  Well organized, excellent educational content and the speakers managed to be both inspiring and approachable.  But perhaps the best part of this weekend was  being able to catch up with my colleagues on both professional and personal levels.  We shared some pretty career defining years together in our training and now here we all are, on the other side.  Our jobs and families have taken us all to different parts of the city and it really is impossible to meet up outside of events like this.  It meant a lot to me to be able to chat about how everyone's made the professional transition.  Say what you like, a good gossip with girl friends leaves everyone feeling better about things.

Scarf - Hermes, scarf ring - Mai Tai Collection, blazer - Ralph Lauren.
It's been a weekend of scarves.  Today I went for orange.

Sigh.  Really went for orange.  After several months of inactivity in the French Friends of SSG sector, it was time to do my bit for the Euro.  I get these ideas into my head whenever I'm in the city for work related purposes.  It just seems ludicrous to not make full use of my time there.  Who knows when I'll be back?  Next weekend for the David Jones Flower Show, actually.

How could I not but a scarf called Magic Kelly?  It's a little bit disco with silver and gold stars on a yellow and black background.  Just what I need for my Monday work outfit, I think.

I hope you've had a lovely weekend.

Stay well and talk to you soon,


  1. Loving your orange scarf SSG. Glad you had a lovely weekend and managed to catch up with some girlfriends xx

  2. Love the scarves - Magic Kelly is sure to brighten the dullest day! Oh, and the EuroZone thanks you :)

  3. Perfect weekend - LOVE the orange scarf - glad you had a great conference and catch up. xx

  4. Love the new scarf. It will certainly brighten Monday!

    Glad your conference went well.

    K xx

  5. Fantastic that you had a great conference SSG!

  6. Great weekend aye. Can't wait to see the new scarf on.

    I tried on dresses yesterday, for a wedding in October, and was taking photos of myself in the change room to help decide, but just couldn't get the angles you do.

    TDM xxx

  7. Big fan of the Magic Kelly - it would have been criminal not to purchase x

  8. Gorgeous scarf SSG! I'm glad you bought it and look forward to seeing you wear it! :)



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