Aug 25, 2011

Gourmet Traveller Dreams, Continental Cook In Bag Reality.

There's a lot to be said for modern architecture.  Yes there are the bold lines, environmentally friendly features and sleek surfaces.

But what I love most are the floor length windows that make full use of the sun.  Standing in front of those windows whilst waiting for the lift on days like today makes work an (even) more enjoyable experience than it usually is.

SSG the necklace debuts here!  I'm wearing it with my orange Target cardi and lots of afternoon sun.

The days are finally getting longer and I walked to the car park feeling the sun through my clothes and on my face.  I could still feel the glow of the sun on my skin as I settled in to think about dinner at SSG Manor this evening.

Everyday suburban life is all about ironic juxtapositions, isn't it?  We get glossy food and travel magazines in the post and read them at the dining table or on the sofa, idly filing restaurant names and destinations in the 'One Day....' filing cabinet of our memories.  Then we look at the kitchen clock and realize there's only an hour to get dinner ready and more alarmingly, possibly 10 minutes of energy and concentration left in our bodies with which to do this.  That's when I find myself reaching for products not to be found within the pages of Australian Gourmet Traveller - Continental Cook In Bag meal bases.  In keeping with the summer vibe, I went for Portugese Chicken tonight.

It's a weeknight people, condiments in a jar and dried herbs rather than fresh flavourings are mandatory.
I had a couple of corn cobs to use as well.  I remember Brasilian Babe at Motherhood, Career, Fashion mentioning that her family loves cooking corn in the oven wrapped in foil and I decided to follow her lead.

I buttered my foil (I think dull side against the corn is meant to be the most energy efficient) and then dabbed a paste made of salt, pepper, seeded mustard, horse radish and parsley flakes over this.  Then I wrapped my corn in the foil and baked for half an hour.

The chicken and corn were served with some salad greens and the last of a packet of mini tortillas I had in the freezer.  It was delicious.  The chicken was very tender and had just the right amount of spice in the meat.  I am feeling holier than thou because I could have chucked a right at Oporto's chicken on the way home but made my own Portugese chicken meal instead.  Of course, this will be short lived holier than thou-ness.  It's Friday tomorrow and I'm on my own for dinner too.  A burger at Maccas has been on my mind all week!


  1. I have *almost* bought that Portuguese chicken in a bag thing - after your review, I might just try it :)

  2. I loooooove cooking my corn inthe oven in it's husk, then for the last 10 mins takin the husk off and letting it char a bit. LOVE it.



  3. I have been craving a McFeast all week now. I think I'll have to indulge at some point before my craving gets too hard to handle!

    I'm loving the warmer weather. So nice to sit with the sun on your face for a few minutes. Can't wait for summer.

    K xx

  4. Looks like a pretty nice (& healthy) dinner...mid week or weekend.

  5. S is a huge fan of the chicken in a bag Portugese also. make sure you try shaker fries if you get that burger tonight. x

  6. I have my Gourmet Traveller sitting on my desk as I type. I think of it as food porn - great to look at but you just don't want to try it all.

    I'm all for fast alternatives, but Maccas is a no for me. I adore burgers and I just can't reconcile what they serve up as a burger.

  7. Loving the orange cardy and loving the Portuguese chook arrangement!

    Happy weekend x

  8. I don't know much about chicken in a bag, but I know I want your orange Target cardi!!! (Which is funny since I just wrote a post about wanting what you have rather than having what you want...but, you know ... I love orange!)


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