Aug 20, 2011

Horses For Concourses. Pork Floss Sandwiches.

Despite the heavy rain this morning, the siren call of my slow cooker was hard to ignore.

'Beef Rendang', it chanted, 'with extra onion, coconut and kecap manis to taste' it added.  I did as I was told and then made my way to the shops in search of those new navy track pants I wanted at Big W.

Needless to day, there were endless distractions along the way.

I figured the best place to buy a hot chocolate in the shopping centre was the place with the chocolate fountain bubbling in the front window.  It was fine but I think I have been spoiled by Max Brenner.

It's been a while since I've been to this particular shopping centre so it took me a while to get to where I needed.  And even longer to be done when I got there.  There were lines at the post office.  People who needed to double check each question on their forms at the post office with the attendant.  And people and lines everywhere else I needed to go to.

But it was hard to stay peeved for too long.  As I finished my list of jobs, I took one travelator ride to find Big W and saw these miniature ponies in the main concourse of Top Ryde.

That's right. Two miniature ponies desperately looking for grass or anything vaguely rural amongst the sleek store fronts and hard pavement they suddenly found themselves grazing on.  There was a line of eager children to the left of the photo above waiting for a chance to ride the ponies.

The ponies drew me in and I had to investigate the petting zoo.  There were a pair of ducks who were pretty quiet actually.

To their left was this goat.

Who was dealing with the crowd, their noise and the cameras the only way he knew how - keeping his snout in his feeding bowl.

Having eaten all my snacks, I left the crowd and the animal farm to head for home with rather more shopping than I set out to do.

Thanks to the power of twitter and (@tlmouse) - I found my lens cleaner cloths at Priceline.  The world is a clearer place.  I am now typing through super clean spectacle lenses.

I didn't take any chances about running out in the future and went for the value pack.  This find more than made up for not being able to find any track pants in my size at Big W.  In their opinion, winter is long gone.  All the new stock is decidedly summer focussed and there wasn't much left on the winter sales racks.

I don't know if you're familiar with fried pork floss but it's a childhood favourite of mine.  It's best eaten with white bread.  Not high fibre or sour dough mind you.  Just plain old super soft white bread.

And you have to be generous with the butter as well.  On both slices of bread for your pork floss sandwich.  It tastes just like I remembered.  That dry, almost fairy floss element to something decidedly savoury.  This particular brand is vacuum packed and pretty mildly flavoured.  Some may see this as a weakness (as well as the lack of roasted seaweed flakes) but it's perfectly pitched for a comfort food just as it is.

Do you have a particular comfort food from your homeland that many people may not 'get'?

A view from the taxi, Dubai 2008.

It's been a pretty retrolicious series of posts of late.  Today I'm rediscovering Dubai.  I've got a work conference in December there and I just booked everything today.  I'm travelling solo so it looks like I'll be a lone diner at high tea and Friday lunch (which is apparently an institution for expatriate families in Dubai and is observed at your favourite buffet in the city rather than at the pub).

I'll update you tomorrow about the beef rendang.  It is smelling rather delicious at the moment.

Have a lovely evening.


  1. Mmm... pork floss. My friends and I conveniently drop the "fried" part of the name whenever we refer to it in its English name.

  2. Dear SSG, Your Saturday posts are always lovely. I am a Hong Kong girl (well with a Vietnamese mum) and had forgotten about pork floss until you wrote about it. We always had it and sometime fish floss on white rice. But what I really remember were large biscuit barrel sized tins in red, gold and black that contained Chinese beef jerky. So incredibly yummy and yet something I haven't had since I went to uni another lifetime ago. I hope the Rendang is fabulous! Lindaxxx

  3. Love the pork floss sandwich too. Have not been able to find a good tasting pork floss in Sydney. Have your tried the pork floss roti @ Chefs Gallery on Bathurst St?

  4. I am intrigued by the pork floss....


  5. As a kid I used to eat sandwiches were which were made with something similar to pork floss except instead of pork it is made of a fried mixture of dried shrimp and chilli. Again, it must be on well buttered soft white bread. I will eat it occasionally when I'm feeling nostalgic and yearning to return to simple times.

  6. It's been an age since I have been to Top Ryde. I went for Table Eight last time - the shops are few and far between and I - like you - was On The Hunt for a specific item.

    I like that there is a Kazbah there. Breakfast tagines are fantabulous. A real winner.

    I have never had pork floss. Is that a major food confession?

    K xx

  7. Glad to hear you had the chance to recreate something from your childhood!

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your tales from Dubai - I have never been but have always wanted to go...

  8. Oooh Dubai!! How exciting, I'd love to visit there. And I agree that nothing beats Max Brenner hot chocs- I will defend this to the bone, against those who claim Koko Black is better! Pfft!


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