Aug 24, 2011

I Talk Perfume Over An Afternoon Bowl of Choco Pillows and Skim.

It always happens at this point in winter.  The endless cycle of knit tops, tailored bottoms, black hoisery and shoes get the better of me and I find myself getting restless for spring and summer.  The problem is, the weather in Sydney just isn't coming to the party.  I think I'm going to be stuck under layers of insulation (clothing and otherwise) for a good month at least until the sun decides to stick around for longer.

In the spirit of change though, I've decided to inject a bit of variety into my fragrance wardrobe.  And it's cost practically nothing.  I took a lucky dip into the Ikea clear plastic boxes of cosmetic samples in the spare room and come up with 3 new perfumes to try.  Samples are fancy these days, they all come with spray top lids.  No need to un cap and potentially pour out half the tube on the carpet by mistake like you did in the 90s.....

I was feeling particularly aspirational (and wishful) in my choice of perfumes. I picked two Victoria's Secret fragrances and an old school Estee Lauder classic, White Linen. White Linen dates back to 1978. It was way before Liz Warne nee Hurley (allegedly!?!?!) was representing Lauder. Otherwise it would have been called White Jeans - boom tish. I am actually older than White Linen.  The sample I have is called Pure White Linen, actually.

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Whose spokesperson is Gwyneth Paltrow.  It's okay,  I'm not older than my perfume after all.

This perfume thing is getting too psychoanalytical for a Wednesday afternoon.

That's better.  I've just made myself a bowl of chocolate cereal for afternoon tea.  I always seem to think better with the benefit of a bowl of cereal and milk.  Let's talk perfume.  Still psychoanalytically but with that added kick of sugar and non artificial colours and preservatives.

The Victoria's Secret scents are good fun.  They're bold and easy to wear.  They don't last for a long time on my skin but they're there for a good time.  Bombshell is sweet and very pink.  It's the one your younger self would have reached for to spritz on before spending the (weeknight) evening in the library at uni sitting a discrete 2 desks behind and to the right of Him.  Dream Angels Heavenly is warm and musky.  It's what your slightly younger and freshly worldly wise self would spritz for an evening of doing whatever it is feels right when you've broken up with Mr Right Now and are completely confident that you are not only too good for him but that you're doing perfectly fine on your own as an independent woman who won't settle.

Pure White Linen by Estee Lauder is a more sedate affair.  It has a restrained sweetness to it.  The kind of sweet you need when you're not feeling full of the vigour of life in the context of working full time, running a household, running out of ideas for dinner and no longer being in your twenties.  It's sweet in a perfume for when circumstances don't permit you to have a glass of your favourite wine.

I should have Choco Pillow cereal with skim more often when I blog.  This caffeine free cappucino alternative clearly agree with my creative mind.  Good thinking, SSG.

Have a lovely evening, all.


  1. My Mum wore White Linen when I was growing up. I love the smell of it so much. I am so glad you went retro in the perfume department.

  2. Ooh, what's 'Choco Pillow cereal'? Sounds so delectable!

    And re: your comment, dare I ask: is there a bun in the oven?

  3. I love Pure White Linen. Such a classic. Like you, I've ready for lighter tops and no more black hosiery. Bring on spring, love the idea of colour blocking.

  4. White Linen reminds me so much of being young. Like 12. It was the epitome of elegance was back then.

    You are definitely bringing back fond memories with this post!

    K xx

  5. What are these Choco Pillows of which you speak? I feel some investigationing is in order.

    TDM xx

  6. Yes! I also have a perfume timeline in my mind of different scents and relationships. Before I got engaged I started wearing Chanel 'Premier', I think there is something in that :)

    I have also forgotten what me legs look like. I haven't seen them out of black stockings for six months (you know how I feel about pants!).


  7. I find it hard to find perfumes that work on me, I think I have weird skin acidity or something, so once I find something I stick to it. But you have inspired me, I think it is time to try something new, a bit fresher as we head into spring. Hmm, perfume counters, here I come!

  8. My daughter is well famed for her brains and swears by cereal in the afternoons! Personally I don't care for EL scents but that may be because as a girl I lived in a town that had an Estee Lauder factory in Hampshire - everyone reeked of the stuff which you could buy cheaper than cheap.

    Liz Warne? Did you just invent that? (Congrats. if you did LOL) - I need to know more! xxx

  9. My mum used to wear White Linen too - I like the smell because it reminds me of my childhood :)

  10. Your winter wear sounds just like mine - have just finished handwashing the knit top mountain.
    I love Estee Lauder Pleasures. Not much of a fan of Pure White Linen.


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