Aug 6, 2011

Just Another Saturday, But A Much Needed One.

There's something about Saturday morning sun.

The only camera loving cat in our neighbourhood this morning.

Everyone on the street makes the most of it.  I found our friendly neighbourhood cats congregating on this trailer but 5 of them ran for it once I got my camera out. Their other favourite spot is garage rooves.  They seem to love the noise they make as they scamper across the corrugated iron.  Unfortunately none of the humans around them share their enthusiasm.

Mr SSG and I beat the crowd at Cavalicious.  I had my usual almond croissant and Mr SSG had a beef and mushroom pie.  We were both so busy appreciating the deliciousness, we didn't suffer from my forgetting to bring the paper or the latest InStyle to read at our table.

I forgot to bring my magazine because I was still recovering from my confusion over the September issue cover.  It must be my failing eyes or perhaps just the state of play with extreme photoshopping in 2011 because I honestly thought that the cover girl was Katie the lover of J Brand and Reiss and not Katie the mother of child fashionista Suri Cruise.

There are empties.
The morning after the night before at the bus stop.

And there are empties.

If you collect the cans, you could get some money when you send them to the tip.  If you collect Kiehl's bottles, you get more Kiehl's.

I dropped in to Kiehl's today with my empty bottles to take part in their recycling programme.  I came home with a new shower gel and some travel sized skin care for my next trip.  Which reminds me, I'd better hit TripAdvisor in the next few weeks and make Dubai in December happen.

Do you sometimes love a certain makeup item so much that you just have to have a pair (in different colours) on the go?  Nothing wrong with that but when you're in a hurry in the early hours, have you realized just how hard it is to read the labels on the bottoms of the compacts?  Either the print is so fine or else you've rubbed it off from constant use.

Enter my solution borrowed from the make up counter of many a department store.  I've yellow dotted the bases of my twin compacts and written my own colour code in bold on them.  To be doubly sure, I've sticky taped over the dots so they won't come off.

I think I sometimes have too much time on my hands.  That's what you get for making your risottos in the oven rather than standing over them and stirring at the stove top.  All will be revealed in tomorrow's post.  It's the Masterchef Finale so I guess a food themed post would be obligatory.

Talk soon and thank you all for your kind words about my Friday tweets.


  1. Dear Ms SSG, Please send some of your Sydney sun over here as our Saturday has dawned bleak and grey. I am completely fixated on your almond croissant! It is exactly what I fancy today too. I love your happy weekend posts. How lovely to be planning a holiday in Dubai - I understand the shopping there is astonishing. Lindaxxx

  2. i did end up going to the pyrmont organic market, my husband woke up at 8 and really, really surprised me. we loved it! we're definitely going next month and having breakfast there

  3. All of that food looks so good! Drooling.

    Dont worry, I don't know who the 2 last contestants are either! ;)


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