Aug 5, 2011

The Last Skinny Cap Until The Weekend. Jeans For Genes, Jeans Genius.

It's never a good sign when that first skinny cap of the day is bought at 3.30pm and you've been at work since 7.00am.  If you leave it that long, I'm telling you, unplanned dull headaches happen.

There is an up side to late coffee.  The day has thrown its worst at you already and in the home stretch to home time, sipping on that hard earned cuppa makes it taste so much better.  Oh and did I mention that this is the last skinny cap until the weekend?  I hope the sun stays with us.  I have heard vicious rumours of rain and a drop in temperature below 20C but I'm just going to pretend I never heard about either.

I did have a few time out moments to help me (and hence the people I work with who have to deal with me) get through today.

That's Heinz Tomato Ketchup all the way from PA, USA.  A memento from when Mr SSG got a room service burger in Hawaii.

I could have walked down the road and bought a kebab with chips and a slab of chocolate caramel slice for lunch but no, I thought better of it.  If there's anything worse than a stressed out SSG, it's a stressed out, carb and sugar loaded SSG.  It is true what they say about salad greens and citrus boosting both energy levels and spirits.  I also found some sun through the floor length glass windows that line the sunny side of the new part of the building.  But, gee, that coffee was G-O-O-D. 

Have you ever driven home for even part of the journey with the sound system completely off?  It's actually very relaxing just sitting there on your own with only the sound of your car (depending on how far from a scheduled service you are) and the muffled clanging of the traffic through your closed windows.

SFAM straight legs from Revolve.

It was Jeans for Genes Day today and it was really encouraging to see so many people get in on the act.  I can report that those slouchy J Brand skinnies that came in the post this week are super comfy.  They also are pretty high at the waist.  Which is good for those of us that said goodbye to muffin tops at the start of the decade.  Go a size down if you're ordering blind online.  Double check your order if you are literally blind due that wine glass next to your laptop in the morning before clicking 'pay'.  Revolve is a very dangerous website to browse when your resolve is down.

I'm also reporting back on the Seven For All Mankind straight leg jeans.  Super slimming cut.  Again, going a size down was good advice from the online customer reviews.  I think this may the only straight leg cut the hippy amongst us can wear without too much gape at the waist.

I will try to remember to supply photos of the sloucky skinny J's tomorrow.  I'm going to wear them again they are that comfy.  I was in a hurry to get into my uggs and PJs tonight.  Outfit photos can wait when home delivery featuring red duck curry is on its way.

Hope you're having a lovely evening and here's to a weekend filled mostly with doing things you want to do.


  1. You are a jean GENIUS!!!

    I don't wear jeans often... well... ever... I love skirts and tights too much.. maybe sometimes I wear jeans.

    Totally missed today's affair though, it was spent (gratefully) in pajama pants!

    So happy you're joined the CAPTCHA revolution hahaahaaa I'm sure you understand how loco annoying they can be sometimes.


  2. Ohhh you are making me want to shop right now !

  3. OH you've reminded me! I've got to get my new Uggs on! I love them, they've got ribbons and diamantes!

  4. Glad you got through your day SSG, and topped it off with duck curry! I saw your tweets during the day and thought the day has to get better for you soon! So glad it did.


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