Aug 12, 2011

Nigella Never Fails Me. Missoni For Target, Your Presence Is Required In Australia.

Happy Birthday, fellow Leos!

Today's my day to make it all about me.  Or more than usual about me.

That fancy chocolate decoration on a lemon tart from Cavalicious?  It really reads Leo....

There's been a lot of heavy stuff that the world is collectively dealing with.  The global economy, the famine in Somalia, the riots in London.  It's making me hanker for those life situations where there are definite answers.  Such as am I wearing black or dark navy?

That's right.  I spent the morning of my birthday trying to figure out if I was wearing a navy blue or black suit jacket.  I looked at the lining, it looked black .  I placed the sleeve of my jacket against something I knew was black for sure (the stapler on my desk) - it looked blue.  Then I spent the rest of the day feeling not quite right because of this.  I had worked the rest of my outfit around the premise that I was wearing a black jacket.  Only I wasn't.  I don't know how the day managed to go on in the face of this unsettling news.  But it did.

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Then I had a think about Missoni for Target.  Will it be arriving in Australia?  Or do I have to go to DJs this weekend and check on the prices of the real deal and hope my size is still there?  Target Australia, your customers are imploring you to bring the full range to Australia.  It's a win win situation.  Then we won't fly overseas or go to eBay to buy it.  Or, heaven forbid, totally abandon Target and find a reason to own the Missoni Bugaboo collaboration.  Target Australia, the Big Names are lobbying.  It's not just me but sources tell me Red Phoenix Style, Faux Fuchsia and GC Real Estate Girl are lending their influence to this campaign.

There's a waiting list for the prams in Australia.  I was thinking of getting one just for the shopping (I like the idea of cup holders and good suspension on a trolley and I've yet to find one at Coles that fulfils these criteria the way a fancy pram does) and to help me get priority access in the packed aisles of Westfields on the weekend.  It hasn't escaped me that childless youngsters are often very afraid of being rammed in the calves by prams.  That was a rather cynical thought to slip in there, sorry.

My birthday dinner was a casual at home affair.  I just couldn't think of a place I wanted to go to badly enough to justify rushing home from work to get dressed up for.  So, we had my favourite lamb chop casserole (made with that reliable pantry staple Continental French Onion soup) with risoni.  Dessert was a bread and butter pudding and it was a succcess this time!  I just knew that a Nigella Lawson recipe would never lead me astray.  At the suggestion of A Farmer's Wife, Miss Kitty-Cat and quite a few other readers, I made Nigella's Grandmother's Ginger Jam Bread and Butter Pudding.

The kitchen smelled like a brewery from microwaving the sultanas in the rum.  It did cross my mind to mix myself a rum and coke to get me through the cooking but I held firm and resisted.  I've never used demerara sugar before and had no idea how fragrant it is.  I'm looking forward to using it to sweeten drinks instead of boring white sugar.

This pudding works because of the brown bread.  It cuts the sweetness in a pleasant way and its texture is perfect for a bread and butter pudding.

Making the ginger jam sandwiches was very calming.

I even remembered to butter the sticking out corners of my sandwiches.

Purists would have served this pudding with custard but I'm an ala mode kind of girl.  My favourite bits of bread were those with a caramelized crust of the demerara and ground ginger.

You know, I think I might just have worked out what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow.  I'm going to stay in and reheat some pudding.  Its ingredients are practically breakfast anyway.

Have a lovely evening and thanks everyone for your kind messages and tweets today.  It was really lovely to know that there are so many of you who read the blog.


  1. Happppppppppppppppy Birrrrrrrrrrrrrrthday ladddddddddddy!!!

    Sounds like you had a magical day.

    I am crossing my eyes and praying to the fashion God's that Missoni For Target will hit our shores. But I'm not holding my breath. I'm guessing they have an exclusive deal with Target US and don't want to spread their brand too thin. Which to me seems like a catch 22. They make it US exclusive and have 3rd parties sell their product on Ebay OR they produce more stock therefore reducing the "exclusive" release and sell world wide thus establishing a greater profit margin... GAH... see I've been thinking about this LOTS.


    I need a cup of tea.

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful Leo!!!!

    I also have the same problem with black and navy at times. I wore a navy top to work one day and didn't realize until I got to work that it wasn't black but navy!

  3. Happy Birthday! I was shopping with a client most of the day so missed the tweet-a-thon. Xx

  4. Happy birthday gorgeous!!! Sounds like a great day :D

  5. Happy, happy birthday, from one Leo to another! I'm also excited for the Missoni collection at Tarjay, and crossing my fingers for the collection making an appearance down under!

    Have a simply fabulous day, SSG!

  6. Happy Birthday SSG!
    Enjoy the shopping at Target...we are still waiting to get one here. It has been decided that they are taking over Zellers and should be here in a year...can't wait!

  7. Very Happy Birthday to you!!! Missoni for Target?? Damn. Almost worth a flight home. LOVE Bread and Butter pudding - always miss my Mum's. Have a great birthday.

  8. Happy Happy Happy Birthday. 'Twas The Farmer's birthday this week too.

    So glad Nigella came through with the goods. It is one of my all time favourite ever puddings. And it is not to be served with custard but ice cream (cos the pudding has already sort of got custard with it...) So your culinary instincts as usual are spot on.

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  9. Hope you had a great day! But why stop at just one day? Make it all about you, all weekend.

    TDM xx

  10. Wishing you a very happy belated birthday for yesterday!

    The pudding looks delicious!

    Glad to see Cavalicious came through!!



    Yes yes yes missoni for Target pleeeeeease come here! Nigella never fails me either bless her luscious locks.

  12. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day. xxx

  13. Happy birthday lovely SSG! It's also my mum's (and her wonderful twin sister back in perth)birthday. How fab to be surrounded by such great leo women!

  14. Happy (belated) Birthday SSG! Hope you're having a fabulous birthday weekend and celebrating in style!


    PS. I got all giddy when I heard the Missoni for Target news!

  15. I hope you enjoyed a beautiful birthday and send my belated wishes!
    Reading this post was like reading the latest chapter in my own biography lol. I am completely committed to the Missoni cause, was tempted to buy the bugaboo also despite having no children to speak of and couldn't be bothered doing dinner out Friday for the same reasons. Although truth be told, I didn't get busy in the kitchen over the weekend & i didn't cook a b&b pudding. x

  16. ps. and snap! I had the same clothing issue on Friday also - was I wearing navy or black opaques? Still not sure but I just didn't feel right all day.


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