Aug 19, 2011

Paris. Puff Pastry.

It really was only yesterday that I was out soaking up some early afternoon sun.

The park across from work was dotted with like minded people.  Some were just basking and others were playing boules with their shirt sleeves rolled up.

I was just thinking of summer and how much livelier and full of bounce Sydney is when the mercury hits 25C or higher and that humidity starts to bite.

Here we are on Friday and the rain has returned just in time for the weekend.  Umbrellas on their last legs after a long, wet winter are visibly rebelling at being dragged out yet again.  It's the kind of weather for a cozy night in with a cup of tea brewing.

Eperney, 2008.
Last night was the final episode of French Food Safari.  It was my favourite episode of the series.  The focus was on the living legends of French cuisine both in France and in Australia.  Maeve O'Meara made a comment about how French cuisine has been declared by UNESCO to be a 'world intangible heritage'.  This happened back in 2010 and the particular element of French cuisine that inspired the honour is the multi course gastronomic meal.

Unfortunately, I was in Paris pre-DSLR camera and pre-blog but here are Mr SSG and I enjoying a world intangible heritage 2 years before it was listed.  We were out for dinner at a 'casual bistro' called Drouart that the staff at the Westin liked to go to on their days off.  This was just my entree.....

Okay, why not?  Since I've got my Paris files open.  Let's take a look at the food snaps and relive March 2008.

Behold our 48 Euro breakfast.  We were not to know that there is a significant price premium for eating in.  Just as well our hotel wasn't too far from this cafe for Mr SSG to walk back for cash whilst I stayed behind as .... surety?

It is just statistically impossible to go to Paris on your honeymoon and Eurail to Eperney to hit the champagne house trail.  We started at Moet and Chandon....

Okay, this is definitely not gastronomic by any stretch of the imagination.  But it is multi course.  The need for Maccas during an evening on the tiles is universal and thank goodness Paris Understands and Facilitates.

They were lovely memories.....

Meanwhile, back in Sydney August 2011.

My Donna Hay General Store pastry cutters making their debut with Pampas 25% Reduced Fat Puff Pastry.

And I find myself suddenly struck my the need to do an Extreme Makeover on dinner.  I had some of my Julie Goodwin / AWW braised beef and onions defrosted and was thinking of what to do with it to make it Friday night dinner worthy.  Which is where this puff pastry and my Donna Hay General Store pastry cutters come in handy.

It's definitely pie weather but I was thwarted by a lack of pie tins and a lack of motivation to double bake puff pastry even if I did.  So, I heated the beef over the stove, popped it into these individual serving bowls and artfully arranged some puff pastry pieces over the top.

The puffs are super easy to make.  Just cut out your desired shapes, sprinkle with oregano and some melting cheese and glaze with egg.  Bake at 200C until golden (20 minutes or so).  They really did go well with the beef and the pastry rounds are perfect for soaking up the gravy.

Well, it looks like I'm going to be Mrs Noah this weekend.  The heavens are yet to finish opening upon us.  I think it's a sign that I have to go round to my local Big W tomorrow and find some new navy track pants.

Be well and catch up with you soon.


  1. I do the little puff things. They just add a certain "je ne sais quoi" to left overs.


  2. Thanks for the reminder of how wonderful France is - 48 Euro breakfasts and all!

    Your mock pie looks fantastic. Perfect for the weather. I too will be Mrs Noah this weekend. Contemplating going to the North Sydney markets but only if the rain's not torrential.

    K xx

  3. It looks delicious! My godmother made something similar to my mum this week (but in chicken form) as she's been unwell. She just popped some puff pastry on top of her pie filling and then delivered it to my mum steaming in a french oven. I looked at it thinking "how come I never thought of this before?" ;-)

  4. Your French feast looked amazing and I laughed out loud at the maccas meal. I don't really eat fast food, however I seem to always find myself nibbling on McDonald's fries at some point during any overseas trip. On one occasion, I actually think they saved my life. What a wonderful looking holiday and whats more, the memories last forever which is great. Any future trips planned or places you would like to visit? Fifi

  5. Love your Paris memories! It hasn't rained in Brisbane for at least three weeks and people are starting to talk about the drought again!! People we were UNDERWATER in January.

  6. Mmmm those puff pastry topped "pies" look fab. I love re-purposing meals and that is a brilliant one. I think I have some boeff borginion left in the freezer, you may have supplied tonight's dinner inspiration.


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