Sep 10, 2011

The Cover Line May Say Colour But I Only Want Blake's Navy Jacket.

It's supposed to be spring!

But it was so cold here in Sydney this morning, I almost froze my arms off when I went running this morning.  And I was wearing gloves.

A scarf and polar fleece in spring?

Fortunately, my arms survived.  I warmed them up under the shower, rugged them up again and went down the road to get my coffee.  There's nothing like a hot cup of coffee to warm your hands in the morning.

I was thankful for both of my arms when I got home from coffee because I needed them to open my jar of Guylian Praline Spread (aka gold label Nutella) and to turn the pages of InStyle.

The Guylian spread is delicious.  It's  not too fancy for fruit toast and would also be perfect for home made hazelnut croissants.  It's $15 for a jar and if you have self control, a little does go a long way.

InStyle costs $8.20 these days and a little of it goes a long way too.  I was over the moon that Blake Lively was this month's cover girl because I love Blake's clothes and have a very positive feeling about her and Leonardo DiCaprio.  The couple were recently in Sydney in fact.  I think Leonardo may still be here filming The Great Gatsby.  Most of all I love that Blake looks like Blake.  I recognized her face the moment I saw the cover and did not mistake her for the Duchess of Cambridge, which happened last month with the Katie Holmes cover.

There's a whole heap of stuff about Colour in the magazine this month. mostly in the skinny jeans or baggy trousers departments.  But I'm still going with the cover image.  It will be my fashion mission this  month to find a navy jacket like Blake's Chanel.  I'm thinking a trip to Zara may be on the cards.

It's not that I've turned my back on colour, I just prefer  it poolside, as my post swim snack.  I went for a swim yesterday and because I had all the time in the world, had my snack at the cafe next to the pool.  I did have to drag myself there in the wind and rain (and after a big night out the night before) but those laps always do wonders for my spirits.  There's also that whole body unwind that I feel when I step out of the pool and get dressed again.  It's right up there with holding that hot cup of coffee to warm your hands.  It's invigorating.

And on that note, I'd best be off.

Take care everyone and I hope you've got a great day planned.


  1. It has turned all freezing and horrible winds here in Bris again :(
    Agree re: navy blazer, also on my shopping list. Good luck back at work.


  2. I love colour but always chicken out a bit when it comes to the crunch.

    I just bought an orange caftan from Country Road - I think it is gorgeous but The Farmer told me it looks like I have thrown a bright orange sheet over my head. I thought that was the look I was going for with a caftan.

  3. L: thank you. I agree, fierce wind with sun is terrible.

    AFW: what can you say when faced with such honest feedback? :-)

    SSG xxx

  4. I am TRYING to inject colour back in my wardrobe... after years of Melbourne black then this past winter with khaki it's all becoming too much.

    Today I've got a fluro pink tribal clutch from Douglas and Hope that I'm carrying... baby steps.. baby steps...


  5. We just got Zara online in the US. I believe I understand the fandom.

  6. A run and a swim - very good SSG! Know what you mean about colour - lots about and it looks good but hmmm can I dip my toe into it (or my leg into a coloured jean I ask myself?!) Went to Zara day before yesterday - lots of lovely linen jackets with spotty linings about but didn't see any like the one Blake is wearing. Have a good weekend. x

  7. What a perfect way to start the day =) I had to get up in 8 degrees temperature for work this morning and literally sat on my bed for 15 minutes bracing myself to change out of my warm pj's.

  8. I'm after a navy jacket too. I've seen one at Jigsaw, still deciding if it's worth forking out for. Let us know how you go.

  9. Wow I've never seen that chocolate spread! It looks like it would be so delicious in a toasted croissant yum.

    It's been nice and warm here in Perth, which is lovely, but I am sort of missing those cool nights, especially now that husband will be back soon to warm up the bed!


  10. SSG, I need some of your motivation when it comes to running in the cold! I just can't do it. I've resigned myself until the elliptical indoors until the warmer weather returns xx

  11. SSG- I love following you because while we're on opposite sides of the planet it feels like we're often in sync! We're gearing up for fall but it's 95 degrees in Portland and I'm over it!

    And I've just finished stydying ALL of the Sept fall fashion issues and color is huge right now. I've got lots to write about and lovely photos to find!

    Because I always enjoy what you have to say you're on my list of Versatile Bloggers. Stop by if you want to participate!

  12. Isn't it interesting that US In Style (not the air freight one) is only $7.95 AU now? I resisted the 'color' issue one, think I'll need the Aussie one instead.
    I didn't know Guylian did chocolate spread - will have to attempt to buy this!

  13. Haha now I think the important thing is if you have self control re the Guylian spread. Which I do not :P

  14. Bwahhh hating the cold :( Hating it! I think I need some of the Guylian spread. Please tell me it's not nutty though?!

  15. riotersbloc: it's not overly nutty to be honest!

    SSG xxx

  16. It was cold in Melbourne too :(
    Must buy Instyle. I have Friday off so I will treat myself.
    Shop til you Drop Mag has a feature on how to shop your way through a sucky day. Appropriate, I thought, so I thanked them on Twitter. They even had a page dedicated to that boy who has mangled your heart.
    I too like Blake's blazer, but I did think you coveted Hamish Blake's blazer when I read the headline ;)


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