Sep 9, 2011

Fashion's Night Out, Sydney 2011.

This whole being kind to yourself and doing what makes you happy lark has paid some unexpected dividends.  This past week has seen me do things I wouldn't normally do and finding myself with real choices about how I wanted to spend each day.  Staying in or going out?  Facing the world or hiding from it?

Yesterday was definitely one of those going out and facing the world kind of days.  I'd been out for lunch, then had some errands to run and then, conveniently - was in the area for Vogue Australia's Fashion's Night Out 2011.

Sydney is a city just made for events like this.  The new shops at Westfield Sydney were all decked out for the day.

Lots of people decked out in head to toe black (just like me but taller and skinnier and with better hair) were flitting around the malls getting ready private reception areas hosted by The Big Names.  I just felt 'Fashion' by association if nothing else.

The drinks area at Seduce on George Street.
The sales assistants at the stores were all very friendly and invited me back to their stores once the drinks and food had been set up.  Kick off time was 5pm for most stores but some closed for a bit before their formal event for the evenings started.  The high street retailers were offering great discounts on new season items.

I couldn't quite make it to 5pm without an afternoon snack so I went to Maccas, again, for a cup of tea and a blueberry muffin.

Down on Pitt Street, preparations were well under way.  There were waiters, bottles of champagne, catwalks and lots more people dressed in head to toe black.  Sydney, are we channelling Melbourne a little excessively?

Cupcakes were everywhere that macarons and cannoli were not.

Seduce had their own cupcakes made for their function.

They have some lovely evening dresses at the moment but I can't quite think of where I'd be wearing one in the immediate future...

I don't know what it's like around the world but in Sydney, Fashion's Night Out meant superior food and beverages in addition to fashion.  There was a barista at Bvlgari as well as lots of Italian biscuits.

Mr SSG made me go back for a cannoli I wasn't sure I wanted - so that he could have another one.

There was champagne at Prada.

But it was all really happening at Hermes.  They were closed until 5pm yesterday and re-opened in a haze of flashing orange lights and a very night club-esque carpetted line with a velvet rope at the side entrance.  On entry, everyone got strapped into a wrist tag inspired by the house enamel bangles.  There were also colour co-ordinated macarons - orange with brown filling.

Hermes had their own version of a photo booth.  It went like this (as far as I can remember).  Mr SSG and I signed a media waiver with lots of fine print about how the images belonged to Hermes but we would be emailed our photos.  We then got dressed up in scarves and bangles (me).  We stepped behind a cut out that I think was a fun and artistic interpretation of Hermes scarves (I didn't actually see it but the very urbane English photographer reassured me that it was so).  Mr SSG did his best 'Blue Steel' and I was told to ham it up.  I am waiting for the email to surface with some interest....

The morning after....

The store was wall to wall people.  It was reassuring to see that Hermes promote the responsible service of Louis Roederer.  I found this 500ml bottle of water in my goody bag this morning.  The goody bag featured a very accessible (in the land of H) catalogue of bangles and scarves.  I also walked away with a smaller bag of actual shopping involving a black clic clac with silver hardware but that will be a reveal for another day.

Mr SSG let that one go on account of the fact that I managed to get the plumber to fix a major leak in the laundry earlier in the day.  This is how we interpret 'picking your battles wisely'.  Do you not love the fact that even in my posts on impulse shopping and fancy shopping events one can find nuggets of tried and tested relationship advice?  And it's all delivered in such a non preachy manner you'd barely notice is was there unless I pointed it out to you.  Which I am.  Which makes it sort of preachy then, doesn't it?

Louis Vuitton started their function at 6.30pm.  I found myself on the door list after innocently asking what time the store shut at 4.45pm.  Once again, we found ourselves in superior canape heaven which is the only way LVMH seem to cater their functions.  There were tomato and goats cheese tartlets, steak tartare topped with quail egg and crab cakes.  Even in the fashion world, food is beauty and it is revered.  In bite size portions mind you.

And so the night ended as it had begun, with a beverage.

We had a lovely evening and I found out lots of interesting meaning of life kind of things.  That sales assistants at the fancy stores are actually great fun and thoughtful.  That with the eye of faith I could squeeze into some of the runway pieces air lifted from HQ in Paris.  But to try would possibly be the end of my current, relatively financially rational relationship to fashion.

Have a great weekend and I promise that this is it from me for today!


  1. If only this concept was Australia-wide. I think Vogue forgets that it has readers beyond Sydney ;)

  2. Sounds like a fabulous night. Can't wait to see the new bracelet/bangle.

    Take care.


  3. This is like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!
    Sounds like a wonderful evening.

  4. Nikki: I know, it really should be a national event!

    AFW: working on it...

    Kate: heh heh, it was an outsider looking in kind of experience but glad that I'm able to share it with you.

    SSG xxx

  5. That looked like a lot of fun - I wish I could have gone, even just for the people watching!
    have a great weekend SSG x

  6. What an awesome night! I'm so jealous. Great fashion, with canapes, does it get any better? Oh yes it does, I forgot the champagne.

  7. Heavenly Ingredients: it was pretty good people watching!

    Lisa: I'm back to the real world with a thud too. Leftovers City at our place today!

    SSG xxx

  8. Sounds like a lot of fun! Have a great weekend x

  9. That sounds like my-kinda-night! Sounds like a great way to spend an evening!

  10. I love events like that - so glad you treated yourself and looking forward to seeing the new purchase!


  11. What an awesome event. Sounds like it was a great time.

  12. This looks amazing :) I would love to go to a VIP fashion event with you.
    And I am so glad you felt up to facing the world. YOU are amazing too xx

    And I do like how you're not afraid to align low brow with high brow (Maccas and Prada ;))


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