Sep 25, 2011

Gloomy Skies But Colour Elsewhere. The Future Direction Of My Hair.

I don't know about you but the I'm seeing the colours of spring/summer everywhere BUT the sky at the moment.  It has been a bleak weekend weather wise in Sydney.  Bleak.

I think this is usually achieved by one's stylist tying the scarf around your wrist whilst you do other things like sip green tea or eat goji berries using your free hand.
I got all tied up with a Twilly around my wrist.  Which is actually a lot harder to do than those stylist people let on.  I finally did it with one of Mai Tai's small scarf rings, my other hand and my teeth.

Inspired by all that glorious sun we had last week (which had to end on Friday), I got out my orange paisley shift dress in preparation for Monday.  But I think at the rate we're going, it's going to stay on its hanger indefinitely.

There were more surprise bursts of colour on the street.

Half a pair of heels down that hill from the bus stop.  It must have been a big Friday night.  I hope it ended happily and that the bare footed owner of this heel had a good sleep in and a bit of fry up on Saturday morning before setting out to look for it.

The Ivy is always the place to go in the CBD for vivid wall baskets of blooming flowers.  I was on my way to get my hair done when I took this photo.  Which brings me to my startling hair confession.  I'm growing it out again and I'm trying to hold out on chemically straightening it for the rest of the year.  It's going to take self will and discipline to see this through but I'm sure I can do it.  I miss being able to be in denial about a bad hair day by simply tying it back.  I also miss being a little slack in the blow drying at home department.  I'm also interested to see what I will look like with my hair in its naturally unruly state.  Is birds nest back in hair trends this year by any chance?

When the weather's like this it's best to just cut your losses and spend the whole day in.  Just letting the sound of rain be your soundtrack to the day.

Wet weather is my sign to bake, so I made this sour cream and lemon cake from the AWW website.  That's a lemon from our tree!  Speaking of Coles Sour Cream and Western Star butter (perfect product placement there), isn't Junior Masterchef starting tonight?  I wonder if the contestants this year will be as sound bite savvy as those from last year?

Because I had all day, I went the extra mile with the cake batter and used both a standard round beater to cream and then my super duper beater blade to do the final beating in of the dry ingredients.

Well, it looks okay.

I'm going to bring the cake to work tomorrow and serve it with some chopped strawberries.  The AWW advised doing the icing sugar topping with a paper doily as a stencil but they were in short supply at Coles today.  Perhaps if they get featured on Junior Masterchef we may see them back on the shelves.

Right, I'm heading back to the couch.  I have a backlog of trashy television to catch up on and a lamb casserole to smell as it bakes.  If you're a lamb forequarter chop fan, I think our lamb buying days are numbered.  The chops are starting to look a little scrawny these days.


  1. Love your orange twilly SSG. And the cake looks amazing.... Sorry you have had such a bleak weekend weather wise. Enjoy your Lamb casserole - mmmmmm! XX

  2. Oh god does Jr MC start tonight!?!?

    This is the bad side of Foxtel, we have no idea what's happening on normal TV.

    Your hopes for the lonesome shoe's MIA owner made me smile.

    Have a gorgeous Sunday evening lady.


  3. That looks like one Yummy cake!
    So funny to read about the weather. We are in autumn modus here, and getting ready for winter soon. snow and dark days- it´s a good thing I like it!
    So nice to read your post!

  4. I can't help but imagine how the owner of the shoe made it home?
    Delish cake ( I adore lemon anything) and lamb casserole simmering away...Yum

  5. What a lovely looking cake. It must taste even better knowing the lemon was from your tree! I also love using lemons in water as a refreshing drink. Do you grow any other fruits and vegetables? I hope you get fabulous weather soon. Fifi

  6. Yummy cake!

    this is the second single shoe you have spotted in six months. Are you Cinderella??

  7. hehe how smashed would you have to be to leave a shoe behind?

    Cake looks delish. Bummer about your bad weather - it's been glorious up here.

    TDM xx

  8. i want that cake :)

    your neweest follower Michelle

  9. Such a pretty shoe to lose...
    I cannot imagine trying to tie a twilly on my wrist all by say teeth were involved?
    Orange is popping up everywhere these days, from leaves, to pumpkins and of course Hermes!

    Hope your lamb dinner was tasty, we love lamb here but rarely buy it, we rather enjoy it at restaurants.

  10. You can also cut out big paper letters and write something - a name, or something silly! - remove the letters with tweezers. Looks like a great cake. The good weather is on its way - at least its left here! xxx


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