Sep 14, 2011

Greetings From Hayfever Land.

Greetings from hayfever land!

I do love spring, I honestly do but my body has never quite adjusted to that early September pollen surge. My eyes are so gritty, I've abandoned my contact lenses for the forseeable future and it's back on with my specs.  Which suits me fine because  that's 2 minutes saved each morning not stabbing my eyes out with my mascara wands. 

I've probably asked before but are you a 2 wand person?  I'm convinced that volumizing and lengthening cannot coexist in a single mascara.

Eye makeup with glasses for me translates to a bit of highlighter waved around the temples and a fluffy brush worth of soft peach eyeshadow over the eyelid.  Okay, so you may not be able to see any of it but at least it makes me feel like I've made a bit of an effort in the grooming department. 

Griping about the pollen count aside, it's been a glorious day here in Sydney.  The sun is shining, the sky is a clear blue.  It bodes well for the weekend.  It's also a lot brighter in the mornings now.  Which has inspired me to reach for the more brightly coloured knits in my wardobe.

Scarf - Hermes, cardi - Target, scarf ring - Mat Tai Colleciton.

 It is a pretty bright apple green, isn't it?  Fluorescent even.  Had to tone it down with ... a vibrantly coloured scarf?!?!

Thanks to Brad at Kitchenware Direct, the SSG Manor kitchen is now the proud home of this mouli.  The hope is that sometime this weekend, I will be making potato gnocchi from scratch using the mouli to mash the potato.  It's all terribly exciting.  I can just feel myself being transformed from home cook to intrepid home chef.  I have good vibes about this project.  What could possibly go wrong with my gnocchi making when it involves using a mouli whose instructions are written mainly in Italian with a few other European languages thrown in for good measure?  It's like assembling Ikea furniture or using French make up.  The less English involved, the more fun the consumer experience.

I have yet more Costco news.  Isn't shopping at Costco the gift that keeps on giving

Lunch bag from Costo - under $20 from memory.
This is my new lunch bag. It's insulated, light weight and has a zip top.  It's also pretty easy to carry.  My old lunch bag was this box shaped thing with a dodgy shoulder strap that never stayed in place during the walk from the car to my office.  It was a very frustrating piece of food storage equipment to use.  Thankfully it started unravelling at the seams and had to be retired.

The best thing is that the new lunch bag holds much more than it looked like it would. A large box of salad, a can of corn, a can of tuna and two pieces of fruit.  I could even add a can of Coke Zero if I was feeling that way inclined.  There are even side pockets.  Which I will put to good use once I clear the back log of snacks I already have stashed away at work.  This could take until some time in 2012.  But it's good to know those side pockets are there in case I need them.


  1. Gnocchi is very satisfying to make I have to say. It's quite easy and fabulous with a traditional bolognese ragu. I make gnocchi using my potato ricer. A Mouli is very good for making soups and other purees too.

    I am with you on the hayfever. Dreadful thing. Nothing I can do but sit it out. I hope you are indulging in all the drugs available to you. Take some for me too.

    K xx

  2. Arghh I'm so sick of trying to get a good mascara. Lately I've been using 2000 Calorie and then defining with Clinique High Definition.

    Keep us informed on the mouli.

    TDM xxx

  3. The mouli is great. An italian friend showed us how to make gnocchi - she boiled the sebago potatoes with the skin on, then peels the skin when it's cooked and still hot (very tricky) and then puts it through the mouli. another great sauce is lots of butter with pancetta, sage and cream. Simple and delicious!

  4. Kitty: Phew. They gnocchi will turn out then! I am relying heavily on sea water nasal spray....

    TDM: I hear your mascara pain.

    MaiStar: I heard the same thing about peeling the potatoes when hot. I shall enlist the washing up gloves.

    SSG xxx

  5. I have never tried doubling up on Mascara - that is a good idea because I love the colour of my chanel but it is too smudgy so maybe could mix it with something? The scarf is a triumph - carry on.


  6. I get hay fever too at start of spring - tree pollen i think, I use good old Piriton tabs. love the scarf and you have a MaiTai scarf ring - jealous! MaiTai is a goddess! I loved the name of your mouli - Emanuel 3 - weren't there some dodgy movies with that name? Are you sure you have bought a mouli? xx

  7. I admire your ability to make gnocchi!
    Pasta making can be a challenge but the flavour is well worth the effort. Does Mr. SSG help you?

    BTW the scarf has such pretty colours.
    I find choosing scarves at Hermes is so difficult because there are so many excellent colour and pattern combinations.

    I need new mascara and have yet to decide what one to buy.

  8. Ooh lovely lunch bag! I need to get myself something like that for summer...

  9. oh no!!! Not Hayfever Island!
    Love love LOVE the Hermes scarf

  10. We tried going to Costco last weekend but the queues totally turned us off! I'd like to see what it's like otherwise. Hope the hayfever subsides soon!

  11. You might be one of the few who knows what a mouli is. I mentioned it to a friend and they thought I was euphemising lady bits.

  12. I thought I was surviving hayfever season as I've been (with the help of a naturopath) desensitising myself, however it hit complete with a migrane yesterday. Time for drugs.

    The other brilliant treatment is acupuncture. If you can find a good therapist, it is the best thing for it. Now I just need to find the time to do it as whatever that treatment does it wipes me out and I need a sleep after, so it really is a scheduling issue.


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