Sep 5, 2011

Il Bolognese, Gladesville

Sometimes a weeknight takeaway just isn't enough.  Sure your dinner is home delivered and there's not much washing up to be done afterwards (or none if you eat straight from the delivery containers which some people do...) but taking a short drive away from home makes the night a little different.  It helps time pass and it creates a sometimes much needed change of physical environment.  You're outside of yourself, so to speak, if only for an hour or so.

Mr SSG and I went to dinner at a local Italian restaurant on a Wednesday in search of comfort carbs.  Il Bolognese has been in our local area for 35 years.  It's suburban Italian that sticks to what a local restaurant does best.  Generous serves of old favourites at mid range prices - with frozen vegetables.  The restaurant is divided into a cosy dining room to the side and behind the main counter as well as a takeaway service at the front.

We started with a mixed serve of Garlic and Herb Bread, a bargain at $3.80.  Thickly buttered French stick is still my preferred vehicle for herbs and garlic.  It was delicious.  If everyone eats the same amount of garlic at the table, it all balances out at the end of the evening.  If that's not an official dating tip, it is now.

Mr SSG had the Tortellini in Broth.  For $12.50 it was massive serve. The broth was clear and dotted with fresh parsley.  Continuining with my personal discovery of soup based penicillins of the world, I am christening this Italian Penicillin.

My main was the Ravioli Bolognese ($23.00 main, $15.50 entree).  Another huge serve, Mr SSG ended up going halves on a main sized serve.  The bolognese was rich and really held the ravioli together.  Definite winner in the comfort stakes.

Our side serve of vegetables - a mixture of fresh and frozen.

Mr SSG had the Mixed Grilled Fish, $32.00.  There was calamari, mussels, prawns, baby octopus, two fish fillets and a green salad with a fabulous dressing.

It was one of those rare occasions on a night out that I didn't have room for dessert but there is a range of Italian favourites as well as crepes and gelati available.

To sum up, Il Bolognese is a friendly place with simple well cooked food.  It's always useful to have a place like this down the road.

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  1. Looks yum. Wish I had it down the road. Am also now craving garlic bread....


    I want some... need to go and fix that burrito.


  3. What a great local place, and excellent review! I agree that sometimes it is just brilliant to get out of the house, let someone do the cooking and cleaning for you. My local area used to be a very sorry state of affairs, you had every fast food option known to man, but no real food. Luckily over the last few years a little restaurant strip has opened up. It really is bliss to head out and only 5 minutes away be able to have a hearty, reasonably priced meal.

  4. I drive past this place all the time on the way to play hockey and my husband tells me he used to go there as a kid!
    Good to hear that its a great, simple place to eat. Might have to try it out one day!

  5. I don't remember the last time I went out for Italian...wish we had a great local near me for a quick night out.

  6. We have a local restaurant like yours. It's called 'Mario's' and has been around for 30 years now. Sometimes we pop in for an 'early bird' cheap tea. Love it. x

  7. P.s Ive just eaten spaghetti carbonara and a load of garlic bread. Made by my girl. I was starving and it was great. x

  8. Timely! As I read I'm having spaghetti bolognese for dinner cooked by Mr V! I love italian food.


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