Sep 21, 2011

Mrs Clooney and Mrs Carey.

It's Wednesday already!  The sun is shining, I'm just about ready for the weekend to start right now.  I know it's not going to but a girl's got to have an idle daydream every now and then.

Speaking of idle daydreams....

I couldn't read the Norweigan text at the end but the language of George Clooney is universal.  Actually, I've uploaded the ad with subtitles and ladies, I'm afraid it's all about bank related stuff about saving rather than any of George's contact details.

Life away from George hasn't been a dream sequence but it's been full of colour and good food.

I now have an official reason to shop this weekend.  I'm down to my last T2 Brisbane Breakfast tea bag.

Shirt - Ralph Lauren, belt - Hermes, trousers - GAP.

I also had a pleasant moment yesterday when I found a new pair of black GAP work trousers hanging up in my wardrobe.  Ready to wear to work straight away.  Perfect leg length and everything - no need for a hem and dryclean down the road.  Pleasant work wardrobe suprises are almost as good as waking up in a hotel room that first morning as Mrs George Clooney, in my book.

Oh look, here I am today in a tried and tested pose, wearing more yellow and with a different tea receptacle - for variety.

Necklace - limoncello by Red Phoenix Emporium, T - Target, belt - GAP, khakis - GAP, cardi - Country Road.

I'm still feeling the love for yellow today.  I love how it works with grey.

Image courtesy of
I've just finished watching Mrs Carey's Concert.  Has anyone else seen it yet?  It's a beautiful documentary about Mrs Carey, the head music teacher at an independent girls' school in Sydney.  The documentary style film is a behind the scenes look at how Mrs Carey and the rest of the music department plan and execute a the school's biennial concert at the Sydney Opera House.  The concert is not just about creating a perfect perfomance and the logistics of practice sessions.  Perhaps the higher purpose of the concert is the focus it gives this highly talented (and spirited) group of girls as they perform for friends and family of the school with professional musicians.

Mrs Carey is not just a passionate music teacher who expects and gets the best musical performances from her students, she is also someone who can cut through their teenaged views of life with both empathy and common sense.  She guides the older girls through the dramas and conflict of life as a teenage girl without trying to be their friend but rather as a firm but fair teacher.  The girls respect her authority but the relationship is not so hierachal that they don't play tricks on her in class.

For me, this insight 'from the teachers' perspective' of going to a single sex independent school brought back memories from my own distant days at school.  Music was not my strong point but the positive influence that many of my teachers at school had on the way I approached life and learning still have a role in my current life in the real world.  I realize too just how sheltered life at school was compared to the 'real world' that was often alluded to by exasperated teachers to the year 12 classes.

Getting dinner on the table tonight was a very satisfying experience.  That's 3 more random tins and jars I've managed to clear from the back log in the fridge and pantry.

I added the archived ingredients to some of my favourite cheat's buys from Coles - fresh pasta, rocket and spinach as well as that old standby, the chopped mushrooms.  I had some pre cooked chicken in the fridge as well that went into the mix.

Pasta dishes are often a sum far greater than their parts.  They are so easy to make and there's always heaps of leftovers for work lunches too.

I'd best be off, I think Glee is resuming on free to air tonight and I have to pester Mr SSG to watch the George Clooney ad.

Talk to you soon,


  1. The ad is so fun :)
    In Norwegian it is amazing....
    Thanks for sharing...

    Kiss kiss

  2. You can never have too much George in your life. Never, I say.

    Hope all is going OK for you.


  3. Oh George. So beautiful. Great ad!

  4. Love that ad! It is fab. George just gets better with age doesn't he? He reminds me of Sean Connery in that way.

    Your pasta looks great. I'm a big believer in the "what I had in the fridge" pasta sauce. I'm also discovering that the same principle can be applied to cous cous with the added benefit that it only takes 3 minutes to make.

  5. Ahh George! So many swoon yet he never marries them! :P And sadly my music teacher at my single sex school was horrible!

  6. Love your yellow Ralph shirt - you obviously have excellent taste, as I have the same shirt in green!
    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  7. I love a good 'what to make out of the bottom of the fridge' meal challenge! I love your lentils in pasta idea, I will definitely be stealing that one for the Red Phoenix kitchen!


  8. ohh, what is this T2 tea you speak of? I'm always on the lookout for new teas! Thanks for the film recommendation - my mothers loves 1) music, 2) australia, and 3) documentaries - I will have to find a copy and send this to her.

  9. SSG you have such fabulous taste in clothes! I also think your cooking alwasys looks great, whipping up delicious meals after a days work. I need to get better at cooking a larger range of meals during the week, but it is hard when I come home exhausted from school, mind you sometimes cooking can be quite relaxing. I watched a bit of Mrs Carey and thought it was terrific. Fifi

  10. Yellow and grey is a great combination. I dont wear enough yellow but saw a beautiful yellow maxi dress on a girl (a gossiping one ;) at the wedding - it had silver detail. Glamourous grey = silver.


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