Sep 19, 2011

My 2011 Emmys Favourites.

The good thing about international time zones is that my Monday has been made more glamorous than usual with constant live news updates from the 63rd Emmys halfway across the world in LA.

Over the years, my idea of a great Emmys look has evolved.  It's not about being the most perfect looking actress and gown any more to me.  But rather it's about actresses and other celebrities who I admire getting dressed up for a big night out.  Not that these ladies don't look perfect, but my search for my favourite looks this year started with the names rather than the red carpet photos.  If there is a theme in my list it is that each woman on it found a look that she was comfortable in, was apropriate for the occasion and reflected who they are rather than being a bid to upstage everyone else in the dress stakes.

I'll say from the outset that I'm no fashion critc so don't expect any illuminating style comments in today's post.  I'm writing this post after a trip to Target where I was impressed by the new season dresses but devastated that my favourite white Ts have not been re stocked this year.  I know what I like but I don't have any fancy words to describe the reasons why.  Going back to the Target trip, I was very proud of myself for not buying any of the dresses I tried on.  I was going to take the plunge with a couple of the print dresses but then I remembered all the fabulous stuff I hauled back from Hawaii....  I will have to go unearth them when I get home tonight.  Finding past unworn purchases has got be just as fun as finding a bargain, on trend item at Target...

I'm yet to watch the 2011 Emmys ceremony but I've heard that Jane Lynch was fantastic in the opening sequence.  Outside of Glee, I think Jane has a fantastic sense of comedy and her solo sequences for shows like Saturday Night Live are hilarious.

I've always loved Christine Baranski's sense of style, especially on The Good Wife.  This Zac Posen dress is pretty much my dream Emmys outfit.  If I were ever to score an invite....

Christine's The Good Wife co-star, Julianna Margulies is another one of my favourite actresses.  I think the bodice of the gown is one of those things that looks better in real life than in photos.

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I just think Kelly Osbourne looks stunning in her J Mendel dress.  Everything about it suits her and she looks happy.

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How about you?  Who were your favourites this year?  How do you make your pick?


  1. Oh my GOD Miss Osbourne looks AMAZING!!!

    I'm going to settle down and watch the Red Carpet entry now.. I prefer it to the actual Emmy's, it's more personal and I like the mini interviews with the stars.


  2. My favourite was Gwyneth Paltrow's Pucci dress, she looked amazing! I also loved Lea Michele's Marchesa dress, she looked drop dead gorgeous in red!

  3. My husband LOVES the red carpet - perving on the actresses I guess, but he always points out to me who has a great dress.

    And LOVE target...just bounced in there a found a maxi dress...I'm so last season! LOL.

  4. Oooh I love kelly osbourne's dress! xx

  5. Kelly Osborne looks stunning. Beautiful, beautiful dress.

    I must admit to loving a good Target casual dress. Perfect for summers at The Beach House....

  6. Jane Lynch rocks my world!! But the dress didn't do it for me. Whereas Kelly on the other hand, nailed it! Loved hers. I need to watch me some Emmy's action.....

  7. Got to admit that Kelly O looks lovely. Sorry that Target are not stocking your fav. white tees anymore - it's so annoying when something like that happens..... X

  8. I STILL haven't watched the coverage. I will, most definitely let you know though, when I do, you know.


  9. I agree that Christine Baranski looked amazing. I also loved Christina Hendricks and Evan Rachel Wood had my dream Emmy's look.

    I will go against the fashion editors and say I loathed Gweneth's outfit. A formal crop top does not do it for me.

  10. Loved Kelly also! Stunning look for her - it was flawless. I loved Julieanne Hough in Carolina Herrera and Nina Dobrev in Donna Karan. I'm a fan of the Zac Posen too now x

  11. I love the red carpet and seeing what everyone is wearing. I disagreed with Cojo's best and worst dressed though!

  12. SSG! I am SO with you on Christine Baranski. That navy, that collar, the fit:).

  13. Hmmm...on the back of my latest 'if you cant say anything nice...' blog, I have to say that the beige sculpted dress reminded me a bit like a plastic moulded laundry basket.

    However, Juliana has beautiful milky skin :)

    There, a balanced opinion!!


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