Sep 5, 2011

Redundant Plastic.

What kind of relationship do you have with your store loyalty cards?

Mine has changed over the years.  There was a time when I would faithfully buy my clothes at certain stores purely based on the cardholder discounts they offered.  The arrival of a spend and save postcards (how does that concept work, truthfully?) in the mail would be my sign that I needed spring clothes in the middle of winter or a new outfit for the races.

To be very honest, the only accessory I ever need for Melbourne Cup Day is a dress up flower corsage for my hair.  We have certain traditions for Cup Day at work.  Besides the wearing of flowers in our hair (crazy hats allowed if you wish to go that extra mile), we always have $2 sweepstakes drawn at random and based on the form guide in the paper.  Then, those of use with the most time on our hands would be sent to find the most reliable television on the wards to borrow wheel into the staff tea room for after our self catered lunch.  After the race has been run, we all get back to work, grateful that none of us have to contend with sore feet and high heels sinking into lawns or the impossible task of finding a taxi home from a more fancy lunch.

Preemptive purchasing using my spend and save cards always backfired.  By the time the season proper arrived, some new trend would have eclipsed the 'new season' dress and pants I had in my wardrobe with their tags still attached.  Clothes have done a lot of languishing in my wardrobe.

I did a major card cull a few years ago and was left only with my Priceline card which I use all the time and have done pretty well with the cash back coupons you receive as part of their programme.   Oh and my frequent sipper coffee cards, I have around 6 from different cafes on the go at the moment.

Then the clothing retailers started getting aggressive about their sales strategies and the cards returned to my wallet.  They would add 'cash' to my card that  I needed to spend in the next two weeks.  Or they would launch their new card with some campaign that looked exclusive but actually didn't end up delivering anything except another credit card sized piece of plastic to weigh down my wallet.

I retired a wallet on the weekend and this was the motivation I needed to get tough on any redundant pieces of plastic in my possession.  I was ruthless.  If I hadn't bought anything from the particular store this year, out went the card.

My new wallet is a lot flatter now.  I have also lost that sense of 'obligation' in my shopping behaviour. I am free to buy on individual merit for the current season or my current needs.


  1. Sounds like you're on top of it! I don't have a ton of store cards, but do admit I am swayed when I get an email announcing 20+% off. I'm trying to be better about asking myself "would I buy this if it was NOT on sale?". J.Crew is the worst for me.


  2. I must admit I have done the same - the only store I am a slave to is now Asos and their discount codes:)

  3. I did the same awhile ago when I bought a new wallet :) Only my cinebuzz, myerone and country rad cards survived the cull and I felt so much freer. x

  4. I did the same the other day. I've got to admit though I've kept the CR and Witchery cards - just if in case. Which is good, the other day when I wanted a new outfit for dinner Witchery (to my surprise) had a spend and save on my card so I used it and felt pretty smug afterwards hahaahahaa

  5. Need to take a leaf out of your book SSG, as my wallet would through my back out if I left it in my back pocket when sitting. :-)

  6. I have a separate little card holder which has my store cards but I must admit I'm becoming highly jaded to Australian stores at the moment. Everything seems to expensive or poorly made. Unfortunately for Australian retail the plastic I'm using is a credit card on overseas shopping sites.

    However that does have the delightful benefit of parcels that arrive in the mail. Today 2 dresses and a skirt arrived from ASOS, I can't wait to get home and try them on.

  7. I don't bother with the cards anymore - The sales assistants can always look up your details on the "system" if you buy anything and loyalty points accumulate electronically anyway. I gave up on the CR spend and save automatic spend years ago. It only gets dragged out when I really really want something.

    I don't have a Woolworths Everyday card either. I don't like the idea of a company tracking my toilet paper, chocolate and fabric softener purchases... Some things are sacred, you know.

    K xx

  8. I have a separate card holder like Lisa. However, frequent ones stay in my wallet - Woolworths (only use it if I spend over $30 and rotate with the family for more discounts), Fly Buys (haven't got anything for many years), Myer One (get a regular voucher) and Dymocks (this is used far, far too frequently!)
    I am sentimental though - I still have my Ansett Frequent Flyer card!

  9. I've got an app for my phone that has my cards all scanned in. Well it will do when I get around to it!

  10. I have a whole stack of loyalty cards... somewhere. In fact, I'm not even sure if they're in Canberra or Perth. So they are pretty pointless for me- I have enough plastic in my wallet anyway, and even without discount cards in there I can never find what I'm looking for!


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