Sep 11, 2011

A Season Is A Very Long Time In Sport. SSG Manor Is Now Sports Mad Manor.

There is lots to love about dreary weekend weather in September.

It's perfect for staying at home and getting extra use out of your 'cocooning at home in winter' purchases.

The kettle has been on more often than not this weekend as I've had one cup of hot tea after another.

I've been clunking around the house in my pink uggs, as close to the heater as possible.

I've also been taking naps on the couch with my Faux Arctic Fox Throw from Coles.  It also doubles as a Cold Weather Wrap which is like a sarong but without the beach, the tan, the poolside drinks or pedicure.  So not glamorous at all but very warm.

Wet weekends at home are also about appreciating your own foresight in stocking up with White Wings Homestyle Creamies at Woolies the other day.  My photo features my packet of Raspberry and Whipped Cream biscuits from a few weeks back.  Today's were actually the Whipped Chocolate Cream variety.  Which I haven't photographed because though delicious, the chocolate version has a tendency to break down and crumble in their packet in the manner of any manicure that has every graced my fingernails.

I also can't actually upload any photos to iPhoto at the moment because something bad happened when I archived 17583 (!!) photos to my external hard drive.  This corrupted iPhoto, but at least it lets me restore photos through Time Machine.  I think I need a new laptop.

But I digress.  These are all the good things about bad weather weekends in September.  Do you want to hear the bad?  It is that I've become yet another sports finals widow.  A friend calculated that there has been at least 9 hours of AFL, plus the Rugby World Cup as well as the US Open.  Then I accidentally found out that Test Cricket is on as well.  Do these sports not have seasons?  Don't seasons last for 3 months?  Give or take a few weeks for the actual weather conditions to get with the programme.

Most sports are year round nomadic codes these days.  They travel to whichever country has the most favourable weather conditions for the sport.  And thanks to Foxtel, lucky Australian households get a continuous feed of all of it 24/7, 365 days a year.  We don't just get the sport, we get the witty repartee between the commentators, we get the audio of politically neutral umpires mediating between teams of very attractive young men (if only they would lose the tats, but full points for the hair!!) and the injury replays.

SSG Manor has now been officially renamed Sports Mad Manor.  Mr SSG has taken possession of the remotes, the longer sofa that faces the TV front on and the iPad (which was his anyway but stating it here adds to the severity of the situation).  I sometimes get dizzy from the channel surfing between the sports.  I need my twitter feed to catch up on what's happening.  I am not allowed to add my own commentary to the voices of the professional sports casters.

There are occasional rays of hope for me though.  The ad breaks.

Where people like Gerard Butler talk seriously about the benefits of L'Oreal Men's Skincare and its impact not only on your skin but also on how you jump from a speeding car, get the girl, climb a sky scraper in a sharp suit and finally win big at the roulette table...

So, I empathize if you're in a similar situation to me.  It can't be that much longer, can it?  In the meantime, we will have Gerard to look at, I guess.


  1. Computer glitches make me crazy too!
    On the other hand i do like Gerard Butler...

  2. Oh SSG, me too! My kettle has had a workout and I'm currently sporting a pair of ugg boots from Cotton On. Oh So Fashionable! xx

  3. Hi SSG

    I am so over the hill I dont know who Gerald Butler is. But I think me and my man both need some of that anti fatigue stuff.

    There is such a coldwind here today in Broken Hill. Lots of tea too.

    Now that the swans have won the angst continues. I often have to leave the house with bub and dogs andcruise around in thec ar for some relief.

    Peace to you

  4. Hey I resemble those remarks! :-) Today was a "little bit:" of a sports bonanza for me as well...

    Onto a more positive note, I am thinking you will be posting a blog entry within a month of your new, shiny, laptop (of a mac variety please).

  5. I just wanted to echo AFW's comment! "Love Gerard Buttler" too!!!!!!!!

  6. Gerard Butler is Hawt. So Hawt.

    I am having a delayed weekend, ours has been so busy. Mr K and I are taking tomorrow off. A sleep in is well deserved. There will be uggs, a faux fur rug and most definitely some kitten squishing and cuddling.

    Mr K isn't into football of any sort. I am so blessed.

    K xx

  7. I have often said that my parents can never get foxtel or my sports mad father will never sleep again. Every time they go away to a hotel with foxtel he seems to come home exhausted.

    Lucky for me S is not a sports mad kind of guy, in fact I think I follow it more than he does.

    It was a cold and miserable weekend, I too had many cups of tea but I accompanied mine with choc bit cupcakes!

  8. deux chiens et un garcon: couldn't have put it better myself, it is ANGST.

    Sean: I think I'm getting closer everyday to just caing and buying a new macbook....

    Lisa: that is definitely a blessing :-P

    SSG xxx

  9. I quite like sport, except football. Husband is Welsh so we watch a lot of Rugby! Already getting v. excited about Olympics next year so by next September we'll prob. be all sported out! xxx

  10. I think of you when I do leopard print. I like your idea about the winter sarong.
    As for Gerard Butler, I saw him on that Katherine Heigl movie last night. He is cute. Yes.

  11. i was home sick on monday and did much of same. i had 6 naps over the course of the day.



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