Sep 18, 2011

Summer In A Soft Taco.

It just felt like summer this morning.  The sun was shining, the air was heavy with heat and there were summer perfect strawberries in the fridge.

Which was all the excuse I needed to have Black Forrest Cheesecake for breakfast.  Strawberries that red and perfect looking just have to be garnish for a dessert.  

I apologize for all the photos today.  The light was so fabulous today, I just took photos of everything and anything that eventuated.  It's habits like these that crash iPhoto, I tell you.

Cardi - Cotton On, T - Target, belt - Gucci, jeans - those slouchy skinnies by J Brand, necklaces - FF Orange and Coco in black by Red Phoenix Emporium, bracelet - Hermes. 
I started the day with that grey grandpa cardigan of mine, but I didn't need it for long.  It was very liberating walking around in short sleeves, feeling the sun on my arms.

I made my first muesli for spring.  That's all my dried fruit from Costco.  The dried cherries and blueberries are wonderful.  They have great texture and taste and also still managed to look a little plump despite being dried fruit.

I sneaked in some Goji berries as well, they are the elongated red bits in the photo above.  Am I the only person who thinks of Miranda Kerr whenever the words Goji berry are mentioned?  It's inevitable, isn't it, I'm going to look like Miranda by the time I get to the bottom of this batch of muesli.  We all have burdens to bear in life but we are only ever given what we can deal with so I will hold my head up high, walk from the hip and rename Mr SSG 'Orlando'.  Actually, is Orlando part of the deal or is he an optional extra?  Because if he's an option, can I just go without?

There's nothing like a positive, life affirming cover line to keep a girl company at lunch.
Then it was lunchtime.  I ate a fair bit of protein, seaweed and ... white rice (part of the food group that does not exist in Hollywood) while I pondered the lives of the rich and famous.  To summarize, a great many famous people need to eat more, have less plastic surgery and have less loose lipped friends.  I knew I should have bought the AWW instead.

There was a little crisis at SSG Manor this afternoon.  It was 'apres-laps at the local pool' snack time and ... the SSG Manor pantry was bereft of a single White Wings Homestyle Creamies biscuit.  So I did end up having a celebrity style meal today after all - some fresh dates and a cup of herbal tea.  I actually did feel healthy, energetic and centred afterward - just like the nutritionists from glossy magazine land say you should.

A trick for young players, you get a a nicer finish if you use the wide toothed side of the grater, not the finer holes shown here. 
Which is probably the only reason I attempted to make red cabbage coleslaw with a grater.  The coleslaw is in aid of tonight's prawn tacos.  I found the recipe in this month's Super Food Ideas magazine.

Colour blocked coleslaw - before being mixed.  If you're ever a bit uncertain about a new season trend, experiment with it in the kitchen first....
The rest of the coleslaw involved a grated carrot and 4 finely chopped spring onions (in my case finely chopped still looks chunky).  They result in a combination of colours that just says summer.

The dressing is a mix of 1/4 cup mayo, 2 tablespoons of sour cream and 2 teaspoons of horseradish.

I used 500g of raw prawns (shell on) and this fed 2 hungry adults.  To prepare them, mix prawns with 1 clove finely chopped garlic and a tablespoon of oil.  Season and then fry until cooked.

I'll let you in on a little secret.  I HATE peeling prawns so I usually buy frozen cutlets.  Mr SSG loathes prawn cutlets and only buys fresh.  I get so cranky and irritable when faced with the task that Mr SSG takes one look at me and usually does them on his own.  I was being super stubborn today though and ended up peeling and deveining a few.  I have to say that having prepared some of the prawns probably made me enjoy our dinner even more.

The rustic grill marks on these supermarket soft tacos courtesy of our well greased  hot plate griller.
To assemble the tacos, just place the coleslaw and cooked prawns on a prepared mini tortilla, top with chopped parsley and enjoy!  We served the coleslaw and dressing separately which was nice because the dressing was great with the prawns as well.  I'm not sure if this is an authentic Mexican taco but these are So, So Good.  Simple, fresh flavours.  It's just summer rolled into a soft taco, isn't it?

I now love prawn tacos even more than my previous most favourite seafood and carb dish - crab sandwiches.
It's not too early to have your Christmas Day lunch planned, is it?  Because I think we will be having numerous prawn tacos come December 25 2011.  I will even peel my own prawns to make it happen.


  1. I'm intrigued by these slouchy skinnies. can we have another pic?
    yummy dinner!

  2. I love the idea of prawn tacos. And Sydney did turn on it's finest this weekend - thanks for organising that!

  3. Every summer I dream that one day I will like prawns, just so I can enjoy lovely-looking prawn tacos and lovely-smelling prawn and garlic and mango salads.

    How beautiful was the weather today!! Dreaming for Summer!

  4. I'm making these on the weekend - we buy packs of frozen pre-peeled pranws cos that's how we roll (aka I'm lazy)!

    Can I just say I LOVE the way you shop at places like Target, but team it with something fancy schmancy...

  5. It may sound strange but I don't mind peeling prawns! Although once I entered a prawn peeling contest and they were really difficult to peek under pressure! :P

  6. Fresh is best! When it comes to prawns that is, I can taste the difference =) I'm much too lazy to de-vein I eat it up *shifty eyes*. Thank you for introducing me to those white wings creamies! I have gone through numerous packs of the raspberry and cream ones, yum <3

  7. Yum! those prawn tacos look soooo delicious. Mouth is watering! x

  8. I'm trying to get into the berry thing. I read today on about Miranda Kerr's 'beauty secrets' and one of them are dried berries. Of course, goji (gross) and others like gooseberries.

  9. The prawn tacos look great. I want to make these.

    Also, cheesecake is a great breakfast. You have dairy, grains and fruit. My fave dessert breakfast is rice pudding.

    And how fab that colour blocking applies to food too.

    You make me laugh, SSG :)


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