Oct 1, 2011

Before The AFL Grand Final 2011. My First ASOS Australia Order For 2011.

It was the strangest thing.  I woke up this morning full of beans and raring to go.  I went for my run before getting home to have this hearty breakfast of fruit toast and ricotta.

But it didn't stop there.  I tore through the house work and then went up the road for coffee - on foot.

You never would have guessed that I was up at all hours last night being a passive guest at the house party down the road.  It actually wasn't as bad as I'm making out.  The youngsters down the road had an amazing sound system and a superior taste in dance music.  I don't know what their hearing is like this morning though because they had the volume up loud enough that my whole chest was pulsing to the beat of the music.  If you've never tried to groove along to music from the comfort of your bed, I recommend you try it at least once in this lifetime.  Perhaps New Years Eve?  It's very kind on the joints.

It all ended at a very civilized time before midnight.  Presumably because it got to that quiet time of every house party where it was time for people to get better acquainted with each other and get each other's digits.  The guests left quietly without doing doughnuts down the street and this morning, the only evidence that remained were a few tidily organized long necks near the letter box.  Thank you youngsters up the road, SSG Manor had a lovely evening as well.

The Manor is all geared up for a weekend of finals football.  I've dusted off my AFL GF 2.0 Pies banner for today and my little stuffed kiwi from Mr SSG's last trip to NZ has had a bit of a blow dry under the Dyson and ready to go for tomorrow's NRL game.  I do like the root lift he has at the crown today.  We have the Dyson soft furnishing attachment to thank for that.  No, it doesn't work on human hair.  Don't ask me how I know.  I just do.

On a more sombre note, even though there are well entrenched rivalries and good natured teasing between the supporters of the teams playing this weekend, we're pretty lucky in Australia not to have the violence and outright hostility that mars professional competition for football codes in other countries.  Wearing your team's colours with pride in Australia is not a potential death sentence and going to watch a finals game live is unlikely to see you stampeded to death in the stands.

As you are probably aware, the SSG Manor kitchen is one that embraces economies of scale and also its time saving benefits.  Which is why I went on a marathon sausage roll making session today.  I was using the AWW recipe for 48 mini sausage rolls.  Which is more than enough to see us through the weekend, I reckon.

All you need for the filling is 750g of sausage mince (I used a 50:50 mix of veal and beef minces, 1 cup of stale bread crumbs, a finely chopped white onion, a beaten egg and your choice of herbs.  Then you need 4 halved sheets of puff pastry and you're ready to start rolling.  Cut each roll into equal sixths and then glaze with a beaten egg and sesame seeds if you're feeling fancy and inner city bakery like.

Bake at 200C for half an hour and serve with plenty of tomato sauce.

The SSG Manor Bellini.

I get a lot done on long weekend Saturday mornings, which is actually a bit of a problem because I then have lots of free time to have a leisurely online browse cum shop whilst sipping a Bellini or two. So far, I've made the most of La Clinica's pay for 3 and get the fourth free offer and I've finally discovered ASOS's Australian website.....

They are currently offering free standard shipping to Australia and the site conveniently has everything in Australian dollars and sizes.  I'm probably preaching to the converted but this is all new to me and it's very exciting.  I was surprised that there were still so many summer things on the site given that ASOS is based in the UK.

I'm actually in need (a relative thing) of summer dresses this year so I ended up ordering 3 dresses for a total of $180.  I've quoted all prices in Australian dollars.  Just browsing locally the last few weeks, I haven't had much luck finding the kinds of dresses I'm craving for the summer - reasonably priced maxi dresses and styles that would be work appropriate.

The ASOS maxi dress with star print - usual price $99.15, reduced to $49.58.

The ASOS floral one shouldered maxi dress - usual price $123.94, reduced to $49.58.

And finally, the ASOS midi dress in a check print - usual price $82.63.

I'll let you know how I get on with this order when it arrives.  There's also a whole range of non ASOS labelled brands I have yet to fully explore on the site.  I'm pretty impressed with the price range and mix of labels.  I like that there's the full range of chain store to designer diffusion labels all on the one site.

It's nearly bounce down for the AFL Grand Final.  I finished today's post just in time.  Gee, I really am on fire today.

Have a lovely afternoon!


  1. Your football nibbles and drinks look fabulous. I also loved the image of the internet shopping going on. I just did a tiny bit of damage on Shopbop too. Have a fun afternoon! Fifi

  2. I really love the Asos one shoulder floral dress, so pretty for spring :-) The only real difference with the Asos Australia website is that they now offer an Australian returns address, so you can return items without having to pay expensive UK shipping. They always offered a currency choice of Australian dollars (at the top RHC you can change the currency).

  3. Is there cocaine in your tap water? You are a whirwind! Those ASOS dresses are pretty, esp. the one shouldered number. My daughter is an ASOS FIEND - they deliver v. fast here, and price/quality thing seems to be about right. Hope this is the beginning of a happy love affair! xxx

  4. Love your Asos choices! I am yet to order from the AU site, must go check it out!


  5. Happy to welcome you to the world of ASOS! I hope you enjoy your new friendship. :-D

  6. Love the red dress - that isn't what I call midi, more like a dress length for grownups:). And the silhouette is my all-time favorite.

  7. Commiserations on the Pies' loss. I heard it was a good contest.

    Sausage rolls and bubbles sound like a good mix.

    Great choices on the ASOS haul, especially the floral maxi. Beautiful!

  8. I somehow managed a whole weekend without seeing any footy! Very surprising but I guess that is what happens when you have a non-footy boyfriend.

    I adore ASOS, must try to limit my time there but yet my wardrobe does seem to grow. I've found everything I've bought has been excellent quality and very well made. I've had to have one thing tailored, but I knew that prior to purchase.

    My birthday is next week and I supplied the family with a multitude of ASOS links, I wonder what will come?


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