Oct 4, 2011

Bobbi Brown and Blemish Balm. Food Happy Snaps #1 @ Westfield Sydney.

It's been an exciting day all round.  For some of us, it's been the first day back at work with daylight saving on board.  I'm used to waking up in the dark but thinking about eating dinner in broad daylight is going to take some getting used to.  Especially when the weather hasn't quite come to the party yet .... Sydney.

It was also Day 1 of the Tax Summit in Canberra.  Thankfully, that's just about all I've got to say about tax today because today's theme was corporate tax and there were dark mutterings about people coming to the politicians with hidden agendas and ulterior motives.  Well .... hello?!?!

Probably best to move on to more familiar territory for this blog.  Recent (for me) make up finds.  I wore a face full of these products today just so I could review them tonight.  I applied them in dodgy post dawn daylight, had a good look at them under harsh fluorescent light at work and got an eyeful in the glare of the evening sun as I drove home.  I reckon that's most routine lighting conditions accounted for.  I cannot comment on how it all looks in the soft sunlight of Paris in the spring or the hazy sparkly light of winter in New York City.....  I really do need a holiday soon,  I really do.

Exhibit A is a Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick in Beige.  Many thanks to Black Is The New Black for suggesting this to me.  I was in desperate need of a neutral highlighter in a compact and I never quite got around to trying the Shimmerbricks when they first burst onto the market many moons ago.  Of course, I had to have this highlighter emergency after returning home from Hawaii.  Hello David Jones Beauty Hall and Hello Full Australian Retail Price of $85.

I hope the photo is an accurate depiction of the colour way.  On my skin, the shimmer is neutral and there is no pink or bronze tones to it, just what I was looking for.  Best used with a soft, loose brush because too much shimmer tends to collect in the pores.  I have heard that the individual colours can be used as eyeshadow.  I will give this a go and report back.  It lasts all day and we are firm friends already.

The next product I'd like to talk about is probably one of the most hyped drugstore releases in Australia this year.  It's been in the press everywhere and it's called Miracle Skin Perfector.  It's basically  Garnier's drug store version of blemish balm which has been big news in the Asian cosmetic market.  I'm linking to this very interesting article which provides some background on the products in case you are as curious as I am about why cosmetic houses would name a wonder product after something they are actually trying to make disappear.

I bought it from Priceline for under $13 on special this week.  Sort of balanced the beauty budget after buying that Shimmerbrick.  I quite like Garnier's tinted skincare products.  They are reasonably priced, last for ages and have yellow undertones so suit my skin quite well.  Miracle Skin Perfector is an all in one tinted moisturizer with mineral makeup in it that is meant to smoothe and impart radiance to your face.  For under $13 and in less than 10 seconds?  What more could a girl ask for?

This does have a mild scent to it and I think if you have dry skin, you will still need your normal moisturizer too.  I tried to do that beauty blogger trick of applying it to half my face and then comparing it to the un-miracled half but I forgot I was meant to be doing this and just slapped a hand on each cheek and rubbed.  It is light and provides quite sheer coverage.  I put MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish over the top and I think this is unnecessary because the Miracle Skin Perfector dries to a soft finish on its own.  It is a great product for everyday as it wears well and doesn't feel like a foundation.  I don't cope well with foundation for everyday getting about.

Nikki over at Styling You is loving it too.  So I'm in good company on this one too!  Where would I be without my beauty savvy blogging friends?

The last product I'm going to review today is Avon's Super Shock mascara. Free with the AWW! My beauty budget is looking even more in the black.  This mascara retails for $22 and looks like it's meant to be a volume and defining mascara. It has a thick wand with those short latex spikes all the cool kids are doing in the mascara world these days.  The good things are that it doesn't flake or smudge and provides some length.  It just wasn't great in the volume stakes.

For the steadiest hand, I apply mascara after / during that first cup of instant of the day.  But that's just me.  Your method may vary....

I can't let an October post end without some reference to food.  It is Crave Sydney month after all.  The public holiday Monday saw Mr SSG and I go all upmarket food hall at Westfield Sydney.

I went for felafels at Sabbaba.  It all started when one of the staff offered samples at the front of the outlet.  With that one perfectly cooked ball of robust non animal protein, I knew that my lunch was going to be felafels.

So I joined the queue at Sabbaba and eyed off all the vibrant vegetables on offer.

Felafel platter, $15 or so.

I ordered a felafel platter to share with Mr SSG.  Oh it was good.  Fresh, tasty, smoky and vibrant.

Sabbaba on Urbanspoon

Mr SSG on the other hand was after meat.  In a bun.  With good stuff on top.  He decided on the Snag Stand after trying some of their chips with truffle aioli.  Are you beginning to see a pattern as to how the SSGs choose their meals at fancy food halls?

This is the Toulouse and it was indeed one haute dog.

The Toulouse $10.90.

Let me break it down for you.  A Bangalow Pork sausage, sauteed onions and mushrooms and truffle aioli - all in a brioche roll.

I had lunch envy.  I'm not usually a hot dog fan but this was heaven.  Everything tasted as it should.  Freshly made and full of flavour.

Oh I can see myself spending many a post shopping lunch stop at Westfield.  I haven't even gotten to the famed sixth floor yet with all its new restaurant openings.  There are so many places I want to try.  My work in Westfield's food areas has barely begun.

Snag Stand on Urbanspoon


  1. I've been drooling over the Bobbi Brown shimmer compact for a long time, but it's just a little too much for my budged at the time. Will try the skin perfecor, though! Thanks for sharing! And you reminded me that I have a box of falafel in the freezer, maybe I'll change that for the pasta I was planning to have for dinner today:)

  2. Oooh that is one fantastic looking hot dog! It made my salad for lunch feel all pathetic.

  3. Hi, I too have just bought the Garnier BB cream. This is the 2nd day I've worn it and I agree, you do need a moisturiser underneath. Not sure whether or not I love it yet but I will let you know. I also like the Garnier tinted roll on for under the eyes. Both together do a pretty good job. x

  4. Oh yummmmmmmy! All that food looks so good! I had the most delicious hommus on Sunday afternoon. Freshly made and delicious.

  5. Interesting post SSG and I bought the skin perfector this week too but maybe I have to put it on one side to see if there is any difference! So far I can't really notice any!! xx

  6. I'm so surprised that Australia has finally jumped on the bandwagon with the BB cream. I saw the ad and was thinking we're so far behind.

    I would love to see a review on it if you can post one :D


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