Oct 29, 2011

The Dress Must Go. I Played I Spy.

It was only last week that my super cheap tie die look khaki beach dress from SES made its first appearance for what I thought was going to be start of summer.

Today, it's on the line and looking more grey than khaki.  Especially against the immaculately manicured lawn of the back garden.

How much more non colour fast green dye does this dress have left to give?  I don't think it's going to stop until the whole dress is off white and all my towels are greige.  It's time to say goodbye to the dress.  It has done more harm than good.  I might need to hit ASOS for a replacement.

It looks like the sun is playing games with us this weekend.

Even driving with the sun roof open isn't going to make the sun shine again when its made its mind up to hide behind the clouds for the rest of the day.

Yesterday, the only grey to be seen was on the pavement.  

I was wearing my favourite pair of shoes from Camper.  I bought them in Melbourne about ... 7 years ago?  And they're still going strong.  They're my lucky shoes.  I bought them on my first trip to Melbourne.  I remember thinking on that trip how much I'd love to live there.  I was staying in a serviced apartment off Lygon Street for a study programme and it felt like a home away from home.  It was a completely different way of living to what I was used to back in Perth.  

Fate had her own plans for me and when I did make the big move from Perth and the big city over east that I was to call my second home turned out to be Sydney.  Where I'm living a suburban life that's just a few notches  more hectic than life in Perth.  You can take the girl out of Perth but you can never take the Perth out of the girl.

The detail on my shoes gave me licence to wear my neon apple green cardigan from Target with two of my favourite Red Phoenix Emporium necklaces - Jade City and Jade Fuchsia.  Those cardigans from Target have really gone the distance for me over autumn and winter - they machine wash like a dream.

The lucky shoes did their thing when I gave in to Friday afternoon fatigue and got a Diet Coke from Maccas.  It's all the ice cubes in soft drinks from Maccas.  That why I always go back for their premix beverages.  Is anyone else a premix fan?

Look what I won when I lifted the I Spy tab on the cup.  A serve of small fries or sliced apple.  The dilemma of what I will choose when it comes time to cash in the coupon.

It wasn't all about me, the little trip to the shopping centre yesterday afternoon. We were having an afternoon tea at work so I had to buy some baking.

That's about it for me.  I'm being even more low key than usual this weekend.  Working and trying not to put anything else on my credit cards because those holidays I talked about yesterday really aren't that far away.

Take care and have a lovely weekend.


  1. I would be very disappointed it you chose apples over the fries.

  2. greige! love that word. you know i've bought a heap of maxi-dresses from Target for this summer - so far they are still in good condition - no greige in sight.

  3. Wow, it's so strange that you're approaching summer when it's close to winter here in the Northern hemisphere:) I hate it, too, when my favourite summer dresses don't hold up. But I love the shoes, they remind me of a similar pair I owned as a 12-year old! Have a great weekend!

  4. Lucky shoes, excellent cardie {I know, I have the blue!}, winning fries/apple bags and bakery goodness without baking! WIN.


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