Oct 30, 2011

Grounded. Ground Beef Burgers.

My wistful post about holidays on Friday could possibly remain in the dream phase for a little while longer because yesterday afternoon, our national carrier got grounded.  It's the news that has stopped the nation days before the race that stops the nation.

News and social media went nuts from around 5pm yesterday after the announcement was made.  The Queen left Perth without telling Mr Joyce and the unions that she was Not Amused.  In hindsight, perhaps this may have hindered rather than helped, Mr Joyce being Irish and all.  Then Anthony Albanese, the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport gave a press conference stating that he was Extremely Disappointed.

The chaos has gone global.  Heads of state in Perth for CHOGM are stranded, as are the extra police who flew in for the meeting.  Passengers all over the world are scrambling to find emergency accommodation and thousands have missed holidays, business meetings, weddings, funerals, reunions and other precious moments.

There is so much spin at the moment and the social media is making all this information and opinion available to the world instantly.  An airline is losing $20 million AUD a week, 3 unions are fighting the airline with demands that some say are fair and others say are not.  There is so much political mileage from this that the leadership issues everyone has been muttering about for the last year may come to a head very soon.  This is the biggest industrial dispute in Australia since the maritime union stand off in the 80s.  There was also Ansett in 2001 and that didn't end well.

Who knows what's going to happen next?  Who knows who is right.  For the moment there's drama, conspiracy theories and emergency hearings left, right and centre.  Was there any strategy behind the timing of the lock down?  I only hope everyone is well caffeinated for the turbulent days and weeks ahead.  I also think we are driving to Melbourne at this stage.  Or else paying desperate prices on Virgin for the hour long flight.

Fortunately, life at SSG Manor has been nowhere as dramatic.

Though the laundry room now smells of Heavenly Flowers because Dew Drops and Fresh Mountain Air (or whatever its correct name is) Ambi Pur cartridges appear to be discontinued.

The laundry now smells as pink as the packaging.

It was burger night at SSG Manor last night.  Mr SSG and I sought inspiration from my back catalogue of Donna Hay magazines and one of Bill Granger's cookbooks, Everyday.

The final recipe was a hybrid of Bill's LA Burger and a recipe from a Donna Hay burger special from 2010.  We used 500g of organic ground beef (yes, it is mince but I'm going with the QANTAS grounded theme today), an egg, 1/2 cup of bread crumbs, half a grated onion and seasoning.  We freestyled the seasoning.  Instead of ground fennel (Bill's recipe), Chef Google tells me that cumin or dill (or both?) are good substitutes.  Then we added Worcestershire sauce (Donna's recipe), cracked pepper and some celery salt.

Mr SSG was the burger patty man.  Here he is looking all he-chef with the mince mixture.

On frying the patties, we added some grated cheese to one side.  It was all too complicated to melt cheese on the buns under a grill.  It was just that kind of evening.

Our gourmet ingredient were grilled asparagus and red onion.  We kept the sauces simple - Heinz tomato ketchup and Real Food's mayo.  They were pretty awesome burgers, if we do say so ourselves. Really easy to make and less effort than getting dressed up, driving and finding parking at the local pub.


Before I go, did you know Taronga Zoo has announced the birth of 3 Sumatran tiger cubs?  Their mother's name is Jumilah and their father is Satu.  There's even a competition to name the cubs.  The names you submit for the 3 cubs have to be Indonesian.  In case you were wondering, Mi Goreng has already been submitted.  By someone you know very well.


  1. Love your choice of tiger name. Very cute!

    Beef burgers are awesome. I am rediscovering my love of red meat now I am able to eat it medium rare again. Last night we had lamb cutlets. Tonight is fillet of beef. I think I might be OD'ing on iron.

    I don't know what to think about Qantas. I see both sides of the coin but I think it was very poor taste for him to get a raise when he says his workers shouldn't get one. Bad PR decision indeed. But he has a point: expensive fares mean we no longer fly the kangaroo overseas anymore. So much better value to be had elsewhere...

    K xx

  2. I'm with you Miss K- C ( and by the way Little Miss K-C is divine)
    each sides arguments has merits but to bring the country to its knees well its shades of Mr Corrigan all over but sadly Julia is fence sitting *sigh*.
    Its maddening and I certainly wont be booking my yoga sourjournto bali with the flying kangeroo thats for sure.
    Kate Bx

  3. hmm, I wonder who it could be that submitted Mi Goreng? Love your writing, the comment about the Tiger Name made me chuckle.

  4. Pleeeeeease make me one of these burgers! Pretty please, sugar on top {sans sugar in reality tho, please!}.


  5. Your burgers look divine and I bet they tasted fantastic. Hmmm -re Qantas yes, we can see both sides to the coin and we LOVE flying the Kangaroo (Mr SE's fav. airline) but he was STUCK here in UK - not that I was complaining and Qantas have sorted him out this evening with a long and convoluted trip home to Oz (with BA and Cathy P). I am returning to Oz in a couple of weeks so hope all is back to normal then.!X

  6. I was in a definite burger mood on the weekend too. They are just so satisfying.

    Hopefully Qantas will all be resolved. It does seem like somewhat of a media stunt to me as Qantas could have taken the action that the government ended up taking. And Alan Joyce needs a better PR consultant, I would have most definitely told him not to take that pay rise.

    I wonder how it will all turn out. I can't quite imagine Australian aviation without Qantas.

  7. Your burger looks amazing!! And I think your submission of tiger name is hilair.

  8. That burger looks excellent!! YUM!!!!!!
    Qantas is a sore point of conversation for me. I got stranded at LAX for nearly 8 hours courtesy of the dilemma, so my NYC 19 hour trip took closer to 30 hours.

  9. The burgers look awesome! We had some BG food inspiration at ours tonight as well.


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