Oct 24, 2011

Half My Breakfast on Bondi. The Other Half at Home.

That's weather irony for you.  I'm sitting cooped up inside on a Monday that is perfect beach weather reflecting on a Sunday where I was actually on the beach but with grey skies above and a cardigan over my beach dress and bathers to guard against the chill in the air.  I didn't even make it into the water it was that grim on the beach.

Yesterday, Mr SSG and I went to Breakfast on Bondi.  It was the first time the event was held as part of Crave, Sydney's month long annual festival of food.  We had perfect driving conditions across the city to get to Bondi when we set out at 5 in the morning.  It was almost like being on the roads in Perth.  It was also the first time I'd ever driven east of the city and to Bondi Beach no less.  Famed for its lack of parking. 

The closer we got to the beach, the more people I saw walking with picnic baskets, rugs and camping chairs.  All with one destination - Bondi for breakfast, music and Bill Granger.

Bondi was an early riser on Sunday.  She must have had an early night the night before as well as a strong coffee at 4 in the morning because she was fully prepared for the breakfast.  Tents for food stalls were set up on the concourse outside Bondi Pavilion. 


There sand tractors were doing their last laps of the beach before the humans took over with their beach running and swimming between the flags.

And chaperones were on the ground, leading breakfast goers to the area between the flags where the breakfast was to be held.

I kept a beady eye out for a place to lay down my picnic rug whilst Mr SSG made a beeline for the beach side baristas. The promotional material for the even took great pains to confirm that yes, baristas would be on hand from the start of the morning's precedings. This is Sydney after all and this is a city that loves its coffee first thing in the morning. No ifs, ands or buts.

Yes, that's right.  Our gourmet breakfast that I had planned weeks in advance for the picnic was 4 bananas and some fruit juice.  With bananas at $6.98 a kilo, I've been making up for the lean months and eating them at every available opportunity.

The media estimate that at least 5000 people attended the event.  Families, locals out for their run or swim, tourists, foodies - it was the kind of event everyone could enjoy. 

The sun managed to shine through the cloud laden skies.  We sort of missed the actual sunrise, sitting on the beach, but it did get noticeably brighter by the minute.  The new day was welcomed by the sound of didgeridoo players who weaved through the crowd on the beach.  Their music added a haunting sound track to the morning. The humming notes reverberated through the air and our bodies.  Conjuring up images of the original identity of Australia's people and giving me hope that their culture never be forgotten as the nation's identity continues to be redefined.

These are some photos of my favourite moments.

A rainbow coloured cooler bag and formal picnic set nestled in the sand.

A hot air balloon peeking out from behind Bondi Pavilion.

That much needed cup of coffee from the baristas on the beach.

At 6am, the Strathfield Symphony Orchestra welcomed the morning with music from Peer Gynt.

I usually start my day with a classical music radio station playing through the house as I get about preparing myself for the day ahead.  I find that classical music brings a kind of clarity to my mind and stirs my soul in a way that the news or commercial radio doesn't.  A live orchestra on the beach intensified that sense of awakening about a hundred fold.

Eventually, our stomachs got the better of us and we left Bondi Beach for home.  Leaving a mini city of white tents, a hot air balloon and beach blankets behind.
I found breakfast closer to home.  The salt air and the sand of the beach always whips my apetite into a frenzy.

I had a spinach and fetta danish from Baker's Delight.

As well as a muffin from Coles.  The muffin was a pleasant suprise.  It was probably the nicest muffin I've eaten in Sydney for quite a while.  It was fresh, it contained plenty of mixed berries and crumble - just like the label said it would.


  1. looked like not much food for a foodie event??? I wish I'd heard about it earlier and hope to attend next year

  2. I heard about this event on the radio, so it was nice to read a recount from someone who actually attended. Was it worth it? Do you think you will go again next year?

  3. I admire you getting up that early, it does look lovely though.

    I really like those spinach and fetta danishes. I could eat them all the time but I suspect they are not as healthy as the ingredients purport to be.

  4. Sorry it wasn't as warm as it could have been. But being from beach-less Canberra, we've been swimming at Bondi in the dead of winter. Love someone else cooking my breakfast at a cafe on the Bondi beachfront - Campbell Parade, is it?

  5. It looks great, even if the weather wasn't that good.
    I don't think they could do that kind of thing in our country, it would be far too cold, even in summer :(


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