Oct 22, 2011

Hot Pink. Beach Ready.

Pink is not a colour you'd expect to see on the streets of the city.

It snuck up on  me today as I walked up George Street.

One bright pink circle after another.

Leading to this pink hop scotch painted on the pavement outside the QVB.

Further along in my walk, I received this perfume tester with a shock of shocking pink text promoting a perfume called, wait for it, Shock.  I think I may be getting too old for perfumes with suggestive names.

The sidewalk was also alive with art today.

Skillfully recreated on the ground, the painting looked even more vivid and real than in its original form.

I did have a reason to be in the city today.  Besides wandering around looking for bursts of colour in an expanse of grey.

I needed a new hat for the beach tomorrow.  It's Breakfast on Bondi tomorrow and it's the one Crave Sydney event I'm going to this year.  I found mine at Country Road.  It cost $59.95 but it's one of the few hats I've seen on the high street that comes in different sizes!  So my new beach hat will actually fit properly and not be too tight or fly off at the hint of a sea breeze.  I like wide brimmed hats because they let me get away without my sunnies.  Country Road also have these fabulous jelly sandals and I was nearly going to buy a pair but got the guilts at the cash register.  Do I really need another pair of summer sandals?  Even if they are a deep blue and $40?

Breakfast on Bondi starts at sunrise.  Bill Granger will be  guest and the idea is that we all get there at dawn and greet the sun together with an orchestra.  The promoters have promised baristas on the beach as well and I hope they are true to their word.  

I don't actually have a picnic breakfast organized but i do have my hat and outfit sorted.  Due to the fact that we will actually be on the beach, I feel that I can wear my bathers as part of my outfit.  My dress and bikini are all laid out ready to go in the spare room for tomorrow.  As for breakfast, I'm going to be packing a few of my cut price bananas ($6.98 a kilo at Coles, readers!!) and some fruit juice.  I figure there will be plenty of food on sale on the beach.

Dinner wise, we didn't get too fancy tonight.  This weather has got me in the mood for salad and grilled meat.  So we had tandoori chicken with a cucumber raita.  Yogurt and grilled meat is one of my favourite tastes of summer.

For a home cook's version of tandoori chicken, marinade your chicken pieces in a mixture of equal parts tandoori paste and yogurt.  Marinade for as long as you can and cut slits in the meat to maximize the penetration of flavour into the meat.

I cooked my thigh fillets at 230C for half an hour before grilling on a hot plate to get those char marks.  It's not authentic but close enough for me.

The raita was made from a pot of yogurt, 1 teaspoon of cumin, a finely chopped lebanese cucumber, 2 tablespoons of chopped mint, sea salt and some lemon juice,

For dessert I had my first mango of the season.  It was even better than ice cream.

I am loving this summer already.

I'd best be off.  I still need to find my sunscreen for tomorrow.  Fingers crossed I wake up in time and get Mr SSG up and at 'em as well.


  1. Enjoy your Breakfast at Bondi with Bill! A regulation gift for me in this household is the latest BG book!

    Oh, I also love your photo's! (not just today!)

  2. Yayayayayayaaaaa

    I love tandoori chicken!!!

    Such a good WRAP idea.


  3. Oh my, I LOVE it all! Street art, morning coffee and the wrap. You my dear, live an amazingly colourful full life. I love visiting it.

  4. Ah, thanks for explaining the pink dots. I saw these on my way to the gym this morning and had no idea what was going on.
    Hope breakfast at Bondi was great x

  5. Sharwoods is so the best curry pastes, I love them all.

    I hope your breakfast was good, it better have been if you had to be up and somewhere by sunrise.


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