Oct 25, 2011

No Sun and Non Iron.

At least I enjoyed summer while it lasted.

I had a chilled mango cheek after dinner last night.  It was the perfect way to cool off after the first really warm day of October.  I barely turned a hair at yoga later that night.  Even though it was a class that involved back bending, head down, over a chair (in a very non burlesque manner).

Today, the only sun I could find was on the side of my 1.59 kg packet of Sunsweet pitted prunes / dried plums from, you guessed it, Costco.  We're back to ugg boot and flannel pyjama weather, it seems.  I packed away all my winter boots and coats over the weekend.  I'm always too early in doing this when the season changes from winter/spring to spring/summer.

The early bird always gets wet feet in the late spring rain.  I only had open toed sandals at my disposal this  morning in the beat the peak hour morning rush.  The early bird also gets cold.  I forgot to bring a cardigan to work.  Rain and grey skies makes the temperature feel colder to me than it actually is.

Dress- Brooks Brothers, bracelet - Hermes.

Today's outfit was based on the premise that it would be a sunny spring day.  Hence the crisp shirt dress and red bracelet.  The dress was another Hawaii find.  From the outlets at Waikele.  If you ever despair at finding well priced, nicely cut work clothes in Australia may I suggest cutting your losses and heading to the Brooks Brothers' outlet?  It's a few doors down from the Ralph Lauren outlet.  I regret not investing more heavily in Brooks Brothers whilst I was there, to be honest.

Non iron would have to be my 2 most favourite words on a shirt dress's care label.  Brooks Brothers are true to their word.  I've washed these shirt dresses, hung them to dry and have only had to 'non iron' them.  Which I define as waving an iron around an item of clothing that's just been washed but because it is an item of work clothing, it sort of has to see the underside of an iron before it can be worn.  I'm not kidding, these dresses really only need the bare minimum of contact with an iron.

My favourite number would have to be the US dress sizes which are mostly single integers and a good few numbers down from your standard Australian/UK size.  Such is my love my US dress size number, after getting out of my work clothes this evening, I had a slice of ricotta cake before dinner.  That's body confidence for you.

That's about all from me.  I'm off to cocoon on the couch for the rest of the evening.  Date Night's on pay and I've some great novels on my Kindle to get through.  I refuse to watch Celebrity Apprentice.  Refuse.


  1. Love your shirtdress! I got a great hot pink shirtdress/kaftan from the same Brooks Brothers - excellent quality. x

  2. You look fabulous - love that dress and of course your gorgeous bracelet! Sorry that it is back to cooler weather again! XX

  3. I do love a great shirtdress!

    We're in the same boat here with our disappearing summer. Mid 30s one week, cold and storms the next.

  4. I love blue and white in a crisp shirtdress...if the sun has gone behind the clouds you can always layer on a cheery coloured cashmere cardigan of add a jacket.

    I never imagined the words Yoga and Burlesque in the same sentence! You made me smile.

  5. I love yoga lately too, but I'm not nearly as flexible as that! I wish I could say the same with sizing, going from US to UK/Au isn't nearly as fun!


  6. I LOVE non iron. Needless to say I hate ironing. Currently I have a massive pile of 'to be ironed' clothes that has been building up over 3 weeks - and I haven't gotten around to doing it. Thanks for the heads up on Brooks Bros.

  7. I can't believe this weather! It was 29 degrees on Sunday in Canberra, I'm in long sleeves with the heating on today. But luckily I do know enough that I still have warm things on hand even if the boots have been packed away.

    I'm loving the mangoes at the moment, gosh they are like eating sunshine.

  8. We are mango lovers in this household as well. Note to self, keep an eye out for the trays being sold on the sides of the roads!

  9. mmm mango is the perfect summer snack.. will miss it when it goes out of season :/

  10. That dress is lovely - and I know what you mean about Aussie sizes - I'm a Canadian expat living in Brisbane and whenever I go shopping here my mind is tricked into thinking I've ballooned by the numbers on the tags! No fun at all!

    It's a pleasure to *meet* your blog!

    - Catherine @ The Spring


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