Oct 10, 2011

Super Sized Provisions. Low Fat Laksa.

We've super sized at SSG Manor.  It's a brave new post Costco world.

The bottle of Listerine sits like a squat frog in the bathroom and gives me the eye as I brush my teeth in the morning.

A 5 kilogram box of OMO sits on top of our front loader and is just heavy enough to prevent the machine from jumping during a load of washing.

Stock piles of my household essentials make me feel organized and ready for anything the world may throw my way.  I've extended the Costco approach to provisions into other areas of my life.  I'm now also  fully stocked with a tower of La Clinica's Dry Skin Relief Body Butter and a half litre of Kiehl's Cucumber toner too.

Food wise, I've run in the opposite direction to supersizing with this low fat laksa I found in the October 2011 edition of Super Food Ideas.  I've eaten it quite a few times already in the last week.  It's so quick and now so healthy with the use of evaporated milk instead of the real deal.

I know coconut flavoured evaporated milk has been around for ages but I've only just caught on to it.  It really does work in savoury cooking and is not as crazy an idea as it sounds.  Because it's not as rich or heavy as coconut milk, it makes a dish somehow lighter and fresher tasting.

The laksa gravy required ingredients I'd never associated with laksa.  2 tablespoons of grated palm sugar (I love these individual squares) and 2 tablespoons of fish sauce were added to the laksa paste, 3 1/2 cups of chicken stock and the evaporated milk.  While this is simmering, cook the laksa noodles by soaking in boiling water for 5 minutes or so.

Once you've made the gravy, you just need to simmer the tofu and any other ingredients that take your fancy in it.  I used some chicken, prawns, beans and bok choy.  Squeeze in some lime juice when it's all done and you've taken the laksa off the the heat.

Serve with fresh coriander and chopped red chilli.

That's it from me.  Hope you're having a lovely evening.  I'm heading off to yoga tonight.  Namaste.


  1. SSG, your dinner looks good! Have fun at yoga class x

  2. I love laksa, and low fat sounds fabulous. I have got to try this recipe :)

  3. If I had enough storage space I'd stock up on super sizes of stuff too:) Enjoy your yoga class!

  4. That sounds so nice and healthy. After an elongated period of birthday celebrations I'm craving healthy food. I think it will be a steady diet of veggies for the rest of the week.

  5. i love how you termed it a 'post costco world'

  6. SSG, Each time you mention costco, I go running to Aunty Google to ask when it is coming to Brisbane, still no ETA...

    Your laksa looks the business and it's on my hitlist to try!

  7. mmmmm laksa. I am the same, I'm only just getting into coconut flavoured evaporated milk. SO much better for you. Actually I haven't even bought some myself yet, I've only had it at my friend's place. Thanks for the reminder!
    Heidi xo


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