Oct 16, 2011

Kiss and Ride. In Praise of Shirt Dresses.

On a day as glorious as today, how could you not obey the sign?

I actually found this at a local primary school.  My church service this morning had relocated to the school's hall for today.  I couldn't resist taking a photo of it on my way in.

Mr SSG and I took a ride through the city after dim sum today.  Don't worry we did follow the sign to the letter.  There was indeed a kiss at some point this morning.  I think it was after we successfully divided the Sunday paper so that I got the glossy lifestyle sections and Mr SSG got first dibs at the news and sports pages.

As back seat passenger, I got to take happy snaps out the car window as we drove past landmarks that sparkled against the back drop of clear blue skies.

Driving across the Harbour Bridge with the sun shining and a gentle breeze in the air reminds me of why I love Sydney the most at this time of the year.

Mr SSG's mum came to stay this weekend and she brought me new supplies of WA Ginger Nuts.  They couldn't have arrived at a better time!  Thanks, mum! xxx

Shirt dress - Brooks Brothers, bracelet - Hermes.

I think the weather has finally changed for the better.  Which means I reckon we're pretty safe in starting to put those boring winter clothes and shoes into storage.  Goodbye cardigans and winter weight trousers, hello dresses!  I'm going to play it safe for the next few weeks and start off with shirt dresses before venturing into anything with shorter sleeves.

I got this shirt dress in Hawaii from the Brooks Brothers outlet.  Aren't shirt dresses the best?  A one item of clothing outfit that always looks put together.  I love that the label says Non Iron - it barely creased anywhere the first time I wore it.  Other pluses include the fact that the sleeves are a generous 3/4 length - not too short or too long an also that it falls just past the knee.  All necessary things for a work clothing.

There is one thing about this time of the year - exposing limbs that have been under the cover of wool for the last 4 months.  My bare legs may just be on the heading towards tan side of pasty, though.  They got a bit of sun at the pool this afternoon.


  1. I do love a shirt dress, and yours looks very smart. Enjoy the warmer weather! xxx

  2. I love that sign! There should be more of these dotted across the place. You look terribly snazzy in your shirt dress... beautiful!

  3. I say yes to shirt dresses as well - wore a watermelon Country Road one today. Can't say enough about a 3/4 length sleeve - a firm favourite in the RPE camp!


  4. Sydney this weekend has been beautiful, but if my phone weather forecast is anything to go by we're heading back to winter temps tomorrow =( your shirt dress looks pretty darn crisp to me for non-iron. Clothing companies here should take note!

  5. LOVE THE SIGN and loving the zebra background template!

  6. I'm a big fan of the shirt dress. Big BIG fan. Now you have me excited for summer...


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