Oct 2, 2011

You Just Have To Do What You Have To Do.

Sundays are my thinking and reflecting days.  There's a little extra time to read the paper (providing you can get it off the lawn before it gets waterlogged in these spring downpours) with breakfast and you're not constantly thinking about where you have to be next and what you're meant to be doing there.

I found this article by Mia Freedman in the lifestyle supplement of the paper today and it could well have been written specifically for me to keep me on the straight and narrow (link is to the version Mia has on her own fantastic website).  Mia was discussing how she found the motivation to exercise and how some insights from Michelle Bridges (super trainer to people with real lives and bodies) about the M word made her rethink her concept of the word.

Basically, there is no secret to finding motivation to go out and do regularly something that at times is tedious, boring and lacking in immediate gratification.  You don't have to love exercise before you start doing it.  You just have to do it.  Regularly.  As part of your daily routine.

I found it refreshing to have two women with prominent roles in the media have such a frank and down to earth approach to exercise.  I can relate especially to Mia's approach to exercise. She's found something she can do every day, come rain or shine that doesn't depend on expensive lessons, equipment or other people.  She just gets out there, does what she has to do and moves on with the rest of her day.  For many of us, 'results' are not so much killer abs and super taut thighs but rather having more energy, endurance and a general sense of well being.

I had the article on my mind as I debated whether or not to go to the pool this morning after the weather pretty much drowned any chance I had of going for my usual run.  To paraphrase Mia who paraphrased Nike, I Just Did It.  Got my bathers on, pulled on my uggs, grabbed a towel and drove to the pool before I had a chance to overanalyze the situation.

It was the right thing to do.  I got out of the pool with a clearer head and that looseness to my limbs that makes me walk languidly back to my car.  I did detour to the pool's cafe though and my goodness, that skinny cap tasted wonderful.  Everyone else was tucking into their hot chips with extra tomato sauce but all I had eyes for was my cup of coffee.

I'm done with finals football for the weekend.  The Pies went down to the Cats in spectacular fashion.  The person I most feel for in the whole situation is Mick Malthouse.  He's had a brilliant career as an AFL coach all around Australia (including my home town, Perth) and it would have been nice to have rounded things out with a win yesterday.  I wonder what Mick will tackle next now that he's finished coaching at Collingwood.    I  know everyone who's anyone has been on Masterchef but somehow I don't see Mick  doing a guest spot any time soon.

Date night for kiwi stuffed toys.  When in doubt about what to wear, start with a scarf and work from there.  
I don't follow the NRL but apparently the only people in Australia who are allowed to support Manly are people who live there.  I was told as much by a taxi driver the other week.  So I guess SSG Manor is a New Zealand Warriors household by default.

My kiwi stuffed toy is going to get the whole couch and the remote to himself tonight because the human SSGs are off on date night.  We've settled on seeing 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' with satay sticks for dinner afterward.

Oh it's glorious not having to go to work tomorrow.  Glorious.  It pretty much makes up for this weather.


  1. Just read the article and loved it! So, so true. Periods of the most consistency, gym-wise, have been when I stuck to the same(ish) routine, same time every day. Got to get back to basics! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Agree about the motivation issue re exercise. I don't go because I love it, but for the feeling of achievement at having actually gone. Coming home after my run is awesome and I feel very proud of myself every time.
    Warriors fans here too. x

  3. I love Sunday mornings for the slower approach to the day, reading the paper which here the Sunday edition is packed with home and garden and lifestyle sections.
    I suppose they know that on Sundays we are a captive audience!

    Enjoy your relaxing pace and date night with Mr. SSG

  4. Lucky you having a long weekend :)
    I really want to see Stupid Crazy Love too and the good news is, it will be easy to get the husband there as he loves Steve Carrel - its a win win. Hope you had a great night. x

  5. Great page, just keep on posting..

  6. Excellent post SSG (again) and I have bookmarked Mia's article to read on "bus" heading home tomorrow night. I'm thinking I need to take a leaf out of your book, and just do it and head to the pool more!

    I will catchup on your posts on our return!


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