Nov 23, 2011

Feathers on the Footpath.

Well, this is rather surreal.  I'm so on top of things at work, inroads have even been made into tomorrow's schedule.

I'm even sitting down with a large cup of tea that I am going to drink before it gets cold.  This morning's soundtrack is some cheery Italian opera.  I am not singing along as I think that's best left to the professionals.

Outside, the rain and the grey skies show no signs of disappearing any time soon.  I suppose the  up side is that with daylight saving at least there's daylight poking through the storm clouds and it's not really that cold...

I did find this feather on the footpath on my walk yesterday evening.  I wonder how it got there?  There is much symbolism attached to white feathers in the context of war and also peace.  But feathers are a powerful symbol elsewhere.  I found their symbolism in the context of Christianity very soothing.  Apparently white feathers are message cards from heaven, brought down by angels.  They are a sign to those on earth that loved ones in heaven are safe and well.  Symbols like this enter our lives when they are needed most, giving us the hope that can be so hard to find in the literal world.

I'm making progress with defining the FAB look, readers.  Today, I bring you FAB eye makeup.  It actually happens to coincide with Andrea @ Fox in Flat's eyeliner dare.  Andrea, how good am I?  It's day 4 and I'm still lining like a fiend.

I think you'll love it because you only need 2 products - black eye pencil and mascara. That's right - no false lashes, no brow plucking, no liquid liner  I actually need 3 because you know how my lashes simply will not get out of bed for anything less than 2 different kinds of mascara.

All you need to do is line under the lash line, tight lining I think the professionals call it.  This way the lash line looks fuller and if you use short strokes you actually get a pretty neat finish without the need to tidy things up when you're done.  Then mascara away and that's about it.

I've emailed the father of FAB, Terry Durack just to let him know how things are going at FAB HQ.  I'm sure he won't mind everyone embracing the FAB look as they see fit.  FAB is an all inclusive acronym.


  1. SSG could we have a tutorial on the FAB eye technique?
    I do love a simple routine and the eyes are what I accent the most.

    White feathers?
    I think they are meant to symbolize peace.

  2. Sounds like you are powering with you work before you trip! You need to add FAB to your profile :-)

  3. Mmm, might suggest these to my 17 year old. She is an eyeliner addict. x

  4. Hey, you!
    The new Dubai mall is awesome. Go only there. I spent a couple of days in there.
    Do not go on the dune rides if you are at all prone to car sickness.
    And, if you are there on a friday, doing brunch at the Palace hotel is an absolute MUST.

  5. Love love the scarf....finally ready to plunge into world of luxury shopping post exam.whats your take on best way to buy? store....bear in mind til now the highlight of my shopping has been target!!

    Really want to start with Hermes scarf....any hints/tips?

  6. Lisa: I am so sorry but I lost your comment on blogger. Am quoting it here from my email.

    The harder thing for me would be to NOT wear black eyeliner for a week. I lurve my eyeliner and it suits me (not just saying that both times I've been a bridesmaid the makeup artist has commented that eyeliner is great on me).

    That feather shot is so evocative. But I'm over the rain. I was right into the hot weather and now I've had to find winter clothes. Gah, give me summer anyday.

  7. galactic: I just head to the stores themselves to be honest. Ebay can be unreliable with the high risk of fakes and also that vintage items may be in poorer condition than represented.

    I found prices most reasonable in Hawaii and KL to be honest. Will price check in Dubai for you.

    SSG xxx

  8. Has anyone offered you a magazine column yet? You need a magazine column. That would be FAB.


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